Friday, 31 August 2012

FFS friday- still sick and over it and whinging about it

Still sick here.  FFS
If I wipe one more snotty nose or buy one more box of tissues or see another child wipe their snotty nose on their arm or hand or dog I will lose my shit in a spectacular way.  FFS
I am sure I have infected sinuses but cannot be bothered sitting at the doctors for 2 hours to confirm my diagnosis.  FFS
I cannot be in bright light or sit at the computer or look at my phone as it makes my head hurt.  FFS
In other news sunday saw us driving around buying stuff for the house again with the kids. FFS
I went on strike and wore trackies and looked like crap but as it was "family day" was informed to have a cup of concrete and harden up  FFS
We saw 5 people we knew all of which were not in their trackies and looked at me like I was some diseased monster.  FFS
We stop for petrol and some guy pulls in front of the HOTH and steals his bowser  He says "FFS" and before I can go mental for his swearing 2 little voices are heard in the back.  The big one said "oh for godssake" and the baby said "blah blah sake".  FFS
The big one is having a massive growth spurt and needs a couple of pairs of pants which I cannot get as all the shops are now only selling shorts.  ITS STILL WINTER.  FFS
Thats it for me.  My head hurts and I have to now go and hold string lines and dig dirt.  FFS
I will be doing this all weekend.  FFS
The things we do to save money.  FFS
Speaking of saving money bloody Matchbox Twenty are coming out and playing near me and I am too damn responsible to buy tickets as we need to spend the money else where.  FFS
Apparently AC/DC are touring next year which means the HOTH has something to look forward too.  FFS
I missed out on Bon Jovi as I was massively preggas and did not want another early baby.  FFS
Spellcheck I like to make up words stop trying to cramp my style.  FFS
Also I cannot comment on a heap of blogs as I have the wrong browser.  FFS
Whinge over.  FFS
Dear Baby G

Monday, 27 August 2012

Dinner Tonight- Shepards pie with a twist

Here is another simple why did I not think of that recipe!! 
I made this a couple of weeks ago using my own savoury mince recipe and not having read through again before I cooked it I only used 1 pack of gnocchi and just sprinkled grated cheese on the top not the butter and parmesan  but it turned out perfectly and so yummy and simple!!

My savoury mince is simple
Fry 1 onion and a couple of cloves of garlic.
Add 500g mince and brown
Grate in a carrot and zucchini.
I sometimes add other veggies like corn or peas or whatever really.
A splash of bbq sauce or Worcestershire sauce
Sprinkle in some gravy powder and add some water, stir until it is thick and the powder is dissolved. I let it simmer for a little while adding a little more water if it gets too thick!!
Easy and tasty.

Linking up with One Mother Hen for open slather monday!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

FFS Friday- Enough Said

We are a house of snot.  FFS

I actually do not mind being sick every now and again its pretty much an inevitable part of life and I roll with it but this time around I am not happy at all.  FFS

Sure its not like the good old days of calling in sick and curling up on the lounge with the midday movie.  Now its curling up on the lounge with sesame street and 2 boof heads climbing all over me.  FFS

Ever since I was young I have used lemsips.  I love them.  Nothing makes me happier.  FFS

Something changed yesterday.  I knew I was diseased and went to the supermarket to stock up and to my horror they only had the new capsules which you can either swallow or make into a hot drink.  FFS

I was way too lazy to walk to the chemist so I purchased the capsules thinking I would give them a go, how bad can they be?  So last night before bed I made as directed a hot drink out of them.  FFS

OMG worst thing I have ever had in my life no exaggeration.  Who the hell test tasted these things and said they were good.  FFS

Worse still they did not make me feel any better it made me want to vomit.  FFS

Even worse still I am stuck with them until tomorrow as we are not dragging our diseased backsides out of this house today.  FFS

I tried swallowing  them this morning and it still tasted like shite.  FFS

I now get to miss out on seeing 2 brand new babies and a baby shower thanks to the disease.  FFS

Talking of babies "one born every minute" is now finished  FFS

Why did no one tell me.  FFS

In other news we spent a great deal of time on saturday night writing lists of stuff to get done and buy into a cute little note book.  That deserves a FFS as seriously thats how exciting life is around here.  FFS

