Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Day out with Thomas 2011

I was going through my computer looking for something and came across these photos from last years Day out with Thomas.  The baby was 7 months and the big one was not quite 2 1/2.  Thanks for all the jumper comments on last weeks photos the boys are lucky to have a talented great grandma and Nana!!
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Monday, 29 October 2012

The best ever Chocolate Truffles.

I hate to admit it but I have been making these little balls of goodness for about 20 years!!  They are tasty and easy.  A winning combination!!  I have seen plenty of truffle recipes over the years and this is absolutely without a doubt the best one!!  This is a must make for me every Christmas!!

Chocolate Truffles

90 grams butter (unsalted)
1/2 cup thickened cream
300 grams Dark chocolate
2 tablespoons of brandy

Heat butter and cream on a low heat.  In a double boiler (bowl over a saucepan of water, make sure the bowl does not touch the water)
Add the chocolate
Stir until the chocolate is melted
Cool then add the brandy.
Roll into balls then roll into coconut.
Try and stop at one or two!!

I never use brandy I use Cointreau but I dare say any flavoured liqueur would be just as nice!!  Don't like alcohol then don't add any.  They are just as delicious without!! 
When I have rolled them I put them into tiny cupcake cases!!  Also I always make a double batch!!  This can be a very messy process but the end result is divine.  I might have to make some just to take some photos to put up with the recipe!!

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Update!!  I made these this afternoon and used orange essence instead of the cointreau to make them alcohol free.  Yum!!  They are nice just plain with coconut too, trust me I sampled in the name of research!!  Also the pictures make them look bigger than they actually are!!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bloggers Boogey- Matchbox Twenty!!

In honor of the fact Matchbox Twenty are in Australia and I cannot go as there  are times in life where you have to decide between buying turf or concert tickets to my second favourite band in the world here are 5 of my favourite Matchbox Twenty songs.  I have seen them twice in concert back in the day or roughly 15 years ago!!  I had trouble picking 5 songs as I love them all equally!!  I also included their performance from Xfactor the other night.  I had to pretend that  I was there in the audience!!

Linking up with Little White Dove for Saturdays boogey session!!  By the way how cute is Rob Thomas, he still has it after all these years!!

Friday, 26 October 2012

I always knew I was beautiful!!

I had a pretty cool surprise on Saturday when the very funny Mrs D awarded me this wonderful award.  I now have to give you 7 facts about myself then pass it on to 15 other bloggers.

My seven facts are
  1. I am a bargain shopper.  I can sniff one out a mile off
  2. I love coffee, chocolate, wine (moscato or champange), bourban, malibu and red cordial.  But not at the same time!!
  3. I love candles and photo frames. 
  4. I absolutely love being a stay at home mum. 
  5. I cannot stand hot humid weather.
  6. I love my dishwasher and pvr
  7. Lastly I am the funniest most awesome person in the world!! 
Ok I ran out of interesting facts so I made the last one up!!

My 15 recipients in no particular order are (drum roll please)!!
  1. Make Me Up Mandy
  2. Musings of the Misguided
  3. Living The Simple Dream
  4. Little White Dove
  5. One Mother Hen
  6. Mums Take Five
  7. Beautifully Glossy
  8. K&co
  9. Salz Duumy Spit
  10. Jacana
  11. Uber Simplicity
  12. Insane Jane
  13. Mommy Chuck
  14. Bossy Mummy
  15. mummy hearts money
I have chosen these bloggers as I love reading their blogs.  Some are funny, some are packed with information, some are nice to look at, some are crafty and make me wish I was.  I always like it when a new post of theirs pops up.  It was so hard choosing 15!!

So thanks guys for sharing what you do and making me smile!!  Please do not feel pressured to play along!!

FFS Friday- Thank God for tiles.

I have spent all week cleaning up after myself.  FFS

I have never dropped, spilt or knocked over so much stuff in all my life.  FFS

The computer had 2 cups of coffee this week.  FFS

Apparently it works better after a caffeine hit.  FFS

The washing machine has also been working like a champ all week.  FFS

It is lulling me into a false sense of security until just before Christmas where it will shit itself.  FFS

Every year at Christmas an appliance of ours decides to crap itself.  FFS

One year the toaster, lawn mower and dryer all the week before the happy season.  FFS

Last year the microwave right after Christmas.  FFS

Another head injury this week.  FFS

A bang followed by crying followed by a baby running out with a banged up head.  FFS

Parental parody you were so right about the head only bleeding when out in public.  FFS  ps love your new look!!

