Friday, 30 November 2012

FFS Friday- Just call me Terri Irwin

The stories I am about to tell sound so crazy and unbelievable but the are the truth.  I was there.  FFS

Let us begin with Friday arvo which at 5pm saw me unloading 60 square metres of turf off the back of a ute by hand.  FFS

It was delivered by a woman as there was no one else who could bring it as the turf company was busy.  FFS

Girl Power.  FFS

No less than 2 minutes after we had finished unloading it the HOTH got home.  FFS

After laying 60 square metres of turf the HOTH was watering out the front when a friend of his drove past and stopped for a chat.  While we were chatting out the front a random girl rides her bike down the road, stops where we are and says "do you wanna see a lizard", unwraps the lizard from the bottom of her tshirt and holds it up.  FFS

It was a water dragon that lives in the creek near our house, some other kids had picked it up and the girl on the bike was taking it back to the creek.  FFS

At least it stopped the kids from driving their trucks up and down the footpath which sounds like nails down a chalkboard.  FFS

A water dragon relaxes in a deckchair.
Not the actual lizard we saw although it was this relaxed.
430am Saturday morning the dogs start barking like maniacs.  Both the HOTH and I jump out of bed, he goes to the back door and I head for the side door as it sounds like the dogs are pulling the bin over.  FFS

I open the door and scream as there is a wallaby hopping down the side path chased by the dogs.  FFS

It sees me and pushes past me into the laundry and starts hopping up and down the hallway.  FFS

I shut myself outside but I could hear it jumping everywhere.  FFS

After an eternity the HOTH gets it to go out the front door.  FFS

It had hopped in our bedroom and knocked stuff over and left dirty marks on the wall.  FFS

I saw this sign later in the day in the window of a pub in the city!!

I have no idea where the wallaby came from.  I have only ever seen deer or rabbits in our area.  Or the odd possum.  FFS

Turns out our neighbour thought she had seen roo paw prints in her yard.  FFS

Lastly as this stuff only happens in threes on Sunday night I went to put the dogs out and feed them when a frog hopped back in with me.  FFS

I screamed again but the HOTH did not come running straight away.  FFS

5 minutes later he turns up and picks the frog up on piece of paper.  Instead of carrying it out the open back door 2 steps from him he carries it through the lounge room to put it out the front door.  FFS

It jumps off the paper into our bedroom.  FFS

5 minutes and a whole re arrangement of furniture the frog is finally caught and put outside.  FFS

Linking up the wildlife week that was with Dear Baby G!!

Next week our trip to the big smoke complete with this years Santa photo.  FFS

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Readers Choice- Hijacked by the HOTH

Todays Readers Choice has been chosen by the HOTH.  He insisted I share a picture which I do admit is pretty funny although not as funny as he thinks it is!!

Also he has asked if anyone can tell him how to transfer videos from his istack (iphone and ipad)?  We want to put them on dvd or at least a usb.

That is all for today.  I am having no luck with technology this week.  Stay tuned for an epic FFS Friday tomorrow!!

Linking up with Musings of the Misguided who has the topic "Why I started my blog".  Tegan is making a poll each week on her facebook page of 3 random topics we can vote on to choose a topic for the week.  She announces the topic on Tuesday night so if you are a blogger looking for something to do on a Thursday why not play along.  Either using the voted for topic or another of your own readers choices. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Fiji 2012. My gorgeous Fiji babies!!

My gorgeous baby. 

The big one, such a cutie

How good is chocolate ice cream by the pool!!
Our lovely baby sitter "La".  Even the shy baby took to her straight away. 
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Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas wishlist/ I am dreaming 2012

Dear the HOTH

I know we are not doing presents for each other this year but just in case we have won lotto and you have not told me here is a little list of things I would love to find under our tree!!.

