Thursday, 24 April 2014

Things I Know #4- Leaving on a jet plane

Excitement is building here as we countdown to our holiday.  It has been the dream to head back to Fiji ever since we left last time two years ago.  Almost 2 years to the day!!

I am very excited at the thought of a week of relaxing,  the most stress will be which cocktail I have first.  Trust me this is a major dilemma!!

Last time we went we were desperately trying to find a house to rent so ours could be knocked down and rebuilt.  I remember checking every day at least twice to see if anything had come up.  I am looking forward this time to being relaxed without any underlying stress.
This time I will still have to be in contact with reality a little but nowhere near as much!!

#tik will still be here both tis week and next week, I promise to pop over and visit all the linkers when I can, more than likely when we get back!!  Please feel free to link up anything you know!!

I am also linking up this week with Musings Of The Misguided who is hosting The Lounge this week with the prompt being "dream".

Catch you all on the flipside!!

Thankful Thursday- Lest We Forget

A simple message on the whiteboard at swimming the other day.  It says it all.  Once again I am more than THANKFUL for the ANZAC'S and those who have and currently are serving in the armed forces.  While I won't make it to Dawn Service this year I will however have a minutes silence of my own to reflect and be grateful.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter 2014

This year Easter goes down as being one of the biggest duds!!  A sick baby and 2 naughty bigger kids meant the Easter bunny only turned up this afternoon and only because they were going to find the stash as they won't keep out of my room!!

It was pretty spesh when they realised the Easter bunny had been when we got back from a Monday arvo drive/ice cream run!!

So here is my run down of Easter starting with the bad!!

  • A sick miserable nearly 9 month old who barely slept Saturday and Sunday nights and had to be taken to the medical centre on Sunday at lunchtime.  He is a lot better today thank goodness and fingers crossed he gets some much needed sleep tonight.  
  • For some reason we hit the shops on Saturday afternoon to get all the last minute bits and pieces we need for our holiday.  The big kids were feral and lets just say the person who puts a divorce lawyer at every exit of a large shopping centre will make a tonne of money!!
  • Apparently Easter Saturday is a big shopping day.  I had seen sales advertised all week.  Tarjay and Big dud could you please put more staff on if you are going to have big sales.  Seriously.
It wasn't all bad though

  • We went to our first ever Egg hunt.  So much fun!!  We had bacon and egg rolls, the coffee van was there, the kids played with their friends.  Then there was a magician who had the kids transfixed for a whole hour!!  I loved watching the kids watch the magician.  The 3 year old never turned around once just sat and watched, I could see him laughing and putting his hand up.  After the magician came the hunt which was really just a gazillion eggs spread across the grass.  The 5 and unders went first and my 2 were stunned that they could run in and grab as many eggs as they could!!  So much fun!!
  • Friday the HOTH took the 2 big boys to watch the cars.  I had grand plans of housework which were thwarted by Kylie/ who very kindly gave me a shout out on always Josefa's facebook page which resulted in some new likers for my page and for me to like.  All done while I was trying to find my camera (which has still not turned up).  Then the fun ended when my phone and laptop batteries died at pretty much the same time!!
  • Despite crappy customer service we ticked everything off the to buy list on Saturday.  I even got a good deal on our new camera which is apparently waterproof-  just warning you Fuji it better be.  I am pumped to try it out.  But really I am looking forward to not having to worry too much about it getting wet etc.  Thank heavens for smart phones which came in very handy tracking down a much needed item!!  Also a great bargain on some suitcases!!
The prompt this week at My Home Truths is all about what Easter means to you and I really think this year has emphasised for me what it is all about.  Family and time.  It was so nice to have no plans, nowhere to be, just spending time all together.  I am devastated at the thought of not spending Easter at home next year and will be really happy if we get to!!  

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Things I Know #3- school holidays week 1

Friday again, I am seriously losing track of time!!  In fact I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday!!

So what do I know this week??

The Bad Stuff

  • School holidays started early last Friday as it turns out was take your child home from school after the Easter hat parade.  Half an hour after we got home I was mega tempted to take him back!!
  • Week 1 of the holidays has not been too bad.  Why??  Because the 2 big ones have been sick.  The start of the week was very quiet, lots of abc4kids and our much loved Planes dvd on high rotation.  My only complaint is why abc4kids insists on playing this bloody Jessica Mauboy Sesame Street song every 5 minutes.  I saw a quote that said if you hear a song repeatedly it is the universe trying to tell you something.  Tell me universe what message comes from this song??  Seriously what does 1,2,3,4,5 kangaroos hop hop hop hop tell me!!