Anyway we had a massive sunday planned of looking and pricing stuff when first of all the big one lost our pen at our first stop and then by the third stop someone lost the freaking notebook.  FFS

All that hard work gone.  FFS

It may or may not contain stuff like carpet, letterbox, boob job etc.  FFS

By our last stop the kids were feral and some one (not me) did not put the baby in the pram and he ran riot causing the shop lady (who was a bit of a cow) to ask whose children they were.  FFS

Last thing about the shopping trip.  We went to a ton of shops and we got crap service at all but one.  The staff were all to busy or knew nothing about what we were after.  FFS

On a positive we went to bunnings and got snag sandwiches as is mandatory on a weekend and it was a proper sandwich with 2 pieces of bread.  FFS

Oh and the baby god love him slept 6 nights in a row but last night decided that me being sick would mean I would want to be up at 330am and not get back to sleep.  FFS

The baby also now is weaning himself off dry nutrigrain and grapes are now his latest addiction  FFS

And lastly my computer has shat its self 4 times this week with fatal error messages.  FFS

And really lastly it helps if you are going to link up to actually link up.  Not like last week.  I used to have a brain.  FFS
Dear Baby G

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

PART 1, You need a beginning before a happy ending.


8 years ago we (me and the HOTH and the cat) were living in our first home which was a townhouse.  We always wanted a house with a back yard and a dog and he wanted a shed!!  Our sort of dream house/block of land came on the market and we grabbed it.  We knew the condition it was in and that we really only had about 2 years before we needed to do something as in knock it down. 

Time passed which will be Part 2 and 14 weeks ago we said goodbye to the "old girl"  I unashamedly cried on our last visit there  Even though we knew from the start that this was the inevitable and quite frankly I hated most parts of that house it was still OUR HOME 

It was where we had good times and bad times.  Good news and bad news.   We brought our babies home from the hospital, they learnt to walk and crawl and do all the baby stuff there. We added dogs and another cat  We froze in winter and sweltered in summer thanks to its uninsulation  I never had a bedroom door for 8 years.  The bathroom was disgusting with tiles falling off the wall and eventually a hole in the wall where a tile fell off.  The squeaky floorboards that could wake the whole house in the middle of the night if someone walked on them.  In fact it was nor even proper flooring it was just chip board.  The leaky roof which we even fixed 3 years ago but still leaked in the boys room.   Its kitchen was about the best part as the previous owners had only just put a new one in  The HOTH pulled most of it out and put it in his shed.  It never let in much light and it was really dark and dingy unless it was a bright sunny day.  It was always messy with no places for anything to go.  I could go on and on and on but I wont.

Fast forward 14 weeks and we are a week off handover on the new place and it looks a heck of a lot different but most of all has retained that feeling of HOME  We cannot wait to get HOME. 

Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions you may have about our experiences or if you need someone to bounce ideas off

Friday, 17 August 2012

FFS Friday Always look on the bright side of life.

Dear Baby G
After the sad week I have had you would think the universe would have said "lets not give Ann anything to say FFS about"  Right?  WRONG  FFS

I am glad it didn't  Life would be boring if it did  FFS

I burnt dinner on Saturday night  In my defence The baby got another temperature just as I started cooking and the big one was whining at me so I left the stuff cooking and sat on the lounge and did not think about it again until it was pointed out that it was burning.  FFS
What was The HOTH doing while I was wrangling kids and burning dinner?  Talking on his iphone playing on the ipad.  FFS

I also managed to burn microwave popcorn at playgroup on Tuesday morning  FFS

The baby has slept for no longer than 6 hours at any one time.  I think he thinks he is a new born  FFS

The big one fell out of bed on Monday morning scraping his chin and then fell over at preschool scraping his cheek  FFS

I feel like making a sign to hang around my neck every time I go out so when people stare it clearly states the situation  FFS

Like Wednesday's sign would have read something like-  Yes he fell out of bed and banged his chin and yes the baby does have half a tub of baby powder in his hair.  FFS

Both dogs also ended up with powder all over them too  At least they smell better now.FFS

Quiet kids that shut themselves in the bathroom with the dogs = one big mess.  FFS

The big one also managed to make me say a hell of a lot of expletives on Tuesday afternoon when he did a poo in his pants and then carried the poo into the toilet in his hands  FFS

