Friday, 14 December 2012

FFS Friday- Wardrobe malfunctions and other tales.

Last Saturday was the HOTH's work party, a Sydney harbour cruise.  I glammed myself up.  By that I mean I wore a dress and put some lipstick on.  Note to self- check the weather before leaving the house.  FFS

It was incredibly windy meaning I had to stand in a sheltered spot and hold my dress down to stop it from blowing up over my head.  FFS

I should have known better and worn pants.  FFS

The dress also requires the wearing of a strapless bra meaning my 4 year old maternity ones would not cut it and I needed a new one.  No probs, I got one, all good.  Until the end of the night when it was digging into me so much it left red marks.  FFS

There is a common theme of me and nice clothes and some kind of problem.  Its why I wear shorts, tshirts and thongs everywhere.  FFS

Example 1- We went out earlier in the year to look for house stuff.  It was a hot day and I took the opportunity of leaving the house to wear a nice maxi dress.  We were parked at a super centre thing and had walked a long way from the car when the heavens opened and it pissed down rain.  Not just a little shower but dead set a torrential down pour.  My dress was a little too long and dragged through the water as we ran for the car.  By the time we made it to the car I looked like a drowned rat.  That was our cue to head home, not before the HOTH made me go in and pay for the petrol looking like I had had a shower with my clothes on.  FFS

Example 2- When we went on our city adventure with the kids I again dressed up in a dress and my cute sandals.  I discovered my sandals are not made for walking they just look good.  I had to stop and buy a pair of havis to get home in.  FFS

Another wardrobe malfunction I witnessed which could possibly be some kind of fashion crime or just a complete HELL NO was a girl in a bar in a caftan wearing no underwear.  After the cruise we headed to a trendy city bar.  You know the type, the funky furniture, the weird lighting and the drinks with prices you need to ask twice what the bar tender said as surely $9 for a beer is simply wrong.  Anyway we were all set up at our tables which were near the toilets and a girl walks past and in the wrong light it was clearly apparent that she had no underwear on underneath her flimsy caftan.  FFS

Now a public apology to the HOTH for not pointing this out to him when I saw it.  FFS

We never got home until 230am and Sunday was called early as the day of rest/do nothing.  The baby thwarted these plans by spilling a whole cup of juice, breaking a plate and smashing an empty glass.  All pretty much after I had finished cleaning up from the last spilt/smashed thing.  FFS

Sunday was a long day.  FFS

My kids are smart and convinced our babysitter to open the barrel of play doh I had stashed in the shed.  There is still play doh everywhere.  FFS

That right there is the reason I had it stashed.  FFS

Tuesday saw a certain 3 year old having an absolute meltdown.  I put it down to the fact he ate so much sugar and crap at our playgroup party but now I am thinking hormones??  FFS

I am still waging a war with Telstra.  Wednesday night they call me at nearly 7pm and say my broadband should be good to go.  An hour later and it wasn't.  I get told they will phone back at 12pm Thursday.  I get a call at 6pm which clearly is the new 12pm and I said I could not talk now as I was on my way out the door.  Who calls people with kids between 5pm and bedtime.  Apparently they will be calling today.  FFS

Lastly craziest most extravagant Christmas present for a child/children I have seen so far this year- A $999 cubby house.  FFS

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  1. Lol, bad luck HOTH! Your mum uniform seems a bit like mine, but I have been making an effort with dresses this week too... Something in the air? I am not as daring as kaftan girl and wear cropped leggings under my dresses. I am sure you looked lovely e route to your cruise... Did you get a pic before you went?

    1. No photo!! In our typical fashion we were running late and I threw my dress on and ran out the door!! I love my mum uniform!!

  2. This was SUPER funny ann!!!! You had me in stitches lol and i read it really early. Definitely woke me up! Im like you too i have bad luck with nice clothes!! That dress flying thing happened to me before. Or my dress strap decides to snap. Even my thongs have broke on me twice before in public FFS. I am in shirt shorts thongs most days too and as life goes, we always bump into people we know (small town) when im the worst dressed lol

    1. I only ever bump into anyone when I look my worst!! Thanks Mandy!!

  3. Nice clothes and I don't mix either. As you know my very expensive new dress snapped before I even got out of the house. Love reading your FFS Friday

    1. Thanks Tegan!! That dress of yours still gets me, at least they did something about it!!


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