A facial from the beautician I go to.
The New Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB White
    A divine Oroton Bag
    A laptop that works all the time
    another trip to Castaway Island
If you won't spring for a trip to Fiji how about a couple of cartons of the beer!!
That is all I am not greedy!!  Love Ann xx

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 Whats on your dream list? 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bloggers Boogey- City

We are heading on a bit of an adventure today and catching the train into the "big smoke" for Santa photos and a wander around.  So here are 5 songs that are city related!!

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Friday, 23 November 2012

FFS Friday- Do not ever say you have nothing ffs worthy.

I jinxed myself big time last week by saying not much FFS worthy stuff had gone on around here.  FFS

Friday FFS
  • It rained all day and it was cold.
  • I forgot to buy dinner for the HOTH and myself
  • I had to go to the shops when he got home, delaying Friday night drinks by at least an hour.
  • I was wearing trackies and stepped in a puddle.
  • Lucky they were not my good ones
Not much happened on the weekend except we could not resist and cracked the seal on season 4 of SOA on dvd and watched 3 episodes back to back and never went to bed until late.  The kids still got up early.  FFS

We never even started watching it until 9 as the big one kept getting up.  FFS

I can see us watching the rest of the season in record time and then face an agonising wait for season 5 to come out on dvd.  FFS

Monday-Thursday FFS
  • Another head injury for the baby on Monday 
  • He has a lovely yellow/green golf ball on his forehead plus scabs under his nose.
  • It will look lovely in the Santa photos on Saturday.
  • There were naked barbie dolls at playgroup on Tuesday.  Our playgroup is in a church hall.  Guess whose children were pointing out bottoms and boobies?
  • As a community service I tested what would happen if a bottle of soy sauce randomly falls out of the fridge door.
  • It goes everywhere.  Seriously I did a great job in the testing of this.
  • No need to try it at home folks.
  • Cleaning it up ate into my quiet time watching Jamie Oliver.
  • If I hear the words "super storm" again and its not about Hurricane Sandy I will lose it.  Summer storms are not new things and definitely not "super storm" worthy.
Lastly Telstra.  FFS
  • As you read this I will be doing battle with a large useless telco.
  • I have so far this week wasted a good 40 mins of my life dealing with them.  Its not over yet.
  • At least they called me back for a lot of this so it wasn't building up my phone bill
  • Wish me luck it could get nasty.
  • Basically I wanted to get my phone/internet up and working and keep my old number which I was told would be possible when we disconnected it to temporarily move 6 months ago.
  • I called on Saturday and after speaking to the computer and not knowing what service I was after finally got the computer to get a human to call me back.
  • Spoke to a lady, gave her my old number xxxx8546.  She had all my details, sorted me out with a new plan etc, gave me an exorbitant list of fees and charges, told me I could keep my number and told me it would take 2 business days to process.
  • I get a text message on Monday saying -welcome to telstra sucker, your new number is xxxx8456.
  • I call them straight away saying you have made a mistake I want my old number, man checks and says my old number is not in use but he can't change it as it is still being processed.  He then tells me my phone will be working on Friday between 8-12 call back then.
  • He also said it will cost $80 to change my number.  Clearly someone has made a typo somewhere.  I know this as a fact as a package from telstra turned up at my place on Wednesday addressed to John Riley. 
  • There is no one at my house called John Riley.  Not even close plus the phone is in my name.  My name is not John
  • I made my lovely delivery lady take it back so hopefully they will realise the error
Lastly the HOTH has been reading my blog after I finally told him about it and he keeps saying that I am using his material.  In particular "Bros before Hoes" from a few weeks ago.  I said that not him, The best he came up with was "a ho pushing a hoe"  FFS

He also keeps finding stupid stuff on facebook and being the smart ass that he is says "why don't you put that on your blog"  FFS

Here is an example.  FFS             stole it from here

Thats my whinging done.  Dear Baby G is awesome for having the FFS Friday link up every week.  Pop over and check out some of the other whinging!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Readers Choice- Cleaning products and how to fold a fitted sheet

Two topics today but cleaning related so I put them together. 

