Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Happiness is.......

"We need more food"

Happiness is going to Symbio Zoo on a perfect Sunday morning.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Music, family and 4.

Yesterday I shared how not only was it my birthday but it had been my Nan's as well.  She passed away 2 years ago from dementia related illness.  She really was an awesome Nan. 

Just like me she loved her music.  I am sure yesterday she sent me a little Happy Birthday in the form of 2 songs on the radio.  I know the sceptics will say if you listen to an old peoples radio station the chances are fairly high of hearing these songs however I choose to believe it was Nan saying hi!!  (In my defence Sydney radio is shite especially in the mornings and my cds are awol from the car so Smooth 95.3 it is as it has the least amount of talking and ads!!)

The first song "Unforgettable" came on 15 minutes into our drive to swimming lessons.  It had been a battle to get the kids into the car as apparently the big one does not want to go anymore and he kicked up a massive stink and was still screaming when the song came on,  He immediately stopped crying.  I however started.  I cannot listen to that song anymore without a few tears.

The second song "What a wonderful world" came on on the way home.  Another one of her favourites.

Lastly "Yellow submarine"  Nan absolutely hated this song with a passion.  If you wanted to annoy her you would start singing it!!  She should never have told anyone how much she hated it!!  Especially a smart ass like me!!  Sorry Nan, how could I not put this one in!!

I love this photo.  Nan holding the big one's hand on Mothers day 2009 when he was about 7 weeks old.
Another reason apart from pregnant hormones I am emotional is that the baby whose hand is in that picture is 4 years old today.  He is one awesome kid and as much as he drives me up the wall and around the bend he makes me laugh and smile and burst with pride. 

A very quick Essentially Jess ibot from me today!! 

Please tell me I am not the only person in the world who tears up when they hear certain songs!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yep a totally self indulgent post today as it is my birthday!!  Age is only a number or you are only as old as you feel so today I am 102!! 

I was born on my Nan's birthday, not only was it her 50th birthday but it was also Mothers day as well.  Is there a better present than me!!  Sadly Nan passed away 2 years ago not long before our birthdays.

 Growing up we never celebrated birthdays on the actual day unless it happened to fall on a weekend so I had a nice day yesterday and did bugger all housework instead having a kick ass day with the HOTH and the boys.  We went to our local zoo in the morning and had a very relaxing afternoon topped off with take away chicken burgers and a walk to the duck pond.  My idea of a perfect day!!  Photos on Wednesday as I have not popped them on the computer yet!!

I am a complete typical Aries!!  I also share my birthday with Elton John, Aretha Franklin and Sarah Jessica Parker.  These ones I knew about but  a quick google search shows it is also a happy birthday to Marcia Cross, Gloria Steinem and Danica Patrick.  I am indeed in very good company.  It also makes sense that I am a handbag loving, fantastic singing, drama queen!!

4 years ago my birthday stopped being my birthday and became the day before the big one was born!!  So today I will be wrapping presents and getting ready for tomorrow!!

I will be taking myself off shopping to buy some new winter pjs and maternity bras, excitement plus!!   Being a grown up I know the difference between a want and a need and really I don't need anything.  A far cry from the epic list a nearly 4 year old has come up with!! 

Enjoy your Easter Open Slatherers.  I am off on a little holiday to visit my parents.  I am taking a few books and plan on doing nothing except read and hopefully get to go on a "date" with the HOTH to the movies thanks to having built in babysitters!!  Catch you all in a couple of Mondays time!!

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Friday, 22 March 2013

FFS Friday- Idiots

There is one major thing which has pissed me off this week.  Every time I think about the stupidity of it I say FFS.

I went to the big ones preschool parent committee meeting on Monday night.  I was the only parent there which actually worked to my advantage as I got a little feedback and got to have a say on some stuff.  I really wanted to be involved last year but every time the meeting was on the HOTH was away with work.  I enjoyed my hour out of the house even though it was chaos before and after I left.  Anyway back to the annoying stuff.  The first fundraiser of the year was a puzzle a thon and the money raised from that is going towards making the preschool outdoor area even better than it already is.  The plans the teachers have come up with are pretty cool and easy enough.  They can get most of the materials cheaply through parents who have connections but they also have to pay for labour as any kind of working bee is not allowed any more thanks to do gooders and insurance and policies.  I deadset blew up when I got home.  Don't these dick heads who make these ridiculous rules realise how freaking stupid this is.  Out of 100 or so kids at the school there would be so many qualified tradies and handymen that could give up a few hours of their time meaning the money saved could go towards buying other things.  Someones time and experience can be just as or more valuable than money.  Not only that but last time the preschool had a working bee the kids "helped" too.  My 2 would love to "help"!!  How stupid that a "community preschool" cannot actually involve the "community"  How am I supposed to teach my children about volunteering and pitching in if it is not allowed anymore.  Rant over.  One giant FFS.  Not to the preschool but to the idiots in charge.

