All About Me and Mine

Hi. This is me Ann.   A mum who stays at home, dreamer, queen of procrastination, living the simple life, book music and tv lover, easygoing and karma lover.
In my happy place, drink in hand!!
 I am mumma to 2 gorgeous boys.  Both so different yet so cute!!  They drive me nuts on a daily basis!!
the baby and the big one or piggy and bear!!
 I have been happily un-married for 12 years to the HOTH.  Which stands for Head Of The Household.  He is a hard worker, home brewer extraordinaire, classic car enthusiast, AC/DC tragic and general nice guy.

Whoops how did this get here!!

Also in our family is a cat called Eddie/Bubba Cat and two dogs Jess the labrador and Tipsy the Staffy.  Eddie is so elusive very few people have seen him.  He is an Animal Welfare League cat  Tipsy is also from the Animal Welfare League.  He thinks he is a lap dog.  Jess was an abandoned dog who we got through an acquaintance.  They also drive me nuts on a daily basis!!
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  1. Love the new look! Great colours!

  2. Yes my kids drive me nuts on a daily basis also....finally found time to come over and have a read and laugh!!


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