Only the tiniest bit of blood then a black eye all week.  FFS

In other news I cannot string 2 words together this week so I am off now while I am on a roll.  FFS

Oh and stupid Christmas suggestion from this week- lets have Christmas at our place.  FFS
We all got a hair cut!!

Boof's new hair cut complete with black eye.
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Dear Baby G

Thursday, 25 October 2012

How to choose a Tradie.

I am lucky I have not had much to do with Tradies over the years of home ownership.  Basically we let our old house fall down around us knowing that we would eventually be knocking it down.  But more importantly the HOTH is a qualified sparky and will try his hand at anything if he thinks he can do it and my dad is a plumber. 

However we have been using people left right and centre the last few weeks and here is how I came to use them.

WORD OF MOUTH.  The amount of people you speak too even if they are not friends as such is huge.  And most people are happy to recommend or warn against.  My list of people I speak to has grown massively since having kids!!  Even our doctor weighed in on something one day!!  Plus I love to eavesdrop!!  Amazing what you can learn while being nosey!!

We have a great local paper that comes out once a month packed with a directory of local businesses and I can pretty much guarantee I know someone who has used them and can give me their opinion.  Also the same names are there month after month and the same vans/utes/cars.trucks are always around.

So here is my list from the last 6 months
  • tree lopper- local paper
  • plumber- local paper but is actually a family friend
  • tv antenna- local paper but we have used him about 6 years ago plus I have heard good things before and after using him.
  • vertical blinds- local paper and word of mouth.
  • patio cover- word of mouth plus we had seen his work.
  • concreter- local paper plus word of mouth
Some helpful hints with finding a good tradie
  • First contact- do they answer the phone professionally?  I f you have to leave a message do they call you back in a few hours?
  • Do not be afraid to get a few different quotes especially if it is a big job. 
  • Do you like them.  Sounds silly but if they turn up and you don't get a good gut feeling I would go with your gut.
  • Do they turn up looking and acting professionally?
  • Do they offer advice or their own insight?  This can be helpful as it can force you to look outside the box.
  • Do they know their stuff?  Things like needing council permission etc can be costly and time consuming if it is not right.
  • Do they have examples of their work?
  • Do they try to up sell something you don't need?  Eg when we got our new Aeriel the guy tried to get me to install a splitter as we have 3 tv points however we only have 1 tv and will only have 1 for a long time so I do not need a splitter just yet.  I see his point but unless we win lotto 1 tv will do just fine!!
  • Ask as many questions as you like. 
  • We always ask time frames, when can they start, how long will it take?
Another really useful tool is the website Product Review Australia.  I will do a separate post about this but basically type in whatever and see what people think.  Not everyone on there is a whinger but most people go on there to complain.  I don't think a lot of smaller businesses are listed but it cannot hurt to look.

I think that just about wraps it up.  If I have forgotten anything or you can think of something please let me know.  Thanks Mums take Five for the question!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012

Tuna cakes or another mashed potato recipe!!

500 grams chat potatoes
185g can of tuna, drained
2 tablespoons salted capers, rinsed and drained, roughly chopped.  (I cannot stand capers so I never add them)
1/4 cup chopped flat leaf parsley
2 cups fresh breadcrumbs (or box breadcrumbs)
1 egg
salt and pepper
plain flour for dusting
2 extra eggs, lightly beaten

Boil and roughly mash potatoes
Place the potatoes, tuna, capers, parsley, 1'2 cup breadcrumbs, egg, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix to combine.
Shape mixture into patties.  Whatever size you like!!
Dust with flour, dip in egg and crumb
shallow fry 2-3 mins each side

I have no idea where I found this recipe, it has been in my book for ages!!  It has a mustard dipping sauce which is
1 cup sour cream, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of wholegrain mustard combined in a bowl!!
Also I do not eat fish so I leave some separate and use some corn and spring onions in mine!!  We also have popped these on the bbq and I have oven baked them with fairly good results.  Its another one of those whack anything in type of recipes!!

I have added these on to my meal plan for the week which is not organised!! 

Also elf on a shelf  arrived all the way from the North Pole and is safely stashed away until I can open it without little eyes everywhere!!