Now to the weeks other news.

7 minutes after I pressed publish on last weeks ffs post here is a scene of destruction in the kitchen.  FFS

Gtftb has not gone well this week.  FFS

The baby out did himself on Monday by not going to bed until 1040pm.  FFS

I welcomed pregnancy heartburn back into my life this week.  FFS

I also had a flu shot and my arm is still swollen and sore.  FFS

I also have highish blood pressure although the doc took it just after the big one had his 4 year old needles.  FFS

While it is all about me, its my birthday on Monday.  I will be spending the day getting a cake baked and an Easter pass the parcel done for a certain someone who turns 4 on Tuesday.  FFS

I will also be taking the kids to swimming, washing, cleaning, cooking dinner and all the other fun chores too.  FFS

On Tuesday I will be making a cake to take to preschool on Wednesday and making dinner for family on Tuesday night.  FFS

Yes he is taking one cake and no cupcakes and I hope he spits all over it blowing out the candles!!  FFS

I would like to take a moment and thank Betty Crocker for being so awesome.  FFS

Lastly the HOTH came home this week with the plans for this years Christmas day.  No wonder my blood pressure is high.  Its March ffs I do not give a crap about Christmas yet.  FFS

At least this year I can get into the Christmas spirit with actual spirits.  FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G for this weeks whinge.  Oh and happy chocolate holiday/Easter FFS Fridayers.  We are off on a short holiday to the sunshine state to stay with my parents for 4 days so I will be back in 2 weeks with probably an epic FFs Friday!! 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thankful Thursday- Friends


Yesterday I had a very impromptu catch up with 2 friends.  It was so nice to catch up even just for a short time.  We had a really nice hour or so at the park while the kids all played.  We have been trying to catch up for ages but some way or another it never seems to happen.  When we left we tried to organise another catch up but it seems like the next time we can all get together is in about a month.

This is fine.  It is all about stage of life.  Right now everyone is busy with their kids and work and other commitments.  It really is the same for all of us at the moment.  We are looking forward a few years to when all the 40ths start and we can start partaying without having small children to worry about. 

I also know my particular group of friends will be around when we are old and grey and playing the pokies and bingo together and going on old peoples holidays etc.  This is kind of unspoken amongst us  and as far as I am concerned anyone who doesn't "get it" won't be there with us, it really is simple. 

So to my friends I am thankful for you and that we are all on the same page and I look forward to getting through the next few years and being able to hang out and create havoc again!!  Although probably fairly tame havoc!!

I am also thankful for my two friends yesterday, one who gave me a bag of stretchy tops and the other who gave me a kids suitcase filled with some awesome hand me downs!!   Although I was not thankful when the kids were packing their suitcase at 830pm last night ready for our Easter break next Thursday!!

Thats it for my pregnancy hormone induced soppiness. 

Tomorrow is FFS Friday and I will be having a whinge about do gooders and policy making gone mad and how I have been cranky all week about a stupid rule/policy that benefits no one. 

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Alien baby/jelly bean

19 week scan, all looking good.  Excuse the picture its a photo of a photo as my scanner is not working!!

Its Wednesday so that can only mean its My Little Drummer Boys Wordless Wednesday!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All about the Jovi!!

Photo: So much Bon Jovi greatness today! They've released their new album and Dainty Group have announced they're touring in Dec!

Make sure you're signed up to the waitlist so we can update you with all the venue and sale dates as soon as we know -

I may have jumped up and down and done a happy dance on Friday at lunch time when this popped up in my facebook newsfeed.  Plans are underway and in motion for Mumma (and Daddy) to have a night off and put a big tick off a bucket list item!!  I have my outfit chosen already!!

Ideally we would go all out and have a massive night with food, booze and a night in a hotel however reality is I will more than likely be the designated driver and our night will end early as there will be a 5 month old baby waiting at home for us.  Which is more than ok as there is always next time!!

Also ideally they will be playing a small regional centre just outside of Sydney and change the dates from December to November or January as getting a baby sitter in December will be harder than finding a needle in a hay stack!! 