Lucky I can see the funny side of things most of the time and that only the second time he has ever pooed in his pants  FFS

They both have twice this week had a shower, got in their pjs and then done a poo.  FFS

Our house will be ready for handover in a couple of weeks.  FFS

Yes FFS I am not ready at all for the next insanely busy couple of months of packing, unpacking, sorting, being put on hold for hours at a time reconnecting all our services. FFS

I may start charging all the companies I have to deal with a fee for every minute they keep me on hold and for every person who says "not my department" and transfers me.  FFS

Thats all from me I am off to write a list of shit that needs to be done  FFS

Also the baby managed to delete half of this post.  FFS

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Deflated but THANKFUL

kids with the photo editor again

On sunday morning we had to say goodbye to our cute little 9 year old white cat.
She had been fine at 1030pm and at 315am the HOTH woke me up to say he had found her and she could not move.
We had to take her to the Animal Referral Hospital at Homebush where the vet kindly examined her and told us the brutal truth but in the kindest way
Although I am extremely sad I am also thankful.
Thankful that the night played out the way it did.
Thankful that I freaked out about driving to Homebush and the HOTH although he was cranky put the kids in the car so we were all there.
Thankful to the vet and nurse for their kindness and compassion I can never thank them enough.
Thankful that she did not suffer.
Thankful for silly stuff like splashing out last week and buying her favourite whiskas cat food instead of the aldi stuff which she really did not like and the fact she was white and we will forever be finding white fur everywhere.
I am thankful we have photos.
Most of all I am thankful that 9 years ago we went to the RSPCA and got a 10 week old kitten who was my first baby and who has given me 9 years worth of love and memories.
Thankful I was owned by her.
So even though this has been one of the saddest things to happen to our little family I am thankful.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How to apologise without actually apologising by cooking breakfast and in turn making yourself out to be Martha freaking Stewart

Yep exactly as the title suggests I successfully earned massive brownie points all by cooking a simple and easy breakfast!! 
A couple of weeks ago I had been slightly cranky towards the HOTH all day on the Saturday so on the Sunday morning I decided to cook him breaky.  This was after I slept on the lounge with the baby and had been up since 6 with both boys.  I know I am such a matyr!!
At 830am I started cooking it was done by 9 and I was the best!!
I love easy no fuss meals and this was exactly that.  I used 6 eggs as I knew the vultures/children would want some even though they had had breakfast earlier.  I only had 5 pieces of bacon so the last one was all egg and that worked perfectly so its a good option for vegetarians.  I added a handful of grated cheese in too. I followed the recipe just used less ingredients and it worked and looked exactly like the picture!!  Once the very basic prep was done it cooked itself which I love!!

I also made my Chili and Garlic Mushrooms
  • Get some mushrooms.  You can chop them or leave them whole.
  • Put them in a saucepan with some crushed garlic, a chopped whole chili and a small amount of butter.  I like garlic so I put a couple of cloves in and I take the seeds out of the chili.  There is no need to add the butter but it makes a sauce.
  • I cook them on high for a minute then turn it to low, put the lid on and leave it for about half an hour, stirring if and when I think about it.
  • Serve with whatever  It was seriously good with the eggs and toast!!
  • Enjoy!!
The HOTH actually got up just before I served it but was very impressed by my efforts although I did confess that it took very little effort!!

This why I love the internet and blogging so much  I love discovering things like this!!  Thanks to kirsten for this fantastic idea!! I will also be trying her in the next couple of weeks too!!
Sometimes all it takes is something so simple to make a big difference to someones life!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bloggers boogey!!!! What I downloaded off itunes and made into a mixed cd for my car

Little White Dove

I just found this and I am so excited as I love music!!  All`kinds of music really.  Here goes

  1. Both my kids love this song and as soon as they here it start dancing around!!
  2. I loved Karise on the voice and this song is awesome  I could not get the version I wanted off the voice website where at the end of the song Seal is clapping like a seal!!  I can be so childish!!
  3. Takes me back to my teenage years!!
  4. Love a happy up beat song!!
  5. Fave song of the week although I love all Matchbox Twenty!!
Thanks for the staurday morning timewaster!!

