Thursday, 19 January 2012

52 week challenge- WEEK 2

Week 2 into the 52 week challenge and after last weeks easy challenge this one had my brain in overdrive.   I could not get my head around it until i had an Oprah "lightbulb moment"  This is not a test, there is no right or wrong answers and the only person it matters too is me. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I am totally slow on the uptake!!!!!!  Anyway 11 days after the challenge was issued here are my answers!!! 

Initially I was going to say I value my family but I more than value them.  They are my world and life.  To clarify when I say family I mean my "nuclear family" thats my 2 babies and the HOTH. 
 I decided my VALUES are things i want to teach my boys as they grow

After I established these little facts in my own head it became a bit easier.

  1. RESPECT   
 RESPECT; yourself, your brother, mother, father, friends, extended family, home, possessions.
HARDWORK and LEARNING;  both these things lead to the next value PLAY/FUN. 
UNIQUENESS; be yourself and never be ashamed of who you are.

Week 2 done!!

3 years of basically only reading kids books (some without words) has turned my once clever brain into mush!!  Don't get me wrong I am glad both my boys LOVE reading and I am glad that I am able to give them that gift but it has seriously played havoc with my ability to read and write!! 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tuesday 10- TV shows

What a fantastic idea, I cant believe I have not come across this (and blog even though I like it on facebook)!!  Here are my top 10 fave tv shows. 
  1. THE SHIELD  without a doubt the best show I have ever seen. 
  2. SONS OF ANARCHY  only halfway through the first season but am absolutely in love with it
  3. 24   is there nothing Jack Baur cannot do???
  4. SEINFELD    never gets old no matter how many times I watch it
  5. TWO AND A HALF MEN (with charlie sheen)  I like the new ones too but not as much as the old ones
That was fun cant wait for next week!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

52 Week challenge-WEEK 1

52 week challenge

I have been thinking about blogging for a while now and i think this might be the thing to get me started!!

Thanks to facebook I came across this challenge and have decided to participate.  Apologies in advance as i have no idea what i am doing blogging wise but am hoping to learn as I go!! 

The first week of the challenge is all about 2011 and all the good things that happened in every aspect of your life EASY

  • The most important event was the birth of my second son 5/1/11  He is an absolute delight and angel of a child,
  • My eldest son turned 2 in March and it has been wonderful to watch him grow from a "toddler" into a proper little boy.  Tantrums and stubbornness i would not trade him for anything!!
  • Clocking up 11 happily unmarried years with the HOTH (story for another day)!!  We fight like cats and dogs but without him I would not have my 2 boys or be able to stay at home with them!! 
  • Finding a house builder who is not out to rip us off and who actually want to build the small house we are after
  • The baby finally sleeping through the night after 8 long months and being able to share a room with his brother.
  • The legal system working in our favour when we had major issues with another home builder.
  • Being surprised with a family trip to Fiji at Easter with the HOTH's family as a Christmas present, its going to be great!!
  • Finding out my 2 year old has a place at preschool starting in February.  He is very ready for a day a week of something other than being at home with me and I am very excited to have a day with just the baby. 
  • On the 30/12/11  I decided to change my whole outlook on life and decided that life is way too short to not live it.  I have become spontaneous and stopped sweating the small stuff.  Example; buying a yearly pass to our National Park so that we have to get out and use it.

 It definately was not an easy year a lot of sad, horrible, frustrating and bad things also happened but this challenge has been great in making me put all that aside and look at only the good things.  Looking at this list its become clear how important my family are to my happiness and they are my main driving force.and i am grateful to have them in my life.