Monday, 30 September 2013

Something to annoy you and something to make you smile

A real quick Open Slather from me today.

Watch the first video if you want to be annoyed.  It has been doing the rounds for a couple of weeks now and drives me batty every time I hear it.

The second video is so cool.  The guy who does it was on Australia's Got Talent last night but I saw this years ago on Spicks and Specks (which should be back on tv).  It really is awesome!!

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Friday, 27 September 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- Long Day

The Bad FFS Stuff

Tuesday was "one of those days".

Snotty kids, including baby Speedy who also had a nasty cough.

I swear if I wipe one more nose I will lose my shit.

Being a Tuesday our doctors runs a kids clinic where you can ring up and make an appointment rather than sit around waiting.  Turns out the clinic wasn't running as the doctor who does it is on holidays.

After the big kids finally got ready we set off and walked to the doctors.  On the way I thought I would stop off and get some photos printed so I could write some thank you notes.  I hit the wrong thing and the photos printed out the wrong way cutting off half the picture.

We got to the doctors and by some miracle there was only one person waiting in front of us.  Although the 15 minute wait seemed like a million years.

The baby who had been coughing all morning miraculously stopped when he was in with the doctor.  After being checked out he was declared fine which was a relief.

We got home and I gave Speedy some panadol and tried to get him to go to sleep.  While also trying to make the older 2 go to bed as well.

At around 330 Speedy finally fell asleep only to be woken up about 15 minutes later by his brothers who had turned into ferals.  Not only had they trashed their bedroom they had climbed up to the top of our shelves and pulled down tubs of lego I had stashed there.  It looked like a lego bomb had exploded in there.

At about 430 I went to find the panadol to make sure I had it on hand for later.  I still 3 days later have no idea where it has disappeared too.

This was around the time the HOTH rang to say he was going to be late home.

Back down the road we walked to go to the chemist to buy some replacement panadol.  I did not want to be caught out if I couldn't find the bottle I had later and I thought the walk might make Speedy go to sleep.  By this stage he had barely slept in 12 hours.

We finally make it at toddler speed to the chemist, I grab the panadol and a face wash for me, get to the checkout and I did not have my wallet.

We walk back home at less than toddler speed, get in the car and drive back to the chemist.  Which meant waking the finally sleeping baby.

By this stage I was over everything and decided dinner would be a bbq chicken.  The chicken shop is right near the chemist.  The chicken shop had sold out of chickens.

We got home, I made the kids scrambled eggs, quickly knocked up something for me and the HOTH.  Threw the older kids in the bath.  All while juggling a screaming baby.

I think it was around 8pm that we finally sat down for dinner.  Which would be the time Speedy gave in and finally went to sleep.

Just as we were about to go to bed after sitting enjoying the sound of silence for a while the 4 year old woke up crying saying he had a tummy ache.  He was told to go back to sleep as he has a habit of inventing illness to sit up past bedtime.  Right as I was drifting off to sleep I hear coughing followed by crying.  I go in and see what was going on, the poor little thing had spewed all through his bed.

Put him in the shower, took everything off his bed, put him back to bed then sat up for a while making sure he was ok.  The End

Tuesday was not all bad though.  When we got home from the doctor and checked the mail there was a postcard from the lovely Me.  It really made me smile especially when I found it later that night.  Then One Mother Hen instagrammed a picture of her dinner which was the recipe I posted on Monday.  That also put a smile on my face.

I know Tuesday sucked but the rest of the week has been better.

I know I know some lovely people whether in real life or via the world wide web.  I know I appreciate the kindness.

I know I cannot comment on blogger blogs from my phone which is an issue as I read most blogs on my phone.

I know I just stocked up on some cider which will be tried over the weekend!!

I know I need the cider after taking 3 children to a shopping centre.  We walked out with nothing I had written on my list.  Apologies to the cat who has minimal food left.  At least we have dinner.

I know if I don't finish this soon it will be next week.  I am linking up with A Parenting Life for Things I know and Dear Baby G for the weekly whinge aka FFS Friday

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Sunday Afternoon

The best out of 7 attempts to get a photo with the boys!!

A clever 4 year old took this.

A Sunday drive in,amazing spring weather finished off with ice cream.  Loving it.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bargains and Roar

Bargains I scored from the Salvos shop, we already had the cat!! I have way too much time on my hands and am now making pictures on my phone!!

I love me a good bargain and on Saturday I scored 3 times.  I set off with Speedy in the pram to the shops with a 4th birthday present, a new baby girl present and the groceries to buy.  We are lucky in our town to have a kids clothes shop, a Reject Shop, a gorgeous homewares shop, a shoe shop, ladies clothes shop, surf shop, chemist and a Salvos shop.  As well as a supermarket and a newsagents so I have a little bit of choice when it comes to present buying.

For the baby girl it took me forever to choose something.  I came home and said to the HOTH that it is financially a good thing we do not have a girl as the amount of cuteness available is ridiculous.  I ended up getting a cute little shirt and pants set. While I was in the clothes shop I got the only pair of size 4 boys shorts in stock as I realised over the last week or so that the 4 year old has 2 pairs of shorts that fit him.  When I went to pay it turns out there was a 25% off sale.  Bargain 1.