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Have a great week!!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy birthday 1978!!

Two friends of mine  have birthdays in october so here is a little snapshot from 1978!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

FFS Friday- when in doubt kick it

Its been all about the washing machine this week.  Or how the washing machine crapped itself then I fixed it then it broke again then I said eff it and kept using it anyway.  FFS

I pulled it apart and kicked it and it worked for 2 loads then beeped at me.  FFS

Like hell will I be handwashing like in the olden days.  FFS

Especially not 10 days worth of stinky work clothes.  FFS

Does it really matter if the clothes are not rinsed just washed and drained.  FFS

Turns out our neighbour is a washing machine repair man.  I will be knocking on his door if it happens again.  FFS

One extreme parenting fail this week when the big one was pushing the baby in the 3 1/2 year old seen better days pram and accidentally tipped it over resulting in blood.  So much blood.  FFS

There was so much blood I thought a trip to the hospital would be on the cards.  After cleaning him up it was a teeny scraped nose and lip.  FFS

This incident occurred at 330pm so was witnessed by about a gazillion people as its a busy time on our street.  FFS

No random strangers who pulled up I do not need your help.  FFS

Why does the head bleed so much?  Seriously is there a medical reason?

One last thing this week.  Worlds stupidest Christmas present suggestion-  A drum kit for 2 small children.  FFS

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Turkey at Christmas, yes or no?! Or lets make Christmas in July a public holiday!!

Personally I don't like turkey!!  I will eat it at Christmas and even then its just a small piece!!  I don't even like roast pork!!  I would be more than happy to eat just Christmas pudding and cake!!  However a Christmas ham is a must there is no argument there!!

My other major issue with all these foods is this.  ITS TOO HOT FOR THE OVEN!!!  I vote Christmas in July is made a public holiday rather than the June long weekend and that Christmas for real is bbq and salad only!!  With the exception of a potato bake!!

The trouble with this is the older generations is they are "traditional" and set in their ways.  Both sides of our families are like this and it drives me nut!! 

 Here are my arguments for Christmas in July-
  • July is cold so having the oven on is like having extra heating
  • July would be a better time for a public holiday as it spaces them out a little bit more
  • Having a bbq may involve the menfolk more.  Let them feel special and show off their master bbq skills.
  • Or make them get off their butts rather than sit there drinking while the women do the majority of the work!!
  • It could be nice to see people more than once a year.  Depending on the people!!

So there you have it lets make Christmas in July a public Australian holiday. 

To get back to the original question- apparently it is compulsory to have turkey at Christmas but I say why not chicken!!  Do people even like turkey or has it become such a tradition that people just buy one and serve it without even thinking about it?  Would the world end if there was no turkey served? 

Great topic Mums Take Five!! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Meet Chili

Meet Chili!!

Making the hole for Chili!!

Carefully (as much as a 3 year old can!!) putting Chili in the hole!!

Time to water!!

Ta Da!!  Chili is in the pot!!

Making a mud pie in the empty pot!!

15 minutes later Chili was surrounded by mud pies and wombat stew!!
 I had no plans of taking photos of this however when we were walking out to plant Chili I picked my camera up off the floor (thanks kids) and the big one said I should take a photo with him and Chili and it went on from there!!  5 days on and Chili appears to be thriving!!  The big one is very committed to Chili and has been checking him everyday, watering him and waiting to see some chilies growing!!  I cannot wait to cook my chili and garlic mushrooms with a home grown chili!!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The wisest man I know

May these words inspire, promote thought, turn a frown into a smile and possibly even find happiness 

I never grew up reading Dr. Seuss.  I am loving him as an adult and am loving how my boys have taken to him as well!!

I picked this book up from our local salvos shop for $1.  The video does not do the colours justice it really is a beautiful book with an awesome message.

I have already begun scoping out other books as I am really trying to encourage the big one to read stories and not just look at pictures.

So two questions- book recommendations for 3 year olds and was Dr Seuss on drugs!!!!

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Monday, 15 October 2012

My world famous mashed potato bake!!

On Saturday I put the call out for a readers choice blog topic.  Which I will be making a regular feature on a Thursday from now on!!  Anyway the topic was paperwork/budgeting.  I hate filing etc my idea of paperwork is shove it all in a folder.  Not the best system in the world!!  However budgeting is something I am fairly good at.  So I wrote this little pearler on budgeting for the party season.  I promised to put up my world famous potato bake recipe so here it is!!

