Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas wish list. I know I am dreaming!!

Photobucket tagged me in the Christmas wishlist which was started by Essentially Jess.  Simply what are my 5 wishes for Christmas.  Here they are!!

  1. A weekly sleep in on a Sunday until 8am.  This would mean I need 2 kids and a cat to not stir at their normal 530-6am.  Chances of this ZERO.
  2. A working not chuck a hissy fit computer.  Chances of this are slim to none.
  3. Working home internet without being put on hold and transferred to a million departments.  Chances of this happening while I regain some sanity are pretty much zero.
  4. A never ending bottle of wine or bourbon or malibu.  Chances of this would have to be zero!!
  5. World bloody peace and harmony.  Chances of this also zero as there are way too many tools in the world.
I don't want a lot really!!

Now here are my 5 bloggers who now need to give me their 5 wishes and pass it on etc


  1. I think the HOTH might be able to assist you with one of those.... C'mon HOTH, give the lass a lie in :D xx

  2. I'm with Victoria, C'mon HOTH just once a week..... ok we'll settle for a new shiny laptop :) x

  3. Loving your wish list! Thanks for the tag. I'm off on holidays from tomorrow, so can't promise I'll be blogging anytime soon, but if I can put my cocktail down for 10 mins and whip out the lap top, I'll let you know! Kirsten {K&Co.} xx

  4. I think your wish list is just brilliant


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