Next up the 4th birthday present.  I have a money limit when it comes to buying presents.  It is amazing the things you can buy for a small amount of money.  This present was a challenge as I know the boy in question has a lot of toys already and I didn't want to add to it, so I went to the chemist and ended up choosing a pirate watch.  Same story, took it to pay and it ended up being 50% off.  Bargain 2.  Such a shame they only had one or I would have got another one to stash away for Christmas.

Next up, I wasn't going to but as I just had the baby who was sleeping in the pram I ended up in the Salvos shop.  I love going in there and browsing.  I have bought so many things for the kids from there but lately there has not been a lot of stuff unless you have a little girl.  Hello newly stocked shelves.  I walked out of there with 14 items including Billabong shorts, Esprit boardies, Pumpkin Patch pants, shorts, baby body suit and a tshirt, a warm jacket, funky tshirt, trackies and a few more pairs of shorts.  All for the insane price of $40.  Bargain 3!!!  I did some checking and the Billabong shorts alone are worth $40 brand new and the ones I got look like they have never been worn.  Something for all 3 boys included in there.

If you don't op shop shop then I highly recommend you start.  Especially if you have a girl!!  I love buying books and toys from there.   I have brought myself things from there too, last thing I got was a brand new knitted top although I only wore it twice thanks to the mild winter we had!!  I also get books for myself I am currently reading (sort of as it is kind of hard to read a book one handed) one I got there not long ago.

I am loving this new song from Katy Perry and I have officially made it song of the week!!

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Do you love a good bargain??  What is the best bargain you have scored??

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Asparagus Dish

Asparagus, I love it!!  Fresh or canned.  With the fresh stuff being so cheap at the moment we have had it a couple of times in the last few weeks.  With the fresh asparagus I wrap it in foil with some butter and garlic then put it on the bbq for about 5 minutes.  Last week as I had the oven on to cook a meatloaf I wrapped it in foil with butter and put it in the oven.  I have also made it the Jamie Oliver way by wrapping each piece in prosciutto and then roasting it in the oven.

Last week One Mother Hen shared her recipe for Asparagus soup using canned asparagus which made me think of one of my favourite recipes using canned asparagus.  It is made by one of my very good friends and I love it!!  I love going to her place for a bbq as she always whips it up!!  I have made it a few times and it is so easy and delicious.  It is easy to adjust the recipe depending on how many you are serving.  I make it to serve 2.

Put one can of asparagus (drained) and 2 halved hard boiled eggs in a baking dish, make a basic white sauce, pour over asparagus and eggs, top with breadcrumbs and grated cheese and bake or grill until cheese is melted and breadcrumbs are crispy.

I love this recipe as you can make it your own. I add cheese to my white sauce as I love cheese and I have also put garlic in the sauce.  You could use cheddar and parmesan cheese.  I was going to be lazy and try just cream over the top rather than make a sauce, not sure how that one will work but it could be another option!!

I think I have the recipe right!!  I did double check with my friend!! Also it does not have a name it is just referred to as The Asparagus Dish!!

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Friday, 20 September 2013

FFS Friday/Things I Don't and Do Know- Cats and Kids

It is that time of the week again and the good news is I have found my misplaced ranty pants and I am good to go with a good old fashioned whinge after a few weeks of not finding much to whine about.


We got a kitten called Shiraz.  Ok I do, she is such a little sweetheart and very cute, the kids love her and apart from scratching the lounge she is pretty perfect.  However she came with the name Shiraz.  Nothing wrong with that it is very cool except for when the kids ask me in the supermarket in a crowded check out line how you spell Shiraz. Or when we get home and the dogs have pushed open the back door and I run around calling "Shiraz where are you" or "I need to find Shiraz"  Luckily she has always been inside she is obviously just trying to make me look bad.

Speedy will not sleep in his cot.  Actually he will not even lay in his cot full stop.  He is currently using the lounge room as his bedroom. " Whatever works" has and always will be my motto.

Christmas stuff needs to be in the shops already.  Actually there has been stuff around for a good 3 months already but now it is getting serious.  It is annoying the hell out of me.  As per usual the topic of Christmas day is already a hot topic within both sides of our families.  Enough said there.

People cannot drive or park their cars properly.  I have said it before and I will say it again- stay out of the fast lane unless you are going fast, and when parking on the street do not take up 2 spots when there is clearly room for 2 cars.

I am so excited for the football tonight when Cronulla has zero chance of winning against Manly.  Things will be tense at our place tonight and when the kids start spitting out swear words there will be no question as to where they got them from.  #upupcronulla


Finally after months of chaos both boys will be at swimming lessons at the same time on the same day.

At approximately 315am I finally completed level 213 of Candy Crush.  I have been stuck on this level for about 6 weeks.  Which is awesome although considering the amount of time I have been sitting on my ass playing you would think I would have nailed the whole game weeks ago.

I hate taking the kids for needles.  Although it was nice to see just how much Speedy has grown (2kg and 5cm) and he had no side effects so all good until the 4 month needles.

