Friday, 28 December 2012

FFS Friday- Christmas 2012 the wrap up.

I have to confess its been fairly uneventful here.  We are in full holiday mode however I am still able to whip up a FFS Friday post!!!

Christmas eve was stinking hot here.  FFS

I am totally in awe of just how good I am for being all organised for Christmas.  All I had to do Christmas eve was do some groceries and wrap pressies.  Yes I am that good.  FFS

Christmas day I woke up at 5am, got up looked outside and thought the Mayans were right and the world had ended.  FFS

No power and fog.  It looked like the apocalypse.  FFS

Power came back on at 6am.  Making every appliance we own beep and carry on waking both boys up.  FFS

2 excited boys at 6am, 10 minutes later the fighting started.  FFS

All before I had a chance to put the kettle on.  FFS

I then had to referee until the HOTH woke up at 7.  FFS

We all got lovely presents and had a good morning playing with new things and a casual breakfast.  The HOTH was adamant we have a small breakfast as lunch was at 1pm.  FFS

Lunch turned out to be at 330pm.  FFS

After lunch and the washing up and presents it was time for dessert.  No sooner had I shovelled in the last mouthful of pav it was time for us to head off to our second stop of the day.  FFS

I walked in all excited as Granny's world famous Christmas pud was sitting on the table. Turns out this side of the family had not eaten dinner yet and I was forced to eat more food if I wanted a piece of pud.  FFS

I rolled out of there in some kind of food haze.  FFS

The only other thing about Christmas day was the weather.  Wettest Christmas day for 70 years.  FFS 

The day had it all, wind, rain, thunder and lightning.  FFS

A far cry from Christmas eve.  FFS

Plus it was cold meaning my outfit choice had to be changed.  FFS

It also meant the new bike from Santa sat in the lounge room for 2 days.  FFS

Other things that have made me say FFS this week include-
  • breaking 3 plates getting the ham in and out of the fridge.  Lucky they are cheapies from kmart.
  • a 3 year old who had an ear ache and temps on boxing day,
  • a nearly (in a week) 2 year old who has decided to start the terrible twos including a few choice tantrums and the old I am not going to bed until 10pm.
Happy New Year guys and let us not speak of Christmas again until December next year.  FFS

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  1. Haha yes let us not speak of Xmas until Dec next year! lol funny how different the weather was over here! We had such a warm one. Ah, sad im not joining in for the last FFS Friday! have a good one dear ann xx

    1. I hope you have an epic one for next week!! Thanks Mandy!!


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