Thursday, 28 August 2014

Things I Know #22 - Thankful I am totally awesome

This weeks topic from The Lounge is "introvert or extrovert".  With an added bit of "what makes you awesome??".  As I am a little introvert and a little extrovert I decided just to share how awesome I am!!

First up is my new direction into fashion blogging.  If you caught my post yesterday it is beyond clear that this is my calling.  Thanks to Ms Mystery Case for turning my creation into a cute board thingy.
Clearly I am being sarcastic.  Unless trackies and pjs become a major trend then I have will have it nailed!!

Next we have a tutorial on how to take a screen shot.
I discovered this new trick while wrangling a baby with an unlocked phone.  I accidentally took a screen shot then tried to figure out how to do it again.  Being so awesome I worked out if I hold the volume buttons down I get a screen shot that saves in the memo function.  I still can't work out exactly how I managed to get the original screen shot but there you go One Mother Hen and Muddle Headed Mamma.  
If anyone wants to help me recover lost photos of an sd card which have disappeared feel free to do so.  I am so sad about the lost pics.

I am so glad StyleonV liked the #prettylittlepackage I sent her.  I am so awesome I wrapped it beautifully then forgot to photograph it until I was at the crowded post office.
Thanks so much Nadine from Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls for my unreal #prettylittlepackage

It is not just me who thinks I am awesome.  I have now 3 Liebster nominations (2 in the last week).  Confirming others find me awesome as well!!
Steph from Stephsjoy
Tat from Mum in search tagged me a cool thing that I had never heard of but I like it called The Blog Tour.  Stay tuned for posts on that one!!  Plus Tat wrote the most lovely bit about my blog which made me smile.  I may frame it.  Thanks Tat xx.

Seriously though, thanks ladies I will be playing along with each and every one.  You all made my day!!

Lastly, as I do not want you all to think I am too awesome, song of the week.  Love all of it, the song and the film clip!!

Linking up with the very cool introverted Nessville who is this weeks guest host of The Lounge and Sarah from Creating Contentment for #thankfulthursday.

Melting Moments

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I am not going to #pbevent14 and I don't care. Ok I do a little!!

The Perfect LBD - Blogger Style
COTTON LACE DRESSEsprit Cotton Lace Dress

Diana Ferrari Supersoft wedges. #notafashionblogger
Empress Ring
Empress Necklace

Guess Royal Rocker Slim Clutch

Clearly I am not in any way shape or form a Fashion blogger!!  I have no idea how you make one of those fancy collage thingys!!  

The Outfit

  • Amazing dress from Esprit.  This dress has been taunting me for weeks now, popping up on every ad I see online!!  If it ever comes up on sale I may invest as I think it is a real classic that will not go out of style.
  • I have had these shoes for ages now and have worn them once!!  Sadly they are not practical for day to day stuff!!  (I did not pay full price for these!!  They were marked down by at least 50%!!)
  • All jewelry from Sassi Jewels.  I know I am showing just how unfashionable I am by teaming the silver jewelry when the shoes have a gold on them but I do not care!!
  • Lastly a cute little clutch from Guess.
This is the dream outfit that I would wear to a certain blogging event which is taking place this weekend.  Not that I care or am even the slightest bit jelly about missing out on.

Linking up with Ms Mystery Case for her style challenge and My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday

 Ps If you are going to the certain event have the best time!!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Things I Know #21- What makes me happy

I could not help but play along with The Lounge with the topic "What Makes You Happy"

I am trying very hard to see more of the good in life rather than all the bad.  Turning a negative into a positive, glass half full and all the cliches!!

So here is a short list of what has made me happy the last week because sometimes it is the simple things in life.

  • A rainy lazy Sunday. "Rainmageddon" hit on Saturday night.  It rained for 3 days straight.  I managed to drag my butt to the shops to grab the groceries and that was about all I did on Sunday!!  The house got trashed as the kids dragged all the stuff off their beds to make a tent in the lounge room.  Then they invented some other games like hide and seek with a ball.  It was so nice to see their imaginations in full swing.
  • Dancing like no one is watching and singing like no one is listening.  We found some cool tunes on youtube and the kids had a boogey.  
  • A fun night out with the school mums.  Dinner at the pub then a few more drinks at the club, home by 11pm.  Good times.
  • Getting an extra day at preschool (finally) for a very excited 3 year old!!  I am now a free (sort of) woman 2 days a week!!
  • Finding something cool on facey rather than the normal shite.  Grammarly, get on it!!
  • Not one but two songs of the week!!