Firstly the fitted sheet.  I thought I would turn to the domestic goddess herself for the answer.  Dear lord what a disaster.  I tried, I really did but it is impossible unless you are Martha or the other woman.  I can totally relate to the poor woman who could not do it!!  So I am putting the call out, can anyone actually fold a fitted sheet??!!

Second is the question of what  cleaning products I would use if I could only choose 3.  Hmmm was a tough one but i think I have it sorted. 
  • Bleach or a thick cleaning gel.  I am fine with generic brands of this.  Its not particularly good for the environment but it does a number of jobs like clean the toilet or sink really well.
  • A really good all in one spray.  I like the ones with more natural products in and due to having a small supermarket with not much choice I have been using Earth/s Choice. 
  • The rest of my cleaning supplies if I had to choose  are made up with pantry items- white vinegar and bicarb.  The vinegar can be used as a floor cleaner or diluted in a spray bottle as a window cleaner.  Bicarb is great for using as a paste on tough stains and also as a deodoriser in the fridge or kitty litter tray.

Love the topics this week, I am off now to tangle myself in a fitted sheet again just so I can say I have folded one properly!! 

Thursdays here are Readers Choice so if you have any topic you would like see please let me know!!  And for the first time this week Readers Choice is a link up over at Musings of the Misguided so head on over and see what Tegan has written about or if you are a blogger who wants to join in and link up!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Castaway Island

The perfect spot for a morning coffee!!
View from the top
Taken by the HOTH as I had no joggers so I could not traipse to the top of the island!!  Someone had to sit and read while the kids slept and i took that role very seriously!!
Flowers growing in the middle of rocks
We walked all the way around, the resort was around the point at the back
A wave carved in rock
Gorgeous sunset

So long Castaway, until we meet again.
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A snap shot of life and other bits and pieces.

A couple of weeks ago I 'fessed up to the HOTH about this little blog of mine.  He took it well and has been reading through the posts and comments and one thing he said was how I had reminded him of so much stuff that happened this year so I thought today I would press pause and take a snap shot of life from the last couple of weeks.

Our House is nearly finished.  All the outside bits and pieces are done except for a bit more turf which is coming this week.  The HOTH has his SHED back.  Well sort of!! He wired it up and now has his beer fridge and lights, now comes the fun task of going through it and sorting it out as we still have stuff stored in it. 

No more dirt!!

We just had our last free weekend until after Christmas which is exciting but tiring all at the same time.  I cannot wait for school holidays as we seem to have our weeks filled with activities which is great but I think we all need a break and some down time.  All our activities swimming, play group, pre school  have a break over Christmas which means we have days filled with nothing for a few weeks.  We will have 9 days as a family before the HOTH goes back to work although he has promised to have a week off in Feb some time. I am looking forward to the 9 days it really is my favourite part of Christmas!!  We have big plans of doing nothing unless it involves the beach or pool and I cannot wait!!

The kids amaze me everyday.  They also drive me bonkers everyday.  I can now add referee/umpire to my list of parenting qualifications as all day I am breaking up fights.  They have 2 modes either playing really beautifully or fighting, there is no in between at all.   The baby has learnt the art of provocation and the big one is getting a taste of his own medicine!! 

The big one does not stop talking all day and the questions are enough to drive me wild!!  He has to know the ins and outs of a cats bottom.  He makes up crazy stories and is blessed with a wonderful imagination.  He tells tales of dinosaurs knocking down our house and eating all our apples.  The thing I am most proud of is that 2 weeks ago he started wearing undies to bed and has had only 1 accident.  He has always done things in his own time and toilet training is no different.  Part mental and part stubbornness!!  He is obsessed with going to work like his dad and loves to be busy "fixing things" all day in the yard!!

