Monday, 30 March 2015

Confessing about procrastination Song of the day #24

The prompt this week over at My Home Truths is something you have been putting off.

Well my response is I am putting off everything!!  I am living with my head in the sand and I am doing exactly what my phrase from the start of the year states and that is  JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!'

Life has been so full on lately.  If it isn't one thing it is another.  Bring on Thursday when school holidays start and we get a little break from the norm.

I am really looking forward to the four day break that Easter brings.  I have grand plans of catching up on some blog reading and also picking up a book and getting lost in a story for a while.

I also have not been sleeping well.  I cannot tell you the last time I slept all night.  I either cannot get to sleep or I fall asleep and wake up 20 minutes later then can't get back to sleep or like last night wake up at 215am and am still awake now.  Ugggh!!  Because I am up late most nights I have been sleeping in meaning I am missing my early morning hour of computer time.  Uggh Uggh!!

Anyhoo it is what it is and I am just keeping on swimming!!

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Any sleeping hints and tips are more than welcome!!  I am out of ideas!!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Things I Know #53 Song of the day #21- Kiss

After a bit of a heart starter including a non activated credit card which had been activated and wasn't working, tickets were booked to see KISS in October.  Woohoo!!

I don't think I am the worlds biggest KISS fan but it should be an awesome show!!  We have pretty good seats too thanks to my ticket buying awesomeness!!

Other than that it hasn't been too bad a week.

Two birthdays in two days here, I now have a six year old in the house which blows me away.  I was spoilt with some lovely pressies, then went to my workout with friends which included a punishing half hour of boxing then wine and cupcakes!!  Due to this smasher of a workout I am unable to move my legs, yes legs not arms, so the last couple of days has been very very interesting!!

Thankfully that is it for birthdays in this house for a few months!!

Soccer is starting again this week.  I have no doubt if I see one of these  
I will lose it and laugh uncontrollably.  Hopefully for the next few weeks the weather should be quite pleasant and actually enjoyable watching on the sidelines.

Speaking of weather we are well and truly into autumn now.  Such lovely warm days and then much cooler nights, just the way I like it!!

Have a good one guys!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wordless Wednesday- Happy birthday to me, Song of the day #18

This is one of my fave pics!!

I am wishing myself a Happy Birthday today.  If you are as old as you feel that would make me about 102!!

The reason my birthday is so exciting in this house is because it is the day before year 1 kid's!!

6 years ago little did I realise that my 30th birthday would be my last day of freedom before this very cute cherub arrived in a hurry 5 weeks early!!  

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Things I Know #52 Song of the day #13- Karma

It has been a long week here, again!!

Next week will be better I am sure of it!!

In light of some very funny text messages between a few people I have decided to be like the frog and sit back and watch karma do it's thing!!

I am glad I found the clip of Instant Karma, it is worth watching just for Yoko and her eccentricities!!

At the end of 52 weeks of hosting this fab linky I am thanking you all for your continued support!!
I promise to be over to visit you all this weekend sometime!!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Song of the day #12

Taking requests for #songoftheday, this one goes out to One Mother Hen!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wordless Wednesday- 52 weeks of memories- weeks 5-11 Song of the day #11

#feet #outside #onthefloor A quiet Friday night turned into animal rescue when this little cutie flew into the window!!  After about half an hour he flew off again.  Never a dull moment!!

#outside #fun
Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories 2015 photography challenge prompts.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Things that are making me go hmmm, Song of the day #10

The Lounge girls are talking about things that make you go hmmmm this Thursday and I am joining in with a very brief point form of all the things this week that have given me the irrits.

  • No time for blogging.
  • No time for anything remotely fun.
  • Teething toddlers.
  • Teething toddles who are well into the "terrible twos" when they are not even two.
  • Experts who do not acknowledge the terrible twos.
  • Older children who antagonise the child who is "terrible"
  • Older children who do not listen or do what they are told.
  • Older children who do not go to bed until late every night then complain they are tired the next day then repeat this behaviour for weeks on end.
  • Older children who cost me money last week at the auto electrician as someone shoved 5 cent coins into the cigarette lighter which shorted something out and meant my lights and clock and mirrors were not working.
  • Socks which do not match.
  • Big name shops (tarjay, big dud and best and very less) who are refusing to stock kids cossies and have a limited range of school clothes.  
  • Big name shops who forced me to trek around a shopping centre on Sunday trying to track down the elusive items.  Had the stupid shops had what I was after I probably would have spent more money with them as I would have been relaxed and non stressed instead I walked out with virtually nothing.
  • Harmony Day- how about we all just live and let live, be polite and courteous and not pretend that every single person is our friend??   I could really go on about this one but I won't!!
  • Losing one of my thongs (flip flops) down a drain yesterday.
I think that is enough for one post!!  I now feel slightly relieved after brain dumping!!

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Monday, 16 March 2015

One Perfect Moment- all grown up, Song of the day #9

My perfect moment from a couple of weeks ago was simply this. My three big boys. No longer babies.

Life is easier for the first time in nearly six years. The day the photo was taken it was hot and we all wanted to go to the beach so we did. We chucked our cossies on, threw some towels in a bag and headed off. just like that (except for a spare nappy for the littlest!!).

The baby stage is long gone and while I miss it a little I am also very happy about it!! Although the toddler stage is absolutely ruining me!!

I have been shopping a couple of times and bypassed the baby sections without even thinking about it as I have no need to look at teeny tiny little clothes anymore.

There will be no more babies in this house and when I look at the photo I am ok about it.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Things I Know #51- Song of the day #6

Same old same old around here again this week!!

We have survived another week.

The countdown is on for school holidays!!  We have all hit a wall and could do with a few days of nothing!!

I am looking forward to Sunday, I am off to the movies to see Home with the 4 year old.  It will be nice to just be the two of us.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wordless Wednesday- Meet Bobbi

This is Bobbi.  We adopted this gorgeous girl a couple of weeks ago from The Animal Welfare League.  She is lovely, full of personality, great with the kids. loves to be patted and has made herself very much at home!!  Hopefully I can get some better photos of her soon, she really is gorgeous!!  

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Song of the day #4

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Star Trek, cats and goats- a few funnies!!

There are a few more funny memes here!!

I love this funny that House of many Minions shared on facebook!!  I have said at least 10, some on a daily basis!


The prompt from The Lounge this week is "favourite memes", so here are some of mine!!

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