I have jumped on the cider bandwagon.  I have only had one thanks to Speedy inheriting his brother's psychic ability to wake up as soon as the top is popped off the bottle of anything alcoholic. I did enjoy the one I had and cannot wait to enjoy some more!!

That is it for me,  Linking up with the delightful A Parenting Life for Things I know and Dear Baby G for a long awaited FFS Friday!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Musical Wordless Wednesday

Something a little different for Wordless Wednesday today!!  3 songs which just happen to be some of my favourites all with a photographic theme!!

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bows and Buffaloes

Today I thought I would share a little something that could possibly get me into a little bit of trouble on the home front!!  See that gorgeous dress, it may or may not be on its way to my place!!  To the HOTH I apologise!!  Although if you are too tight to spring for a $12 million diamond like KK got off Kayne as a push present then what do you expect!!

Nothing made me happier than finding out one of my friends had taken the plunge and done something completely awesome and opened her own business.  Quite frankly this chick was born to do this.  I have known Renee for a bloody long time and she is always dressed to the nines in something cool.  Slightly different to me in my mummiform of trackies in winter and cargo shorts and tops in summer!!

I admit a lot of what she has on offer is not stuff I can pull off as I am not young or slim anymore but she is doing what a lot of businesses do not do and that is listen to her customers.  As a result she is getting in a lot of "plus sizes" and things to suit a wide range of people.  If you are after something in particular just ask her and she will see what she can do!!  I am loving having a personal shopper, I have put in a request for some loose tops and maxi skirts.

I have found my wardrobe to be limited thanks to breast feeding and having a delightful "mummy tummy".  In fact I am in the middle of sorting out my wardrobe which I have not done for ages and getting rid of heaps of stuff.  I have quite a few maxi dresses as I love them but with the "festive" season just around the corner it does not hurt to have more.  Yes I am totally trying to justify my recent and future purchases!!  While I won't be out of the mummiform anytime soon I love having a few nice options.  Now I just need some cute summer shoes and I am all set!!  Although not an easy task with fat, wide feet!!

If you like cute, trendy clothes please pop over and visit Bows and Buffaloes on facebook and have a peek at what else there is!!

In no way was I asked to do this post.  I just wanted to show you all something that made me smile and also a little inspired.  I know a couple of other entrepreneurs who I will also tell you about in the coming weeks. Just because I want to!!  I love a good news story and do not have a problem sharing things like this on my blog.

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Monday, 16 September 2013

More Monday Music!!

A very quick Monday post from me as for the first time in weeks I have 3 sleeping children and a spare 2 minutes to do a little blogging!!

Life is still crazy busy and I am enjoying the challenge although I am hanging out for a spare 5 minutes to do something other than change nappies etc!!

Linking up these songs that got us home from swimming this morning ( I love it when the radio plays some cool songs in a row) with One Mother Hen for Open Slather.  The first 3 are some of my faves and I don't mind the Miley one (don't hate me its just the teeny bopper coming out in me!!).

Monday, 9 September 2013

Music week- party classics

I am kicking off my week of music with some party classics courtesy of the party going on over the back from us on Saturday night.  This is a sample of the playlist that was cranking well into the night.

There is one song on the list that is guaranteed to get me up on the dance floor!!  How about you, any song that makes you the life of the party??!!

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thankful Thursday- a quick one

Just a quickie from me tonight.

I am so thankful I can blog normally again thanks very much to Teapots and Tractors who gave me the red hot tip of using google chrome instead of internet explorer.  I even have spell check back!!

I am thankful for good friends.  They rock.

I am thankful for how crazy busy life in general is at the moment because it makes me extremely thankful for the quiet times like now when I can sit and blog and catch up on blog reading.

I am thankful for the amazing weather we have been having lately.  Although we could do with some rain, not a lot just a little.  Hello Mother Nature if you are out there.

I am thankful we had such a nice day last Saturday for fathers day.  (Yes Saturday as the HOTH had to leave for a work trip on Sunday)

I love social media and how it is making communicating with family and friends so easy and instant.

Thats it for my thankful list which I am linking up with Francesca Writes Here for Thankful Thursday.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Hearing test

Number 2, 1 day old 2011

Speedy, 8 hours old 2013

Number 1, 11 days old from memory!!  Stupid camera did not record the date  2009

Teapots and Tractors thank you so much for getting my blog to work again!!

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Another post about nothing!!

Last night I had a very smart thought, maybe all the problems I am having with my blog are related to me adding the blogger app on my phone? So while I try to find a way to safely uninstall it without deleting all of my exceptinally clever work please enjoy this selection of music.

Yes I have been watching too much tv and am a sucker for the dog/cat food ad with Paolo and also I love the song on the baby wash ad!! Who can resist a bit of Jessie's Girl especially when Dave Grohl and the majority of the Foo Fighters are collaberating!!

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

My month/week according to instagram- August-

Linking up with Janet from for My Week According To Instagram

Fathers day craft made at playgroup

Clearly this month has been all about a new baby, new cat and some kids art work!!

I have been having a lot of fun with instagram and have been loving Random Acts of Zen's #randomzenten each month!! 

I am looking forward to more instagramming this month!!

Happy first day of spring too!!