Potatoes-  I use about 1 medium potato per person and a couple of extra!!  2kgs for 8 people?
A couple of cloves of garlic
1 bunch of spring onions-  if I am making a mega size I would use 2
Grated cheese- lots of it!!
shredded ham- about 300grams again depending on the size!!

Boil and mash potatoes.  I chuck the garlic in and boil with the potatoes.
I mash mine with grated cheese, butter and milk or cream/sour cream.  It can be a little sloppy as it is going in the oven!! 
Mix in spring onions and half the ham.
Put in a baking dish and sprinkle with more cheese and the rest of the ham.
Whack it in the oven until cheese is melted.

I have made this so many times I have lost count!!  It really is easy!!  I like how it can be varied for different amounts of servings, just use less potatoes!!  If I am making a big one or feeling lazy I buy a foil tray from the junk shop!!  Also a big or longer tray is good as everyone likes the topping!!

Also when it comes time to partay I refuse to spend the whole time in the kitchen!!  I am happy to have everything prepared so I do not spend the whole time in the kitchen and this potato bake can be made hours in advance and just have the cheese and ham added when it goes in the oven!!

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Any other budgeting tips or "take a plate" suggestions are most welcome!! Photobucket

Love this song!!  It reminds me of summer!!  Not sure on the film clip though definately one for the guys!! 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bloggers Boogey- 1970

Happy belated birthday

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Budgeting for Party season- Food and drink

I love this time of year, the weather is warm and I can come out of hibernation!!  One of my favourite things about this is its bbq season!!  This year I am even more excited to be able to have people over to my place!!  However this can be an expensive pastime so here are some tips to make entertaining and being social more cost effective!!

A few rules in our group of friends are these
  • BYO meat and booze.
  • Everyone brings a plate.  Consult with the host as to what to bring.  I usually do potato bake but I am bringing back desert this year!!  Yummy key lime pie!!
  • Host provides food for the kids. 
This works really well whether there is a lot of people or just a few!!

In general party season can be very draining financially so once a month I buy myself a gift card from my local supermarket.  $20-$50 depending on how much spare cash is around!!  Most years I have about $250 saved up in cards which I can then use either individually each time I know the groceries are going to be more than normal or I save it all for one big shop right before Christmas.  Just be aware that they expire in 12 months so keep them in order!!

Shops used to run Christmas Clubs shame they don't anymore.  I would join one if there was one in my area!!

Buy things on special now.  Just watch expiry dates!!  Adding a few things each week if they are on special can make life so much easier.  I have already started stocking up on soft drink and a couple of lazy bags of chips.  I buy my faves like corn chips and jars of salsa now although its hard to resist them in the cupboard!!  I have also started stocking up on booze as there were some great bargains a few weeks ago!!

If having a party, plan what you are having.  I will not be making my key lime pie if the limes are $2 each like they are at the moment so make sure what you are making is in season. 

Here is a rough menu I whipped up for my first "gathering"!!  There will be 8 adults and 10 kids for the purpose of this plan!!
  • I will be making potato bake, a cheese platter for the adults.  Also some haloumi cheese for a bbq entree!!  I will also have garlic bread or rolls.
  • kids will be having snag sandwiches and ice cream plus chips etc 
  • One couple will bring a green salad
  • One couple will bring pasta salad or rice salad etc
  • One couple will bring chips and dips plus a desert!!
Please let me know if you have any money saving ideas and what your "take a plate" is!!  I will put up my world famous potato bake recipe tomorrow!! 

Friday, 12 October 2012

FFS Friday- Whoa Hokey Pokey

Weird stuff has been going on around here.  FFS

The HOTH and I have managed t put up a bbq, outdoor setting and a massive ikea expedit with minimal name calling and swearing.  This is extremely odd and I am not sure our relationship can take this niceness.  FFS

Also a crime was committed in our house.  Someone left a bottle of wine with only one glass out of it on the kitchen bench and when it was discovered the next day it had a fly floating in it.  FFS

The oven man turned up on Wednesday.  Since when did 845 become the new between 930-12.  FFS

Turns out the ovens problem was me.  FFS

But seriously who puts a timer on an oven with an "auto off" feature so when the timer goes off the oven switches off and does not turn back on until the knob is turned back to off.  FFS

The oven man was rude.  FFS

Daylight savings can kiss my backside.  I used to have 2 children who would be in bed at 7.  So far this week the earliest night has been 745pm.  FFS

My only other complaint is the fact all week the only song being sung in this house has been "The Hokey freaking Pokey".  FFS

Out of spite I hope this song gets stuck in everyone elses head!!.. FFS
This toy is my idea of torture!!