He made me take a photo and this is what I got!! 8/11/12
 The baby is just a boofhead!!  He is so placid and quiet and the exact opposite of his brother.  He is shy, painfully shy, even around people he knows and is attached to me when we go out and there are other people around.  He loves to learn and do craft.  He is always asking me what words and numbers are in his books, he points them out more than the pictures.  He can count to 5 no problems although 1 2 8 is his favourite combination!!  He has lovely manners and my favourite part of the day is when he wakes up in the morning and calls out "mummy where are you" and I go and get him and then he asks for "grain, bowl, spoon please".  He is a parrot repeating everything and can say so many words now.  He loves to copy his brother and the 2 of them drive me nuts with made up words like "cheese boona" or "friday enective"!! 

The HOTH and I thought we could have a conversation at dinner.  We turn around and the baby had fed "RARA" his fave toy yogurt!! 8/11/12

All ready for bed after "one of those days" the big one is pointing at the tv as there were giraffes in a truck and the baby is wearing pjs that belonged to his brother and that slightly broke my heart as he is getting so big and really is not a baby anymore. 8/11/12
One last thing I brought my "Elf on a shelf" a while ago and he is stashed in the cupboard ready to come out in a couple of weeks.  I was racking my brain as to what to do with him and decided as the kids are still a bit young for all the cool stuff I have seen other people are doing  our "elf" will bring a different Christmas book or dvd everyday until Christmas eve.  I got some books last year and have brought a couple of books and dvds this year so I should have 24 different things!!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Summer Lasagne

1 onion
crushed garlic
150g chopped ham (I usually use more)
2 large carrots, grated
1 large zucchini, grated
1 capsicum, diced
300g can butter beans (or baked beans if you never remember to buy butter beans like me!!)
1 can ready to serve tomato soup.  (I have been using 535g can heinz very special tomato and basil)
250g instant lasagne sheets
1 cup (or more) grated cheese

Fry onion, garlic and ham in a little bit of oil until onion is soft.
Add carrots, zucchini and capsicum.  Cook for a couple of minutes just to soften.
Stir in beans and soup. 
Bring to the boil then simmer uncovered for 3 minutes.
Spread 1/4 of the mix over the base of an ovenproof dish.
Top with lasagne sheets.
Repeat twice more then spread the rest of the sauce on top.
Sprinkle with grated cheese and cover with foil.
Bake at 180deg for about 30 mins, remove foil and cook until top is golden

I have had this recipe in my book for years.  It was out of a magazine (not sure which one) back in the days of being able to buy soup in a carton.  I just adjusted it to use the can of soup.

This is the base recipe, feel free to add any other vegies eg mushrooms, tomato etc.  You can also leave out the ham and make it vegetarian or use left over chicken, chicken or beef mince (just fry it for longer)
Could be a good one for using up any leftover Christmas ham!!

I have also doubled the mixture and frozen half then just defrosted it and made up the lasagne.  To speed it up even more you could use the fresh lasagne sheets.

Its a really yummy light alternative to normal lasagne and great for summer served with a salad.

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bloggers Boogey- Random songs stuck in my head!!

All week these songs have been stuck in my head. Most of them I have not even heard this week!!

Ok that one I have heard as we have been watching "Cars"!!

A bizzare collection this week!!  Hopefully they will now not be stuck in my head or I could have made it worse and jinxed myself!!
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Little White Dove

Friday, 16 November 2012

FFS Friday- False claims and disappointment

Its been fairly unFFS around here.  Except for the kids fighting.  FFS

From sun up to sun down its relentless.  FFS

My gripe with the world this week is a certain cafe and its crap service and products.  FFS

Its a chocolate cafe, can't remember the name and can't be bothered to google it.  FFS

Firstly, most cafes will make a kids size milkshake and put it in a takeaway cup.  Great idea.  This cafe does not.  FFS

Which meant I had to share a milkshake with the baby, in a glass.  FFS

A normal size milkshake is too big for a little kid.  Duh.  FFS

Turns out if you are a regular customer they will put it in a take away cup.  FFS

Even blind Freddy could see the milkshake was intended for a small child and still they did not offer to put some in his own cup.  FFS

Secondly, I assumed that being a shop who's main thing is chocolate the milkshake would be the best tasting thing in the world and I would have to fight the baby for it.  WRONG.  Worst milkshake ever.  FFS