However I will be happy no matter what happens!!  Unless tickets go on sale on a Monday morning which is the only time I cannot be sitting ready at the computer.  Then  will not be happy!!

One more thing I would love is if this ultra cool pram was available to buy again.  Yes it is a Bon Jovi (Rock Star Baby) pram!!
Main product photo of Rock Star Baby Infinity Pram & Stroller - Red
I knew I should have brought one four years ago when I first saw it!!  They have been unavailable for years!!

Be prepared for months of me banging on about Bon Jovi!!  I have begun a daily stalk to make sure I am first in line for all the info.  I need dates now to be extra prepared!!

I love how the boys love Bon Jovi too.  We have the latest greatest hits cd in the car and they always ask for me to play it.  Their fave song is Bad Medicine.  I was definitely born in the wrong decade and country!!  This would have been awesome to be at!!

I love this song but have avoided playing it while pregnant as the other 2 have taken this song literally!!  I really need to find nice peaceful music maybe then I might get a kid who likes to sleep!!

This last one is one of my faves!!

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Any other insane Bon Jovi fans out there??  Or am I the only crazy stalker type!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

FFS Friday- Not much going on.

2 weeks in a row of not much happening thats considered FFS worthy.  No FFS

Although another week another head injury or 2 for the baby.  The first, a split lip, happened when he and his brother were fighting over a stupid broken plastic lawn mower.  The second happened when he fell/slipped/could have been pushed off our little kids play gym.  FFS

Lucky the kid has a skull made of steel.  FFS

You know how bad luck runs in 3's well Wednesday it was a run of 4, all within an hour.  FFS

First up the baby busted his head (its not that bad just a few scratches I am a drama queen).  FFS

Second we all walked to the shops to get some stuff for dinner (the HOTH was home as he spent the week doing night work) came home and we had forgotten to shut the back door so the dogs had been in leaving muddy paw prints all over my FRESHLY washed and looking beautiful floors.  FFS 

Third thing I dropped a ceramic mixing bowl getting it out of the cupboard, it landed on my foot ouch, but more importantly making me vacuum again.  FFS

Forth thing I went to get the eggs out and out of 8 eggs left in the carton 4 of them were broken.  I have no idea how all the eggs got smashed.  FFS

On the gtftb side of things 5 nights out of 7 this week there have been 2 children in bed before 8pm.  NO FFS.

The HOTH and I even got to watch a DVD on Saturday night.

I think thats it for this week.  So nice to have not much to report!!  Linking up with Dear Baby G for this weeks whinge.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday- summer wedding random shots

Botanical gardens

The Toaster, home to Rusty Crowe and a few other celebs

Me trying to be the paparazzi

Photos for the kids!!

Some lovely expensive boats!!

A few weeks ago the HOTH and I went to a wedding in the Botanical Gardens.  It had poured with rain all morning but by some miracle stopped a couple of hours before the wedding started and held off until the reception ended.  It was such a nice afternoon/evening.

Sticking with my fave things theme, how could I not take photos of cranes and boats for the kids!! 

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Mini Frozen Lemon Cheesecakes

Frozen Mini Lemon Cheesecakes

  • 10 Arnott’s Granita Biscuits
  • 250 grams Coles Brand Spreadable Cream Cheese, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup Masterfoods Lemon Butter, plus extra to serve
  • 500 ml Coles Brand Classic Vanilla Ice-cream
  • 2 tbsp Finely Chopped Pistachios

  • Line 10 large muffin cups with paper cases.  Place a biscuit in the base of each case.
    Mix together cream cheese and lemon butter in a large bowl with a wooden spoon.
    Scoop spoonfuls of ice cream in and leave for 5 mins to soften,
    Using a metal spoon combine ice cream and cream cheese mixture and immediately spoon into paper cases.
    Freeze for 4 hours or overnight,
    Serve with extra lemon butter and pistachios (optional),

    Dessert is one of my favourite things.  We usually have a something twice a week.  Normally its something I have baked like cake or muffins but last week the HOTH (being a bit of a smart ass) saw this recipe in the coles magazine and made a few comments on how these looked out of my league to make, so I did!!

    Talk about easy and delicious.  Seriously yum and the best bit is that being frozen they cannot be packed in a lunchbox so dessert is done for the next week or so!! 

    You can use any cream cheese, ice cream or lemon butter and I used ginger nuts as my supermarket did not have granitas.  Next time I will see how a different flavour jam goes.