There is great debate on youtube whether it is pokey or cokey!!  I stand by POKEY!!  FFS

Dear Baby G

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday- A sneak preview of "THE GREAT GABION WALL OF STUCKBURGH"!!

Fancy new letterbox and a finished part of wall!!

3 monkeys!!

My fave part with the croc!!
 This is the brainchild of the HOTH.  For months he has been planning and measuring!!  This is a little sneak peak as it is not finished yet.  He has done this all himself and is very clever but please do not tell him that as his head is so fat we should have built a house with wider doorways!! 

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Music Music Music

Firstly thanks to everyone who commented on last weeks post.  I only just found out I had stinking captcha on so thanks as  I know what a pain in the ass it is!!  I am sure blogger turned this on as I know I had it switched off!!

I was going to continue the theme of bad customer service but I had a massive change of heart after finding my mp3 player!!  I still have plenty of complaints like waiting for someone to come and fix my brand new oven etc and I still have that post in my drafts for later but today I am happy.

Happy as on the weekend while unpacking I found my mp3 player loaded up with all my fave songs.  Songs that make me so happy I dance around, songs that make me smile as they have a special memory and songs that need to be blasted as loud as possible.  Every possible genre is included I have a very varied list!!

I have always loved music.  For as long as I can remember music has always been a part of my life.  From getting my own tape player then my own walkman then getting a proper stereo system!!  I used to tape songs from the radio and make mixed tapes way before cds!!  Even back then I had a song of the week which I simply had to have!!  I have a whole box of cd singles and albums waiting to be gone through and played!!

So here is one of the songs I love that needs to be blasted as loud as possible

In other news out of sheer boredom and possible slight intoxication on saturday night I got myself on Twitter.  I have no idea what I am doing so its been a fun experience so far!!  If you are on twitter and would like to follow me I am @helpstuck and no I have no idea how to make a link to it!!

Stay tuned as tomorrow I will be giving a preview of the "Great Wall Of Stuckburgh"!! 
So tell me your favourite song that you like loud and that someone other than me used to make mixed tapes and/or record songs off the radio!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Its party time and I have jumped on a couple of bandwagons!!

It is a week long party here with the HOTH working away all week.  I 100% do not mind when he works away as it means easy dinners, on time bedtimes and I get to watch heaps of cool tv rather than mega bridge demolition or whatever the hell mega is on!!

Around the house I will be finally getting the toy room/music room/book room finished!!  But more exciting than that I have decided to make a little garden in a space we have which is a bit of a nothing space.   I really should be doing the inside but I for some reason really want to do this!!
Hmmmmmm the possibilities are endless!!
Also this week I have relented and given up on pretending that the "c" word is not 11 weeks away!!  Last year I saw people doing "Elf on a shelf" and I loved the idea but forgot about it until I saw on facebook a status from Two Point Five Kids asking about the elf and some kind person included in the comments a link to and I got one!!  Along with a Fireman Sam "c" book and a bookaboo book!!  Whoops bloody internet!!  Looks like a lot of fun and another way to make "c" magical for the kids and get myself into the "c" spirit without resorting to spirits!! looks like fun!!

There is a lot of weekly meal planning posts floating around today so here is mine
  • Monday- Kids have a premade spag and meatballs from Woolies.  I am having weight watchers beef cannelloni!!
  • Tuesday- Baked beans on toast for all!!
  • Wednesday- pasta bake and garlic bread.  IF MY BRAND NEW OVEN IS WORKING!!  NOT HAPPY WESTINGHOUSE!!
  • Thursday- Meatloaf and veg bake.  AGAIN IF THE FREAKING OVEN IS FIXED.
  • Friday-  Leftover meatloaf and veg bake.
  • Saturday and Sunday are unknown at the moment!!  I will see how much sanity I have and if the HOTH is back!!
Linking up with One Mother Hen for some open slather!!

