Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Visit to Santa 2012

The bottom of the tree in the QVB

Wow so pretty!!

Whats better than a massive amazing tree?

Stunning!!  I thought it would look great at my place but the HOTH refuses to cut a hole in the roof to fit it in!!

The Strand Arcade

"Look mum a light house and big boat"

The big one just about lost it when he saw the pirate ship!!

I will make it on one of these one day!!

Bridge climbers

Getting ready for NYE

We had such a fun day and cannot wait to do it all again next year!!

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.  And thanks to Trish and some others who blogged about going to the QVB last year.  It was by far the best we have been to.  Santa was amazing, so happy and nice and we will go back there every year.

P.S My computer is being slightly naughty the last couple of weeks and refuses to let me reply back to comments.  I am not being rude its the computer!!


  1. What a great day! The tree looks lovely. Rachel x

  2. I'll have to get there one year! It looks absolutely amazing! I always enjoy the QVB posts too :)

  3. What a good idea - I should take my girls there too!

  4. Looks fabulous, that tree really is massive.
    visiting from WW, would love for you to stop by and say hi!

  5. wow that tree is huge!!! I am so jealous!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amazing tree! I love Sydney, hopefully I will get back there someday soon. Look at those cute kids ;)

  7. What a great day! This is making me homesick for Sydney!

  8. Great day out! Pity I won't be getting to Sydney before March. Your kids must have loved the Christmas tree.

  9. Looks like a great day out. Love your photos

  10. Looks like a fantastic day - making some specials memories for your children.

  11. I wonder what the NYE bridge symbol / word will be this year?

  12. I love the Swarovski Tree - we had photos there last year.

    Love Sydney too.

    Thanks for linking up your beautiful images.

    Trish - My Little Drummer Boys


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