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    Friday, 8 March 2013

    FFS Friday- same old

    I have done my best work to avoid anything this week to say ffs about.  For the most part its been quiet of course not everything has gone so smoothly.  FFS

    Monday it took us 50 minutes to drive 20klms meaning I had to turn the car around and miss swimming lessons as we were still ages away from the pool.  FFS

    I even left early as I knew there was going to be traffic thanks to the HOTH who rang me to tell me he had to turn around and go the long way to work.  FFS

    Seriously people if you cannot drive in wet weather then stay off the road.  FFS

    We saw a 5 car pile up which made the kids happy as there were fire trucks and ambulances and police cars, they came home and spent the day playing car crashes with their toys.  Sickos.  FFS

    Still with the green snot and the not going to bed for my delightful 2 year old.  Its getting old kid, enough is enough.  FFS

    Past 11pm last night before he fell asleep.  FFS

    His brother has been a champ about going to bed.  No FFS there!!

    At least he did not talk through The Midwives this week.  FFS

    Someone needs to ban me from watching these birthing shows.  Last night I was a blubbering mess.  Pregnancy and these shows do not mix.  FFS

    Not only that but if I have 3 days of contractions and am not anywhere close to labour I will spit chips.  FFS

    I have heard stories of the third one popping out quickly, that better be true.  FFS

    I think that is it for the week.  A very quiet one!! 

    FFS Friday is one of my favourite things.  Thanks to Dear Baby G for hosting the fabulous whine fest!!

    Thursday, 7 March 2013

    Thankful Thursday- World Book Day

    Share this in celebration of World Book Day!

    Today is World Book Day and funnily enough without knowing it was I am guest posting over at Adventures of a Subversive Reader with a little post about story time at our local library.

    Which has inspired a quick Thankful Thursday combined with my favourite things!!

    Today I am thankful for books.  All kinds of books really, kids fiction, non fiction, cookbooks etc. 

    I will be very thankful if I can actually pick up a book to finish the Little White Dove 13/13 challenge!!
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    Wednesday, 6 March 2013

    Wordless Wednesday- random faves



    Showing the world pictures of their new brother or sister!!  A few weeks late putting this one up!!
    Still on my favourite things!!  Who doesn't love when your child draws something other than scribbles?  I love finding pictures on the camera when its left within children's reach!!  Lastly 3 of my favourite things, 2 gorgeous boys and a jelly bean!!

    Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for another fave thing of mine Wordless Wednesday!!

    Tuesday, 5 March 2013

    Music Music and more music

    Music is totally one of my favourite things.  I heard Madonna yesterday while sitting in shocking traffic and instantly I was happy and transported back to the 80's dancing around at a disco!!  I may have been caught by many drivers dancing and singing in the car!!

    I love Pink and this new song is no exception!!

    I am a self confessed Gleek (sort of!!)  I love the music but am kind of a bit old for the story lines!! 

    Linking up with Jess for ibot.  Which is also one of my favourite things, sadly there are not enough hours in the day to enjoy it properly!!

    Anyone else out there want to admit their love of Glee or dancing at a disco to Madonna??!!

    Monday, 4 March 2013

    The best ever Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

    Not my picture but you get the idea!!

    1 cup self raising flour
    3/4 cup caster sugar
    1/2 cup milk
    30grams butter, melted
    1/4 cup cocoa
    3/4 cup brown sugar
    1/4 cup cocoa
    1 1/4 cups hot water

    1. Sift flour, caster sugar and cocoa into a bowl.
    2. Mix in milk and butter.
    3. Pour into an ovenproof dish
    4. Sift the other 1/4 cup of coca into a bowl (or large heatproof jug if you have one)
    5. combine cocoa, brown sugar and hot water (I use boiling water) mix until all the lumps are gone.
    6. Pour gently over the cake mixture
    7. Bake at 180 deg (160-170 fan forced) for 45-50 minutes
    8. Enjoy!!
    I have been making this for about 20 years!!  The recipe comes from The Woman's Weekly Beginners Cookbook (I think thats the name).  It is so simple and so delicious!!  I usually make double the sauce so 1 1/2 cups brown sugar, 1/2 cup cocoa and 2 1/2 cups hot water.  You need a fairly deep dish to make it in too or it overflows!!
    This recipe is the start of My Favourite Things which is a little theme around here for the rest of the month.  I am doing this as we just ticked over to March which is by far one of my favourite months as not only is it my birthday soon but it means the weather is near perfect with warmish days and cooler nights just the way I like it!!