Also I am still on the lookout for a crafty person who makes bed linen, quilt covers etc!!  PLEASE if you know anyone and can point me in the right direction I would be so grateful!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

FFS Friday- TGIF a musical edition.

Its been a long week.  FFS

Unpacking sux big time.  FFS

At least this week the kids have been contained to the backyard of dirt.  FFS

Kids, dirt and a dog bowl of water= mud.  Mud caked in hair, clothes and carpet.  FFS

The big one also needs to change his clothes every time a drop of water gets on them.  FFS

Lucky its been hot and we are back to nudey runs.  FFS

The kids that is not me.  I am about to embark on a week long detox.  FFS

Alcohol is cleansing right?  FFS

Maybe liposuction is the key.  FFS

We are still with green snot.  It is relentless.  FFS

We finally got our blinds up but not before I danced around with a wooden spoon as a microphone singing MMMMBop by Hanson.  FFS

We live on a pretty busy street and I am quite sure a gazillion people saw.  FFS

In other unrelated things if I see gangnam style one more time I will lose it.  FFS

Why does the world hate Nickelback?  I love them and make no apologies for it.  FFS

Seriously best song ever except when your 3 year old starts singing "all in balls out"  FFS

Another song added to the no play around kids list.  FFS

Why do all the knobs of the world get to interview all the cool people?  Eg the today show with Pink.  FFS

Jessie J has been song of the week here.  On repeat over and over and over.  FFS

Thats it for me I am off to shove more crap in a cupboard.  FFS

Dear Baby G
OK just to prove the universe is against me this was scheduled to post at 6am and it didn't.  FFS

I wrote it yesterday coz I am super organised like that.  FFS

Not a big deal right?  No not at all except in the 5 minutes I sat down the baby got his nappy off and did a freaking poo in the lounge room.  FFS

And stood in it and somehow his brother also managed to walk in it.  FFS

One early morning bath and half a bottle of floor cleaner all before 730am.  FFS

I am off now to drown the area in more disinfectant followed by drowning my sorrows  FFS

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bad Bad Customer Service

Inspired by this post from Mums Take Five on customer service I thought I would share some of my experiences both from a house building point of view and a normal retail experience.

The one I have had in my drafts for a while is a story of the day we went to a certain big name (may start with steg and end in bar) window and door company to pick a colour for our windows.  We had chosen our brick colour which is a really dark brown chocolatey colour and now needed to find a window colour in a bit of a hurry as the builders needed to order them.  We had the brochure of standard colours but we wanted to see how the brick looked up against them so we had to go to a show room. 
  • The show room was great except most of the displays were "discontinued or unavailable"
  • The first "salesman" the HOTH spoke too had no idea about anything he was asking.
  • The "ahem" lady who ended up "helping" us was to be honest shocking at her job and needed a big lesson in customer service.  She made three important mistakes which in my book are a big no no.
  • Firstly when we asked about a `certain colour we were interested in she said and I quote "  You have terrible taste in colours"  EXCUSE ME how freaking rude.
  • Second she then proceeded to make me feel like an idiot when I asked the HOTH not her if we could just get a colour and paint it later if we didn't like it.  Turns out you can but its a pain in the ass.
  • Third and final she then said it we could have any colour for the small cost of a few thousand dollars over a standard sized house.  Which annoyed me for two reasons.  1 "a few thousand" is a lot of money and 2 after all was said and done the builder told us we could have had the colour we wanted at trade prices which she should have told us as she knew we were building with a builder.
We walked out of there fuming as that had been a wasted trip and with time not our side we were extremely frustrated.  I could not believe the unprofessional and sloppy attitude of the staff and if we had not been locked in to use this company I would have looked elsewhere without a doubt.

I worked in retail for a long time and I know how to treat customers and how we were treated that Saturday morning was NOT how you do it. 

If I was in business I would probably be concerned with social media etc and be treating my customers like everyone knows thousands of potential customers.  I find it interesting that so many businesses now have facebook pages yet if people post complaints or anything negative the comments are removed. 

I am a big believer in word of mouth for the good and the bad and I  have no problem telling the world on my blog about both.
Yep really terrible taste!! 
In other news I am back finally after a hectic 2 weeks of moving!!  Still unpacking but getting there big time!!  So fill me in what have I missed??  Oh and if you are nice enough to leave me a comment feel free to leave a link so I can pop by and say hi!!  I have missed my blog reading in the last 2 weeks!!