I did not fight him for it.  FFS

I make a better milkshake using that quik stuff.  FFS

Thirdly if I am going to pay a ridiculous amount for a cupcake it better be the best thing in the world.  FFS

Not some stale tasteless piece of crap.  FFS

The baby loves his cupcakes and ate hardly any which is a fair indication of crapness.  FFS

This was after they forgot to bring it out to us.  FFS

In summary I will not be going back to that cafe ever.  FFS

Thats my whinge over for another week.  Linking up with Dear Baby G for some Friday whinging!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Readers Choice- Confessions of bad parenting!!

I have been parenting for 3 years and 8 months.  In that time I have had some major parenting fails.  Any of my FFS Friday posts usually include at least one!!  But I am happy to share a few more!!

I am a yeller.  Not by choice.  The kids flat out ignore me if I just speak to them.  They have the worst case of selective hearing ever.  They do not have hearing problem, they can pick out whether a bus or truck is driving past or a plane or helicopter.  If I whisper the words chocolate or ice cream they come running!!

They do crazy stuff which forces me to yell.  Some weird and crazy things you might hear yelled if you were to walk past my house include-
  • Stop riding the dog like a horse.
  • Stop riding the dog like a horse on the coffee table
  • There is plenty of room for both of you in the dogs kennel.
  • Stop headbutting your brother, table, dog, floor.
Yep its a mad house around here!!  The fact social services or the rspca have not been called yet still amazes me!!  Especially when we were living in the rental and the houses were close together!!

Another notable parenting fail around these parts is the clothing situation.  Just yesterday the baby went out in his slippers as I could not find him one matching pair of shoes.  We also own only about 4 matching pairs of socks.  I do not know where the socks go.  My last clothing shameful secret is that in the babies nearly 2 years of life he has owned maybe 5 brand new items of clothing.  He is the handmedown king!!

The original topic was have I hidden toys etc Well the answer to that is YES!!  I hide stuff all the time and if it is battery operated and happens to run out I out right lie and say it can't be fixed!!  I also hide books, there is only so many times I can read the same story over and over and over again!!

Great question Declutterbug versus Captain Stingypants.  Now over to you guys its time to fess up, give me a parenting fail of your own just so I know I am not the only one who gets it wrong some days!!

Oh and pop over to visit Musings of the Misguided who has probably by now blocked me from twitter to see her Readers Choice!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday- The wildlife of Fiji

a myna bird hanging out on our foot bath.

looks funny flicking on my camera between the 2 photos!!

a goat


yes that is a sea snake.

the only really cool thing I saw- the gecko!!
I was so excited at the thought of seeing some awesome wildlife in Fiji, sadly the cool stuff heard we were coming and hid!!  Seriously!!  Not an exotic bird or turtle in sight!!  Apparently turtles had been spotted on every snorkeling trip except the one the HOTH went on!! 

Luckily I saw the sea snake in the morning of the last full day we were there so we spent the afternoon in the pool.  I have never moved so fast in my life when that slithered behind me!!

The geckos were everywhere and pretty cool.

Next week in my trip down Fiji lane is some picturesque scenes from the island.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Readers choice- cleaning vomit out of the carpet

Before having the kids I had a job I really liked.  I was a care worker or an underpaid cleaner/ untrained nurse.  I could write for hours about the state of aged/disability services in Australia.  The system stinks and never gets the funding or support it needs.  I am glad I am not working in the system anymore as it has gone to the dogs.

 Back to the story, I loved it.  It could be bloody hard work and some days mentally draining but it was a great job.  Part of my job was cleaning, basic stuff like bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, washing, bedmaking and sometimes grocery shopping.  I also did personal care like showering. 