Weekly wrap up and a big thank you and I kicked some goals this week

We had a great "party week" with the HOTH being away  I also improved my Mother of the Year award chances by only serving spaghetti on toast once this week!!  The boys were very good and I even had 2 full nights sleep!!  Daddy came home last night but will be going again on monday Party week again next week YAY!!

I was extra pleased to see the HOTH when he said he had spoken to the builder and our new home will be ready in about 3WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I best get cracking on my journey posts as I am determined to help just one person avoid the last 2 years we have experienced.  I am so excited to finally after 8 years have a bedroom door !!!

He did however forget to mention that on his way home the road emergency signs were saying that there was a bushfire not far from where we live.  FFS  I only know as I was on facebook and saw a post.  Scary that its not even bushfire season yet  All credit to the Rural Firies.  Its contained now thankfully.

It has not been all smooth sailing this week with a poor little teething baby who had very high temperatures but thankfully he seems better now.

I really did kick some goals this week  I managed 3 posts which is an all time record and I put myself out there on facebook a little bit purely to get someone who is crafty to humour me and make me something but got some "likers: which made my day this morning after a 2am start with non sleeping children!!  Please if you make bed linen or know of someone could you please email me

This week I already have one post ready to go and my goal this week is to finish my about me page which I now need to figure out how to put at the top of the page!!  I am a work in progress!!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by  I promise in the next few days to reply to the comments and like all the new pages that have liked me!!  I am off now to buy the winning lotto ticket for tonight and when I win I will buy all of you a drink to say THANK YOU!!!

Friday, 10 August 2012

FFS friday Not as long as last week!!

After last weeks epic marathon of a post this week is relatively tame!!  I forgot somethings though.  FFS
I crushed my garlic crusher like seriously crushed it in my hand like the hulk.  I brought a new cheapy and it is crap.  FFS
I remembered the coke for the bourbon and forgot the milk for The kids not once but twice.  FFS
We are running out of duty free bourbon.  FFS
Why did we not buy as much as we could.  FFS
The tour de freaking france finally finished and One born every minute is back.  I am back quietly yelling PUSH to the tv for an hour every thursday night and then having a little cry when the babies are born.  FFS
I am not having anymore kids, I am not having anymore kids, I am not having anymore kids. repeat FFS
I fell asleep before last weeks and missed it.  FFS

To this week-  sitting around having breaky on saturday morning and the HOTH is reading the paper he comes to an article and is telling me how some football player is a wanker.  "Whats a yanker dad"  FFS
I only hope he did not say it at preschool today.  FFS
My darling baby who I love and adore more than words has always had an uncanny knack for sensing when the booze is flowing and mumma is having a quiet drink and is relaxed.  FFS
Pretty much every saturday night since he was 3 weeks old he has woken not long after the drinks have been poured or even worse if we stay up he will wake about 1am which is what he did on saturday night  FFS
We watched the olympics, he ate a fruit stick and had a cup of milk, we crashed about 3am on the lounge, he woke at 5 wanting a banana  I got him one and fell back to sleep.  We all got up about 8 (ironically I had said how nice it would be for us all to sleep in until 8am) and I walked around like a zombie.  FFS
Due to his late night partying he was knackered all day and cranky.  I got him to finally go to sleep on the lounge about 2pm.  FFS
About 1 minute later the ninja neighbours who have 3 kids who very rarely play outside were having some kind of party which must of started at 2pm and there was a gazillion kids playing outside making a heap of noise.  FFS
I did not get a sunday nanna nap. FFS
This caused me to burn some cupcakes and make the icing way too runny.  FFS
The HOTH has been away working this week.we have partied like its 1999.  FFS
He took his precious ipad.  FFS
The dogs have only busted out once this week.  They now are locked in the garage at night and tied up during the day.  FFS
I cannot wait to get home and back to my colourbond fences  FFS
Surprisingly I think that is all from me this week.  FFS 
I know I have forgotten things.  FFS
Oh well  FFS
Dear Baby G

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I do my best thinking in the shower!!

Last night I restored my brain in the shower.  I never realised just how much I depend on a shower to clear my mind and make me see things clearly.  It is also where my great ideas are born. 

