Friday 10 April 2015

Things I Know #55- Your Mama is a snow blower Song of the day #31

It has been very quiet on the internet front here this last week.

I am quite happy living in a bubble at the moment.

It seems like every time I force myself to connect with the outside world via the internet I encounter so much crap that it is just better to remain switched off.

We have had a really good week, just chillin.  The kids have been watching the movie Short Circuit on repeat and I have to admit it is kind of cool to see them so into something I liked when I was little!!

Although they have seen it so many times they can repeat it word for word!!

So there you have it, Things I Know for this week.

Friday 3 April 2015

Song of the day #27

Things I Know #54- Song of the day #28- Easter

Thank you blogger for not only not publishing this post when properly scheduled (yes I double checked a million times as I have had scheduling issues all week!!) but also not saving the contents.


Happy Easter guys!!