Over the five years I had the job I used just about every cleaning product available so I am more than qualified to give advice!!  It boils down to this-
  • Do not use cheap cleaning products.  They do not work and you waste money.  Plus they can eat or discolour your furniture or surface.  And they stink.  I only use nice smelling stuff!!
  • Except bleach and disinfectant.  I have no problem with these they work fine and are sometimes less than half the price of brand names.
  • Follow the directions of how to use. 
  • I try to go with the more natural products out there but they are expensive.
  • Use the right product for the right area. 
So how to clean vomit stains-

I googled a bit and most suggest putting bicarb or talc over the area to dry it out.  I prefer bicarb!!  Get a good enzyme cleaner and follow directions.  If its a good one it should do the job.  I have been using one for pets on my carpet and it seems to do the job fine.  You can also make a paste out of washing powder or nappy soaker but try not to make the carpet too damp.

If that does not work I suggest getting your carpets cleaned either professionally or hiring a machine.  We are going to hire a machine in about 3 weeks time to clean our carpets.  We are getting turf this  weekend which will be awesome and should put an end to dirt in the house!!  Even with shoes on the dirt has been carried around everywhere so once the dust has settled so to speak we are going to hire a machine just to freshen up the carpet.

There you have it!!  If anyone has any other fool proof suggestions or more natural cleaning ideas feel free to let me know!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bloggers boogey- my top 5 80's songs!! (some of them)!!

Kirsten from k&co does a great post every Friday with her Friday Five.  Last week her husband wanted in on the action and failed to deliver!!  He was supposed to be giving his five favourite songs from the 80's so while we are waiting Kirsten asked for other peoples top 5.   

I am a child of the 80's and it is so hard to pick just 5 as this decade holds a special place in my heart for music!!  The fashion and hair are just too much!!  If you love your 80's, are in a capital city and have a digital radio then is your station!!

You cannot beat Bandaid for all your classic 80's personalities in one room!!  The other songs are some of my faves and if I hadn't done Bon Jovi last week they would be there front and centre!!

Linking up with Little White Dove  for bloggers boogey, who funnily enough tackled the 80's last week!!

Hit me up people give me some of your fave 80's songs.  The more embarrassing the better!!

Because I can I am linking this with One Mother Hen for Open Slther Monday!!

Friday, 9 November 2012

FFS Friday- Is it Christmas day today and nobody told me?

As the title says, is it Christmas today and no one told me?  FFS

Yesterday can only be described as shite house.  FFS

After my unsuccessful attempt at on line shopping I had no choice but to suck it up and go to the shops.  I had to go yesterday as it was preschool day meaning I only had 1 kid to torture with a shopping trip!!  FFS

After school drop off we hit the road and got to the shops at roughly 9.25am.  I turned into the car park and nearly drove back out.  Not a freakin car park was left.  FFS

What the hell people.  Is the world ending, is it Christmas today?  FFS

After driving around stalking people and racing other cars to the few empty spots I got one.  FFS

Go in.  Buy the baby his bread rolls.  Start filling the trolley with crap.  Baby is tired he starts whining.  Decide I got enough for one day.  Go to the check out.  ONE CHECK OUT OPEN with people lined up back through the store.  FFS

Apparently not all of the self serve ones were working either.  FFS

Another check out opens and I run for it but a lady gets there before me.  She only had a few things so no worries I thought.  FFS

WRONG.  The check out chick was commenting on and examining everything she scanned and put into bags.  FFS

Seriously, and then the lady in front of me had got something in a box so check out chick opened the box and was examining the contents.  FFS

She had three boxes and did this three times.  FFS

10 minutes later it was my turn.  FFS

I had a trolley full and she did the exact same thing to me except open the boxes.  FFS

I was silently imploding.  FFS

Was it her first day and she had never seen all the goods Kmart has to offer?  FFS

In the meantime the lady behind me was talking to the baby who kept rolling his eyes at her!!  He does this at every random stranger who talks to him.  It actually is quite funny.  The lady was very nice I got to know her well while waiting for my shopping to be scanned.  FFS

She was saying that the shops had been crazy all week.  FFS

The baby finally cracked his winning smile as we were leaving!!  I then could not face the grocery shops but did manage to go into the bottlo and got my new fave wine on special.  This is a FFS as they only had 4 bottles and it was on special.  FFS

