Friday, 21 February 2014

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- not much going on!!

It is that time of the week again, the dissection of the week that was around here.


As it has been ages since I last had a good old fashioned whinge this is a total random list of things that have occurred in the last few weeks.

Note to self, when buying school uniforms and supplies do not leave it until a week before school starts as all the shops will be sold out of everything and it will be a mission.

Also the shops will have bigger Australia day displays selling cheap inflatable thongs than school stuff and you will have to forage around.

When it is raining or foggy or both put your effing lights on when driving.

Also Mother Nature please please please can it not be raining ever again at school pick up or drop off.

It is that time of the year again- nominations for Mother Of The Year.  I can't imagine I will win, the kids are making sure of that!!  Best example from this week of why I won't win is the kindy kid learning rhyming words at school then telling us all about it when he got home.  Dog, log and wog.  Boo and poo, me and wee.  I am waiting for truck or bit to be said!!  I sense an extra long parent teacher interview in a few weeks time!!


The credit card and an extra pair of socks has been located I also made my phone call and was only on hold for 20 minutes.  (see yesterdays post!!)  I also dragged my butt to the shops and replenished the wine supply, thanks aldi for $4.99 bottles of moscato!!

We have made it through another week of school, only another 18 years to go.

I am a little sad the winter Olympics is nearly over.  Although I am happy One Born Every Minute is back on.

That about wraps it up, school pick up time again!!

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

10 random thoughts I have had today

Todays prompt from "The Lounge" is 10 things about you.  I am way to boring to have 10 interesting facts about myself so here are 10 random thoughts that have popped into my head today

  1. Why is it 6 weeks ago I brought 10 pairs of white school socks and we now have a total of 3 and a half pairs?
  2. Where is my credit card?
  3. Does anybody actually stay on hold when the wait time is 45 minutes?
  4. I probably should have stayed on hold rather than throw the phone in disgust.
  5. Where can I find a rain coat to buy?
  6. How quickly can I write a blog post?
  7. Where did the spider that was on my bedroom wall on Tuesday night go?
  8. Oh crap I don't think I have any wine for tgif we survived another week of school..
  9. I have done the groceries and can't be arsed going back to the shops.
  10. I really should throw out the flowers I brought nearly 2 weeks ago.
There you have it, a brief insight into my head linked up with Tegan from Musings of the Misguided.

In case you were wondering, 8 minutes from start to finish for this insightful insight!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wordless Wednesday/Thankful Thursday-#100happydayschallenge weeks 3 and 4

I am loving this little challenge although it is very tough some days to find something that made me smile,  Also I am a couple of days behind as instagram was having a hissy fir and would not load my pictures.  Next task for me is to print out some of my pictures!!  I am mega thankful I can do this online or in my town without having to hit the shops with kids!!

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Another musical day

I am feeling very musical lately.  Nothing makes me happier than a good song blasted really loudly!!

I love that when the first bell rings at school they play a song over the loud speakers.  The first week and a bit it was Alex Lloyd then last week they changed it to Bruno Mars.  Then yesterday when we arrived at school and it was pouring with rain what else but Raindrops keep falling on my head was on!!  What a great start to the day to hear some music.

I am loving the song by NONONO.  It is the song used in a couple of ads that have been on tv lately.  I had to throw in Ugly Kid Joe as I have heard it more than a few times lately love it!!

Linking up a quick musical ibot today with Essentially Jess.  If you saw last weeks post about my computer kicking the bucket I am happy to say I got a new one and it is marvellous!!  I am trying to find a spare few minutes to play around with it!!

Happy Tuesday Ibotters!!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Catching up

Today I thought I would catch up on a few little things.

Firstly if you caught my Mexican cob loaf recipe a couple of weeks ago and were wondering how it had turned out well it was delicious and has now become my new take a plate!!  I do have to admit that I did not actually make it, the HOTH did (under strict instructions from the boss)!!  I actually meant to take a few photos but ended up forgetting.  Not entirely my fault I blame the wine!!  A total comedy of errors from the start, lets just say it was just a Mexican loaf as the bread shop had sold out of cobs!!

Next up school.  We are into week 4 here although technically this is the start of the 3rd full week.  So far my big grown up kindy kid is going great.  We are all getting used to the new normal!!

I am on a mission trialling lunchbox/snack foods as lord knows it is painful making a healthy lunchbox 5 days a week.  I already have a few recipes up my sleeve but will gladly add some more.

I saw One Mother Hen's WeetBix Slice and gave it a go yesterday.  Ding ding ding we have a winner, 24 hours on and there is 3 pieces left.  This recipe is going in my file for sure.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

THINGS I KNOW-The EPIC winter olympics edition

I have become quite the armchair expert on the winter Olympics this last week.  I am loving it and may have just found the perfect sport for me- Curling.

It is one of the sports that is so cliched and classed as boring however I have been loving watching it.  I would be a perfect choice as the "skip".  Basically the skip is the one who yells at the stone after it is released.  I could do this standing on my head, I practise many hours a day, the guy on the video sounds like me getting the kids to eat dinner!!

In other news. we have survived the second full week of school- lets summarise that by saying there is a bottle of icy cold moscato with my name on it waiting to be cracked open at approximately 3;10pm.  More on school next week!!

This is a short one today, I had to use my valuable computer time sorting out stuff which wasn't fun.  It has however been a pleasure quickly banging out a post on the new girl!!  Not really very epic at all!!

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Want to join my curling team??!!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thankful Thursday- Guess who's back

I may have done a little mini dance and high fived the kids in the supermarket this morning when my computer lady rang to say my brand spanking new laptop had arrived!!  She is so pretty and shiny and working like a computer should!!

So today I am thankful for

  • my new computer
  • good service
  • music
  • happy, healthy kids
  • the HOTH for knowing how important my little piece of the online world is to me.
Linking up a very quick #thankfulthursday with Rhianna from A Parenting Life.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

bad news good news

Well hi there, long time no see!!

Hope all is well in your part of the World.

Life is in high gear here. So much going on. Mainly good stuff. The 2 big kids are loving big school and preschool and we all survived the first full week of school!!

The bad news is that the crappy lappy finally after hanging in there for about 4 years has officially been given the boot. Lord help the morons who created the virus that infected it because I am freaking livid.

The good news is that it means we are getting a brand spanking new computer in the near future, not quite sure when. Probably not this week.  Hopefully next week.

This means I am having a little blogging break. Trying to do things on the tablet is driving me loopy. I can't even add song of the week which is this one.

I will be back as soon as I possibly can in the mean time you will find me hanging out on instagram and Facebook.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wordless Wednesday / thankful Thursday-#100happydayschallenge weeks 1 and 2

I got this idea when Rae from I opened my mouth and it ran away without me started putting pics on instagram with the hash tag #100happydayschallenge.  Easy I thought and decided to join in.  It has turned into a bit of a challenge and sounds simple but has been quite hard to pick something everyday that has made me happy.  I have to confess I have missed 2 days! 

Linking up with trish from  my little drummer boys for Wordless Wednesday and getting in early for thankful Thursday with rhianna from a parenting life

Apologies for the lack of proper grammar eg not using capital letters, my computer is sick and I am trying to do this on the kids tablet and have just about had it! Also apologies if I don't get around to reading many posts trying to do it on the tablet drives me nuts!