Saturday, 22 December 2012

FFS Friday-what the kids and dogs did now and Merry Christmas!!

The HOTH asked me what I was going to write about on Friday as this week had been good, he wasn't here for most of it.  FFS

Basically this week has been spent cleaning up after kids and dogs.  FFS

Over the weekend the baby found a new hobby of putting stuff in the toilet.  FFS

So far I have fished out a $1 coin, a fire truck and a brand new toothbrush.  FFS

Monday was particularly shocking with 1 bloody nose, a whole bottle of baby wash poured down the shower, a broken glass and 2 cups of spilt juice/water.  FFS

Monday also saw us come home from swimming to find the baby had left his beloved toy Ra ra outside and a dog had chewed one of his ears off.  FFS

I had been meaning for ages to call the toy company and find a spare one.  FFS

Calls and emails placed and no one in the company has seen the toy before.  Chances of getting a replacement are slim to none.  FFS  (hats off the the toy company they were more than helpful)

Tuesday saw me struck down with the flu.  FFS

Wednesday I had to suck it up and go and buy some food as the HOTH was coming home a day early and I am not sure he wants 2 minute noodles for dinner.  FFS

I am using sickness as an excuse for not shutting the back door, like I do religiously every time we leave the house.  We came home to scenes of mass destruction.  FFS

The dogs had taken a couple of presents from under the tree and spread their contents over the yard.  FFS

They had also taken rubbish out of the bin.  FFS

The baby, poor little thing also developed temps.  FFS

We have a history of illness at this time of year.  The week before Christmas last year saw me and the baby take a little trip t the hospital late one night.  I knew deep down he was ok but also knew if I didn't take him I would have been wrong.  FFS

The staff were great and we were in and out in 3 hours however the triage nurse said to me whatever you do don't get sick over Christmas as they were reducing staff numbers as part of cost cutting.  FFS

Thursday saw me remember to shut the backdoor but forget to shut the laundry door.  FFS

I love picking up chewed dirty nappies from the back yard when it is stinking hot.  FFS

The HOTH in an attempt to be nominated for father of the year brought home a toy truck and fire truck  for the boys yesterday afternoon.  Wow what a great guy you must be thinking.  FFS

Even he admitted about an hour later it was the worst mistake ever.  FFS

The fighting and whinging over who had what truck went on for about 4 hours and even continued when I put them to bed and restarted at 620am and has not let up.  FFS

Which explains why this FFS Friday has not been finished until now.  FFS

I am still doing battle with Telstra, turns out I need a new modem.  FFS

I got them to credit me back some money but I will be gunning for a whole lot more now.  FFS

Anyway Merry Christmas FFS Fridayers,  May your Christmas not give you too much to say FFS about!!

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  1. Ugh. Definitely sounds like a massive FFS worthy week. Hope the flu doesn't stick around and you can enjoy an illness free Christmas.

  2. Wow, Monday felt like a whole week! Also, felt like you were writing about my house! :)


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