Drove home, baby fell asleep, baby woke up when we got home and refused to go back to bed.  FFS

Luckily he likes to watch The View and Ellen.  FFS

Go to check what time my eye brow wax appointment is, turns out it was last week.  FFS

Check my lotto ticket and didn't win a cent.  FFS

Pick the big one up from school, he was asleep and not happy about being woken up.  FFS

Watch Toy Story 2 about 2 gazillion times as the remote turned up for the dvd player and I now have no excuse.  FFS

Cook dinner but not what I wanted as the supermarket was all out of everything.  FFS

Massive storm which meant one dog was barking at the thunder and one dog was hiding on my legs.  Insert 2 overtired children and what do you get?  Me locking myself in the bathroom for some time out!! FFS

Could not get the kids into bed quick enough last night!!  FFS

Other stuff from the week includes a nappy off poo everywhere scenario.  FFS

And guess which idiot ordered her children the drum kit.  FFS

Oh and 2 weeks injury free I am surely in with a chance at mother of the year??!!  FFS

Have a great weekend guys.  Linking up with Dear Baby G for the weekly whinge!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Fiji 2012 part one of a million!! Marina Prior's wedding

Warriors on their way to Marina Prior's wedding.
Back right hand corner is some of the wedding party!!  View from the bar in happy hour PRICELESS!!

Flowers ready for Marina Prior's wedding

Flowers from the wedding that were left on the bar afterwards!!
No we were not invited to the wedding but we were catching sneak peaks all day!!  We were having dinner behind here!! 

Taken from the Fiji Times Online

I could not imagine a better spot for a wedding!!  In fact I told the HOTH I would marry him if we could get married here on Castaway Island!!  When you see pigs fly will be when that happens!1

 I have seen Marina in West Side story and more recently Mary Poppins and she is a true talent. She was very polite to the HOTH when she pinched a chair off our table when I had gone to the little girls room!!

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I haven't whinged for a while and a Thank you!!

With the dreaded "c" word fast approaching I am trying to be as organised as possible.  For 2 main reasons SAVING TIME and MONEY. 

Yesterday I thought I would dabble in some on line shopping from a large retailer, lets call them Kmart.  I had read the junk mail, knew what I was after, jumped on the website, found what I was after and then tried to add it to my "bag .  NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZERO.  I shut down the computer tried again same story.  I tried 4 times yesterday and twice this morning and could not buy anything. 

Excellent work Kmart now if I want the items I will have to either call your customer care number or go in to your shop.  Really now I am not sure I can be arsed driving to my nearest store and we don't have a landline at the moment so I would need to use my mobile which I can imagine would cost a bomb and would defeat the purpose of trying to save money.

Its a shame Kmart as you are my favourite shop and I have never had a bad shopping experience.  My local shop never has long queues at the check outs and you always seem to have the catalogue stuff.  These are two very imortant qualities when deciding where to spend the HOTH's hard earned money.  Plus in the sale on at the moment I could have pretty much finished my shopping. 

Whinge over!!

On to other stuff now.  I would like to thank everyone who has ever read this blog.  It blows me away that people read this and as a thank you I have started a little thing called "Reader's Choice" on a Thursday.  Basically give me a topic you would like to see a post on.  I have done some great topics in the last few weeks and I am really enjoying it!!  Also Tegan from Musings of the Misguided has started this and to prove how random it is I asked her to do a post on vajazzling.  Yep you read that right and if you want to know more about it pop over and have a look at Tegan's post!!

So give me a topic funny, serious whatever. If you have a topic but want to remain anonymous thats fine feel free to email me or message me on facebook and I will keep it confidential.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Kim's Cake or a yummy fruit cake made with tea.

