Thursday, 6 December 2012

Readers Choice= Stuff/Places I boycott or whats on my shit list.

I only really have one place I boycott and that is one of the local mechanics in my town.  I have never got a good vibe from him and hated taking my car for a service there.  Last time he had my car for a rego check (I think), 2 days later it blew up a gearbox.  I have not been there for over 5 years and will not go back.

I always say I am boycotting the big stores like Tarjay especially when you go in there a month before Christmas and they have 4 out of a possible 12 registers open.  Happened to me last week!!  I never do though!!

Stuff on my shit list-  This is a list that just keeps growing!!  The last things to be added is
Campbells Country Ladle Kids Soup Chicken Noodle 290gCampbells Country Ladle Kids Soup Tomato Noodle 295gHeinz Pasta Shapes Thomas & Friends 220g

Years ago the HOTH was an interstate truck driver so he was gone 5-6 days a week.  I never really cooked dinner for myself I just used to have lean cuisines, baked beans/eggs on toast, cheese on toast etc.  Occasionally I would buy some "kids" stuff like the number spaghetti just to be different and it was yummy and tasted just like normal canned spaghetti.  Fast forward to when the big one starts eating food, I bought some dinosaur or wiggles spaghetti for him and YUCK they had changed the recipe and it is now tasteless and disgusting.  So now I just don't buy it.  All the kids canned food is the same.  A few weeks ago they spotted the Charlie and Lola soup and begged me to get some so I got the 2 flavours thinking it could not be that bad.  Wrong.  They had the chicken one the day we got it and just ate their toast as it was repulsive and the other night they had the tomato one and that was just as disgusting.  2 more things added to the list.  I really don't get why they changed it and I would love to know if any kids (or adults) actually eat it and enjoy it.

Linking up with Tegan from Musings of the Misguided For Readers Choice and I am using her topic this week too!! 

So tell me folks whats on your shit list? 


  1. Yuk, I hate it when companies change the taste of stuff for the worst. It's probably some sort of cost cutting measure, which makes no sense as no one buys it because it tastes like shit.

    Thanks for linking up with #RCThursdays

  2. I love a good lean cuisine, so easy! I've even fed them to my kids before, rather than buying the commercial kid food.
    Hmm... my shitlist... um... My back is on my shitlist today, hurts like a bitch!

  3. Cottonelle toilet paper. It's supposed to be luxurious and soft - the ads and price tag would suggest so, anyway. Hate it.

  4. I boycott a cafe down the road because I swallowed broken glass that was in my water, complained to the manager and he told me I was making it up to get a refund... Then I had to go to hospital and have surgery to get the glass out... S I rang the council and set the Health department on them.


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