Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Facebook is my library.and I love bloggers!!

I love reading, always have and always will.  Lately if I am picking up an actual book it means I have insomnia as for me it is a guaranteed way to put me to sleep!!  Before kids I would buy at least 2 books a month and when I was pregnant, crazy and I thought we were moving I packed up all my/our books.  I gave away 2 boxes that I did not want anymore and I think there is 3 big and 2 medium boxes filled with books in our shed waiting to be unpacked and re read again.  This does not include our ever growing children's book collection.  God bless my local salvos shop!!  Even thought they are 3 and 1 my boys love their books and I really hope they will read because they want too and not because they have to.  There is nothing better than being lost in a good book but at the moment I cannot get truely lost as I always have one ear open waiting for the inevitable "muuuuuuum" or "waaaaaaaaaaaah"!!  The only must read I have at the moment is my trusty toddler book!! 

Sadly in the last 3 years I can count on one hand the number of books I have read.  Which is where facebook or more importantly blogs come into my story.

Nearly a year ago I found blogs and I have been hooked.  I have so many I read and enjoy.  These are  funny, touching, inspirational, crafty, thought provoking, and I love being invited into bloggers lives. I know that there are blog readers but I prefer facebook as I can access it on my phone.  Just like I have my favourite authors I have my favourite bloggers who I must read everything they publish and  I love going through my facebook feed seeing all the titles and clicking if something catches my eye!!   I think I have about 50 I "like" and am constantly finding new ones. It really is like a library, bookshop or one big magazine!! 

Yesterday it occurred to me I prefer reading a blog to a magazine, newspaper or watching any of those "news shows" eg 60 minutes. That article in the sunday paper absolutely sealed it for me.  I cannot stand that ratings grabbing sensationalism that passes as information/entertainment.  I much prefer to hear people tell their own stories without having their words twisted or being asked stupid questions guaranteed to cause pain or embarrassment.  I  love reading 3 of the 4 blogs "featured" and the other one I had not heard of but is now another one for me to read!! I hope the bloggers in question demand a retraction be printed but most of all I hope they know how fabulous I think they are. 
Now my confession to all you bloggers is that  I am a shocking commenter, as in  I hardly ever comment.  In fact I have never commented on at least 5 of my favourites !!  I will try and resolve this by actually commenting sometime soon!!  In my defence I read a lot of blogs on my phone and it can be hard to comment as my phone does not always cooperate!!  This is where the "like" button is one of the best inventions ever!!

I started this blog as a way of participating in a challenge and I have been completing the challenge just doing it in my head!!  I have a fair bit going on at the moment and life is a little uncertain as we wait for the next stage of house building to begin and I have well and truely buried my head in the sand waiting for this next stage to begin and your blogs have been a great distraction!!  I hope to be able to blog a little more when life settles.  I have plans to write about the house building process and what no one tells you as the further into it I get the more false and misleading information I came across. A lot like child birth and parenting!!
Thank you to all the bloggers I read for being so funny,crafty, inspirational but most of all being REAL!!

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