400G DRIED MIXED FRUIT I could only get 375gram box so chucked in some extra sultanas
1 MUG HOT BLACK TEA  yes mug!!  The mug I used was equal to 1 and a half cups
1 MUG SOFT BROWN SUGAR - (I usually use ½ or 2/3)
BAKE FOR 2 HOURS AT 160 C , 325 F ,GAS MARK 3 check after about 1 1/2 hours as in some ovens the top can start to brown.  If that happens just pop some baking paper over the top!!

I found a random disc while unpacking and popped it in the computer and found this recipe that my mum used to make all the time.  I made it last week to take to playgroup and it went down a treat!!  Its easy, yummy and best of all my kids ate it so I will be making this a lot more!!

I soaked the fruit for 4 hours as I did not want to get up early to bake it but next time I would leave it for longer.  The mixture is quite dry and I freaked out a bit but it turned out fine except I no longer have a round cake tin.  The loaf tin I have is not big enough so it kind of fell apart and does not look good, lucky it tasted great!!

I have no idea who Kim is and why a cake is named after her (or him)!!

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bloggers Boogey- Bon Jovi aka the love of my life!!

The start of my love affair

Love this song and this cover of it.  I just love Jon!!

Love this song!!

I nearly died with excitement last week when I saw on facebook that the love of my life would be coming out on tour again next year!!  I have never seen Bon Jovi in concert and it is on my bucket list and I will be going!!  These are 5 of my faves although they are all my faves!!
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Friday, 2 November 2012

FFS friday-a rotary hoe is the devils form of torture

Last weekend I volunteered to help the HOTH rotary hoe our yard.  Front and back.  FFS

Actually he said something like "this is so easy you could do it" being a smart ass. So I did.  FFS

I hoed like a boss.  I was actually pretty good at it.  FFS

That was on Saturday.  Sunday morning I could not move my arms. FFS

By Sunday night I could not lift my arms over my head.  FFS

Monday morning I was in agony.  Mondays at our place is swimming day.  It took me 10 mins to get into my cossie and rashie.  FFS

The swimming teacher decided we had not done enough humpty freakin dumpty off the wall (sit kid on the side of the pool and pull them in then turn them around so they grab the wall) for a while so we did an extended amount.  FFS

Normally the baby climbs out on his own but this week the gorgeous lump decided he did not want to climb therefore making me lift him out over my head and onto the wall.  FFS

I feel it should be appropriate to swear at a kids swimming lesson.  FFS

It would have been a funny sight watching me try to get my wet rashie off after we had finished.  FFS

The other downside to rotary hoeing is the dirt.  Its like sand only worse.  You know how sand ends up everywhere when you go to the beach well so does dirt.  FFS

And that is almost it for me.  I have had an injury/blood free week for a change.  I may even be back in the running for mother of the year.  FFS

Apart from the big one saying "for gods sake" constantly.  FFS

I have no idea where he gets it from.  FFS

One last thing I was stoked to hear Bon Jovi are coming out next year and come hell or high water I will be there.  I will not miss out again.  FFS

Unless tickets go on sale on a Monday morning which is the only time I cannot be at the computer.  FFS

Last time they were here I was 8 months pregnant and decided I did not want Jon Bon Jovi himself delivering the baby.  FFS  (the big one was 5 weeks early and I was told I would never have a full term baby, fyi the baby was induced at 39 weeks as I had gestational diabetes so in hind sight I could have gone.  ffs)

Please no hoe jokes I think we made them all on Saturday. Like when the kids needed me it was "bros before hoes".  I am hilarious I know!!  FFS

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Working with a rotary hoe
I love the internet where you can find pictures like this!! Obviously it is not me as who the hell hoes in a skirt and smiles. FFS 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

What would I do if I was a man for 24 hours.

Thanks to Tegan for choosing this topic on twitter the other night after I made her do a post on vjazzling.  I love random stuff and it was her fault for mentioning it!!

Anyway what would I do if I was a man.  Pee standing up and fart.  Easy. 

My computer is not playing nice at the moment so I will come back and revisit this important topic but for now if I were to be a man here is who I would want to be.


So what would you do if you were a man??