    Blogging is also one of my favourite things and I love love love Open slather with One Mother Hen!!

    So today is favourite month and winter dessert.  Whats yours??!!

    Friday, 1 March 2013

    FFS Friday- Mother of the year NOT.

    It has been a long week here.  FFS

    Yesterdays post will give you some kind of indication.  Basically last weeks FFS started at around 415pm on Friday when the HOTH rang and said he had to go to an emergency call out and would not be home for hours.  They never get call outs anymore but when they do its usually a long weekend or a Friday or Saturday arvo.  FFS

    Then the baby got the pink cleaner in his eyes.  Then I rang the HOTH to tell him we were taking a fun trip to the emergency department and he tells me he has another call out to go on.  Then my phone chose that time to chew threw batteries meaning it was down to nothing in the middle of an emergency.  FFS

    By the time we got to the hospital the baby was fine and him and his brother made mince meat of the childrens section of the er.  FFS

    That is probably why we were seen and got rid of so quickly.  FFS

    The fact he was fine nade me look like one of those mothers who pops into emergency for something to do on a Friday night.  FFS

    Saturday it rained all day.  I mean all day.  FFS

    I had decided on Friday to have a nice dinner on Saturday night with the HOTH.  I hit the shops on Saturday, in the rain, did battle for a parking spot, got the stuff we needed, came home and started getting my yummy key lime pie ready.  I make my biscuit crumbs in the blender.  The blender did not want to do this and overheated causing it to nearly catch on fire.  FFS

    Saturday night there was no dessert, the bbq almost didn't light as it was so wet and I ate my dinner being kicked in the back by a 3 year old who would not go to bed.  FFS

    Sunday we woke up to find a massive tree branch had blown onto the washing line.  FFS

    Then we paid a visit to the HOTH's dad who had just had a hip replacement and was recovering in hospital.  How many times do you think 2 children can jump all over a man in massive amounts of pain.  FFS

    Sunday night the decision was made to not let the kids have a day sleep on Monday to see if that made any difference come bed time.  Monday was a long day but it worked, 2 kids in bed at 730pm.  FFS for the long day but no FFS for the early bed time.

    Same again on Tuesday.  2 successful days of operation gtftb for 2 kids.  No FFS

    Wednesday the baby could not hack not having a sleep and crashed out on the lounge at 250pm right before it was time to do the preschool pick up.  I put him in the pram and figured he would wake up soon.  He slept for nearly 2 hours then partied on the lounge until 11pm.  FFS 

    Thursday was very exciting as the new crap shop opened up.  The baby and I ditched the big one at preschool and headed over to have a look.  The baby screamed the entire time we were in there.  I caved about 1pm and put him to bed, woke him up at 3pm, he was still up at 1030 last night.  FFS

    He wasn't too keen on watching the midwives and talked the whole way through it.  FFS

    Which brings me to my last parenting fail this week involving jelly bean who has not even been born yet.  FFS

    While cleaning on Tuesday I found the hospital paper work for the ante natal clinic.  Tuns out at 18 weeks I had completely neglected to book myself in at the hospital.  FFS

    I phoned them and was told I needed to actually go to the hospital to book in then I could have an appointment at the clinic.  I could do none of this on the phone.  FFS

    It also meant a trip to the doctor to get some more paperwork.  Which although we, being me and 2 feral children, had to wait over half an hour in a packed waiting room the gp I saw was bloody awesome but she only works Tuesdays and Fridays.  FFS

    She found my parenting fails to be hilarious and thought my children were awesome.  Although she did do a quick check up as I had not had one in 2 months (whoops) and surprisingly my blood pressure was fine even though I had been sat in the waiting room, then she did a quick measure of the bump and announced it was measuring a week ahead.  FFS

    Wednesday the baby and I headed off to the hospital.  I have never been to this hospital before but we are having the baby there as if I get gestational diabetes again I will not be shifted to another hospital.  That broke my heart last time at 28 weeks to find out I had to change.  FFS

    Back to the new hospital.  We got there just after 9am and I had a rough idea where the parking station was but it was full and it turns out that is the only one.  Lucky I got a park on the street miles away from the entrance.  FFS

    Turns out they are building a new hospital with more parking and it will be ready in 4 years.  FFS

    After nearly an hour of stuffing around I got the first available appointment which is in April.  FFS

    Thats it this week.  Any more weeks like this and I will lose it.  FFS

    Linking up with Dear Baby G who I am sure has had a worse week than me!!

    Feel free to have a whinge it is FFS Friday after all!!