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Things I Know #20- Uh Huh

I do not know a lot this week.

It could not be anymore same old same old around here if it tried!!

Mega boring!!

Next week however is another story.  More extra curricular activities.  Exciting times.  No I am not being sarcastic there!!

My brain is now in mega organisation mode trying to work out and plan the best way to attack it.

I know the deaths of two screen legends this week have truly saddened me.  Why is it we only hear great quotes and stories once people have died??  For example did you know it was Lauren Bacall who gave the "rat pack"their name??

I watched Mrs Doubtfire the other night for the millionth time and still laughed my head off.  I am hoping the tv stations jump on the bandwagon more and keep up the Robin Williams movies.  One of the best ones ever is One Hour Photo.  I think I will add Aladdin to the list of dvds to hire for the kids.

In other news the tv stations are on my hit list again.  Channel 10 in particular this week.  We sat down to watch 24-Live Another Day the other night.  I have them all recorded so we can watch without ads and can watch more than one at a time.  All was going well until we got to the nearly last episode.  Bloody Masterchef had started then and even though it is completely pre recorded it ran over by 16 minutes meaning we lost 16 minutes of 24.  If you watch 24 you will know that while all of the episode is full of drama and twists generally the last 10 minutes is the kicker.

Luckily they recap at the start of an episode so we had a rough idea of what had happened.  We have two episodes to go and I am counting my lucky stars I taped the show after the last episode so hopefully we will at least see that one in its entirety.

I dipped out on exercise this week thanks to the HOTH being away for one of my nights and the lady who runs it being sick the next night.  I never thought I would say it but I missed it.  I actually like it.  Yes the world has gone topsy turvy!!

That is about all I know this week.  If anyone has some time management tips feel free to share them!!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sending out some virtual vibes.



I am stopping by to quickly offer my virtual support to anyone who needs it today.


So if you need a listening ear, or someone to have a coffee, tea, wine or beer.

Just know this

I am virtually here.

Linking up my virtual support with Essentially Jess for #ibot.

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Things I Know #19- Still Here

Hello there!! I cannot believe it has been a week since I last did wrote some kind of claptrap. How I am missing blogging.

I am still here trying to find a new groove. Just when I think things might be simmering down there is another twist in the tale and I am back to square one.

I really do not know too much this week.  But here is a brief rundown-

  • The baby had a horrible first birthday.  He had a cold and was teething.  Poor little thing screamed the house down on Saturday night.  
  • We will be having a birthday redo this week with cake and candles.
  • There is so much snot in this house if I have to wipe anther nose I will lose it!!
  • The new printer I brought a few weeks ago turned out to be faulty.  Which I discovered when I finally plugged it in on Tuesday.  Which meant an emergency dash to stinking office works to get a replacement one.  Luckily I found the receipt.  
  • I truly believe that if you can't be polite to customers it is probably best to not have a customer service job.
  • In more exciting news we are heading away to visit good friends who moved away.  Finally.  I am so excited.  Bring on 6 weeks from now!!
  • I have had another major tanty this week after it had been proven I cannot have 5 minutes to have a hobby ie blogging.  The shits have been well and truly cracked and I am taking a stand.  All work and no play makes Ann something something!!

Please tell me you know something more than me!!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Things I Know #18- ONE


Snippets and Spirits wrote an amazing post  a couple of weeks ago, she wrote exactly what I was thinking but in a much lovelier way!!

I had started this post and it has sat in my drafts because life got in the way but when I saw Always Josefa's facebook photo today I felt inspired to finish it.

I had a massive tanty at the start of the week.  I was over it.  I woke up the other morning with a fresh attitude and a new plan to combat the overwhelming groundhoggy mundane rut I am currently stuck in.

The only other thing I know this week is that this gorgeous little boofhead will be 1 tomorrow.  He is finally fairly mobile in a Lt Dan from Forrest Gump kind of way!!  He drags himself along sitting up!!  I have been in complete denial about tomorrow for ages now!!  I am sad to say goodbye for the last time to the baby years but excited for all the things that come next.  

Over to you guys, what things do you know??