I took for granted a long shower in our old house as we had a massive hot water system and I could stand there for hours and then get out with a much clearer head.  This was totally ok as we had a rain water tank (best money ever spent) that we used for the laundry, toilets and garden so even with showers, baths and a gazillion loads of dishes every day we used less water than sydney water said was average for a 1 person household.  Seriously the most we ever paid for water was about $30 the rest of the bill was made up in all the charges. It was my luxury and after 12 weeks of either having a shower first and rushing to save hot water or having the last shower and having it go cold after a few minutes it was fantastic!!

So today despite a shocking nights sleep I am one happy camper!!  My head is clear and full of positive and useful thoughts, the problems from yesterday have solutions and due to the fact I had a long hot shower my hair was washed properly with adult shampoo instead of kids shampoo and it looks great.  Ok not great but better!!  And that was even with the 2 kids in the shower with me.  Imagine the possibilities when I actually get to have a long hot shower by myself!  I am really hoping the new fandangled heat pump thingy we have to have when we get back home works or I am going straight out and buying the biggest electric rheem I can find and I do not care if they are illegal now!!

I also restored order in my world by downloading itunes to my laptop and making a new "mixed tape/cd" for my car.  Nothing better than blasting my fave songs loud and singing at the top of my lungs!! 

Go ahead do something fun I dare you!!  And if you have a heat pump for heating water are they any good?  Should I just got out and get a big electric system now?  Also this new improved Ann already has half a FFS friday post written already somethings never change!!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Party Time
Its party time here for the next couple of weeks thanks to the HOTH being away with work.  Dont get me wrong the kids and I will miss him and by the end of the week I will be curled up in the corner on the floor rocking but it also means a week of no cooking, early bath and bedtimes and unlimmited remote time!!

So bring on the baked beans on toast, lean cuisines and chocolate.  I may even be able to squeeze in a couple of extra blog posts!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

FFS friday- I have 3 weeks worth of FFS and I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

Dear Baby G   There is 3 weeks worth of stuff here, grab a drink and`be prepared to sit through the longest post ever written.

