Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wordless Wednesday- I grabbed the camera and this is what I got 12/12/12

Bubba cat

 This hibiscus is a battler.  It has survived being dug up by the dogs after we planted it.  We used blood and bone and they love to eat it by the bag!!  Also years of neglect, holes being dug around it for plumbing and not long ago the HOTH sprayed weed killer at the base of it. Still it keeps flowering pretty much all year. 

Chili when we got him 13/10/12

2 months on and some serious amounts of child "care" including digging the dirt around it, being used as a seat by the baby and some serious over watering.  Ta Da!!

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  1. Love it. You can't kill it and I can't keep a hibiscus alive to save myself!! Yay, for a chilli, I hope he doesn't try to eat that one straight off the bush!

  2. I like the look from the cat - must you take my photo !!!

  3. A day in the garden is always a great day!

  4. The only thing I can keep alive is the weeds - you're doing well!


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