Monday, 13 February 2012


Week 6 is all about goal setting. 

I have one goal this year and that is to get our house built.  It is consuming our lives and I cannot focus on anything else until that is complete.  I know life is going to be fantastic when it is built but the stress and worry are really overwhelming.

However I have been planning and thinking about how to make the house a  very organised and tidy home and looking past the building stage. When moments of clarity kick in and things seem less stressful its actually enjoyable to look forward instead of looking around.  I would be kidding myself if I try to set other goals as I know until life is settled again there is no way I can think about other things and give my whole self to anything.

Here is a list of my "goals" although it seems like to-do list!!
  • Sort out and pack all our existing things
  • Throw out/donate/sell ALL unwanted things
  • Find furniture which is practical for the new house
  • Stop stressing out so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Image of May&Belle ~ALWAYS~ Tram Scroll Print

Week 3 is all about a mission statement.  I did not have to think too hard about this one as I know what mine is. I fell in love with this picture months ago and knew it was exactly what I wanted for our new house. I have brought it ready to be the first thing I put in the house.  There is a couple of different ones that I will buy when I find/remember where I saw them.  One is just for boys and the other is one for mums.  This picture is basically everything I wish for my boys and its also a great reminder for adults too.  Imagine living in a world where everyone followed what the picture says?

As far as a "mission statement" I feel my kids are too little at the moment to fully understand but it is something I would look at in the future. 

ps the pictue came from here!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

52 Week challenge- Week 5


I am cheating a little bit and skipping weeks 3 and 4 for now.  Firstly I had major technical issues and could not access my blog and second I had a change of heart over blogging (not doing the challenge) after seeing some very ugly online bullying .

The first issue seems to be fixed for now but I still cant download the task from week 4!!  It was so frustrating as I have had week 3's challenge in my head but could not write it out.  I could read other peoples but not comment.  I would love a new computer!!

The second issue was an eye opener and nearly made me give up.  I was in complete shock and seriously doubted whether this was something I wanted to open myself up to.  I have cut certain people out of my life as I do not want to deal with their drama so why would I want to invite this kind of thing into my life?   After some serious thought I had another "light bulb" moment.  BY PRESSING "PUBLISH" I HAD FULFILLED A DREAM!!!!!!  The dream being a published author.  No one can or will take that away from me and I am here to stay!!

Back to the challenge which is a "catch your breath" week and for me that means finishing weeks 3 and 4!!