Sunday- had a lovely family day out at Trainworks, highly recommend it, will do a separate post.  2 things made me say FFS.
1  The ipad made an appearance in my bag and that is where it stayed lucky we had the pram and I was not carrying it.  FFS. 
2 The HOTH managed to have his phone switched off for a couple of hours and the world did not end but when he switched it back on there was a message from our neighbours 2 doors up saying they had one of our dogs.  FFS
I did feel better about the ipad as there was a lady yelling at her husband to catch their little boy as he was running off but he was too busy playing with his ipad.  Had she not been running off I would have shaken her hand! FFS
Sunday night the usual shower with the hot water running out half way through nothing unusual there except I realised we had swimming the next morning meaning I had to dehair in freezing water.  FFS
Tuesday- for some reason we had eaten dinner and the HOTH had had a shower by 530pm which meant it was up to me to shower with the kids so as there was hours to kill before bedtime we all hopped in the bath for an hour as there was tonnes of hot water.  I practised my The Voice audition songs loudly and then realised our neighbours (the ninjas) house is so close we can basically reach out and touch it therefore they would have heard my fabulous singing.  Embarrassed.  FFS
Towards the end of bath time I distinctly remember saying "DON'T POKE YOUR BROTHER IN THE EYE" FFS
The baby was up in the night but after a half hour cuddle on the lounge fell asleep..
Wednesday-  Baby wakes at 7am crying I go in there and his right eye is puffy and shut and slightly watery.  FFS
 I rename him Mike Tyson.  FFS 
I think its scabby eye but then remember the poking incident.  FFS
I remember that you can get scabby eye drops from the chemist without a prescription so off we go to the shops.  Get an awesome parking spot near aldi which is a bit of a walk from the chemist but as it was not raining that didn't matter.  Go to get the pram out of the car it wasn't there FFS.
 I had to carry 14kgs of baby around.  FFS  I love this kid but he is a freaking giant.
 Got the drops from the chemist after having to admit in front of a few people that his eye maybe scabby eye or a result of his brother poking him.  FFS 
Wrestle the baby and get 4 lots of drops in just in case it was scabby eye.  FFS 
Turns out it was not scabby eye.  FFS
Thursday-  This is dedicated to and and a couple of others who I cannot remember.
It would seem a couple of weeks ago all the men in Australia were asking the question "what do you do all day"and various other little gems like that which can result in screaming matches and no speaking etc depending on your household.  This was also first day back to preschool after 2 long weeks of school holidays so I got a slight attack of the guilts and decided to have a big effort and clean while I only had one child at home.  How quickly things turn bad!!  This is slightly long bear with me!!
815am I tell the kids to walk or crawl to the gate while I grab the bags and keys.  They go outside and I hear the dogs metal bowl banging on the deck, I thought it was the baby spinning it around didn't think anything of it grabbed the kids in the car off to preschool.  After ditching the big one the baby and I got back in the car and were home in under 45 mins (new world record)  I got stuck into some serious housework and iron mike was happy playing outside.  After a while I hear him calling "mumma blah gabble mumma"  trying to tell me something.  I was in my room and I could hear him talking still trying to get my attention so I go out to find him.  Turns out he was trying to show me a plastic toy trailer filled with dirt and water which had sloshed out at the back door when he tried to bring it in and was leaking a lovely path up the hallway.  FFS.
  On the carpet.  FFS
 The dog bowl they had been playing with was the water bowl.  FFS
 Moral of the story do not leave kids unattended to do housework.  FFS
 After cleaning the mess which took forever my phone rang, it was the preschool telling me that there had been an accident.  My heart skipped a beat but it turns out that when the big one was running he had tripped over and hurt his mouth but he was fine and eating an iceblock.  FFS
 I should have said thats great a fat lip will compliment his brothers black eye.  He was fine and after a couple of days of bandaids on a small grazed hand he was good as new.  Until the next time.  FFS
Friday-  Could not get my computer working.  FFS 
Switched it off all weekend and it worked again on monday.  FFS
Saturday night the dogs got out again.  FFS 
They brought  home a pinata.  FFS
Sunday- the Labrador was quiet all day as she came home after eating god knows what all night.  Her stomach was bloated and she did not move pretty much all day.  I was cooking dinner on sunday night when I hear "whats that, is that spew mum"  Yep the dog had spewed all over the carpet a big pile of black mush.  FFS. 
I was so angry that I could not speak and I nearly vomited myself cleaning it up.  FFS
Monday- It had been raining a lot and I stacked it down our slippery muddy driveway after swimming.  I was ok until about lunchtime when I could not sit down.FFS  All good now!!  FFS
Tuesday- the baby had green snot so as per my rule on snot we skipped playgroup and went to woolies instead which is where I saw the MINCEPIES.  FFS. 
In freaking July.  FFS
Friday-  I cleaned the house like a mad woman in the morning as I was meeting some friends and I knew that when we got home the boys would be exhausted and sleep for ages and I could finally sit down and write my FFS.  At 1030 when we were supposed to leave I could not find my car key anywhere so ripped the tidy house apart looking for it.  FFS.
I found it at 1130 in the toy digger, damn bower bird kids.  FFS.  We went out an hour late and neither boy would sleep when we got home not that that matters as I had to retidy and clean.  FFS. 
I really need to get a spare key for my car.  FFS
Friday arvo I was getting my washing in when the ninja neighbours stick their heads over the fence and say they have called the real estate agents about getting a new fence as my dogs keep getting into their yard.  They were nice about it but still FFS.  I said no worries we will be out of here very soon (which we will be and thats another new FFS.  How to break a lease and not lose any money  FFS) so now we have to lock the dogs up in the garage at night and every time we go out and I now have to supervise the dogs so they don't keep busting out.  FFS 
Its been a week and no word from the real estate.  FFS  They are quick to call if you innocently forget to pay and are a week behind.FFS
Not much has gone on this week except my children are enjoying many early mornings of Olympic watching.  FFS.
Saturday night from 1130pm until about 1 am we were watching the horsies and road cycling.  FFS Tuesday from 330am and Thursday from 5am.  FFS
The neighbour 2 doors up asked how many kids we had.  FFS  I hate living in a quiet street.  FFS
Thats it for me.  If you have read down this far you deserve a medal!! 
the baby and the dogs edited on my phone by a 3 year old.
nothing beats a dog for a pillow.  he had a haircut not long after this photo!!