  • In other complaints, I went to the supermarket on Wednesday and was forced to buy over priced Easter eggs.  Why??  Because our local supermarket had about 3 bags left and I needed them.  What kind of supermarket sells out of eggs 5 days before Easter??  After purchasing the overpriced bags of mini eggs I ended up doing an online grocery shop and could have got the same eggs for half the price.  It also means that on Monday there will not be any half priced eggs as they are all gone.
  • The dogs stolen food tally this week is quite small.  Just a whole loaf each of bread and raisin bread.  I swear they have a set of keys as I had the doors locked.

The Good Stuff

  • I am loving my blog makeover!!  Thanks to everyone who has given me such positive comments about it.  I am stoked with it!!
  • The Easter Hat parade was cute.  Next year I will get there at least an hour before so I can actually see!!  Another first for me is going to an egg hunt in our town!!  
  • A week of school holidays has made me realise just how full on term 1 was for all of us!!  
  • I also managed to put the hair colour in that I bought ages ago.  Loving my black hair!!
  • I am loving the 4 day weekend, we are busy Friday and Saturday and kicking back the other 2 days.
  • The kids are nearly all better although the baby has a little cough.  I am beyond pleased they are sick this week and not next week when we head off on holidays!!
Yep a week of holidays is calling my name, just next week to get through!!  #tik will still be here!!  So many exciting things this week!!'

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter.  Enjoy!!  Feel free to link up anything you know!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday/Thankful Thursday- #100happydayschallenge and a makeover!!

Baby Penguin!!
Awesome jumper knitted by Great Grandma
Time to turn the seat around in the car, 2 minutes from home everyone was asleep!!
The many sleeping spots of Shiraz

Doing the double whammy again and linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday and A Parenting Life for Thankful Thursday.

I am Thankful this week for Sharnee from Suck My Lolly who did this fabulous makeover and gave this little blog a whole new lease of life!!  I cannot recommend Suck My Lolly highly enough!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter curiosity!!

A bit of an over to you guys post today.  I am curious as to what you all do at Easter??  Like do you have a family get together, decorate your house etc.

We don't do a lot around here.  Years ago we used to go away but the weather is always shockingly bad at Easter, then when I was working I used to work all the public holidays.  Then we had kids and I can't really remember what we have done!!  Last year we were interstate and we will be again next year,  This year the HOTH is taking the kids to a car thing on Good Friday (Fryday its called!!  I have no idea why kindy kids teacher thinks we are redneck revheads!!)  Saturday we are going to go to an egg hunt in our town and then I am not sure the other two days.  I always like Easter as it means we have the HOTH home for four whole days!!

Apparently the Easter bunny will be making an appearance on Sunday and leaving eggs for the kids although I have tried this before and had to lock the dogs inside and rush around hiding things!!  I can always put them out the front where the dogs can't reach them!!

The Easter bunny generally leaves an egg with a toy or egg cup, you know the packs I am talking about!!  Some winter pjs and a couple of other things.  This year he sourced some cheap Sharkies (Cronulla Sharks) singlets which turns out are summer pjs, a dvd each, an egg with a mug and an egg with an egg cup for the baby!!  Now it looks like I will have to buy some over priced eggs for an egg hunt as well!!

The first Easter we had with Kindy Kid we had just brought him home from hospital and the HOTH spent Good Friday re roofing part of our house!!  Then on the Saturday we had to make an emergency trip to Bunnings to buy a tap or something as the washing machine had crapped itself!!  We ended up needing a whole new washing machine!!

I still remember the Easter about 10 years ago when we went camping with friends and it rained the entire time we were away!!  Good times though!!

So over to you guys, I really would like to know what you guys do!!

Stole these funnies from here!!

Don't forget to pop over on Friday for #tik!!

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Let it goat!!

Once again my plans for blogging disappeared over the weekend.  Back up plan was these 2 funny videos that have made me laugh in the last couple of weeks!!

Calling it early but I will find time over the  Easter weekend to write a post that does not involve videos from the tube.  I am trying to write about our first term of school, things we have learnt etc.

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Ps Don't forget to link up for Things I Know #tik on Friday!!  Link will be open from 6am, feel free to link up anything you know!!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Things I Know #2- School Holidays, rain and dogs

Welcome to another round of #TIK!!

Turns out I know a little more than last week which is always a positive!!

The Bad Stuff

  • Soccer was not only called off last week but has already been called off for this week.  Thanks for all the rain mother nature.
  • The end of daylight savings has sucked. Because I haven't changed all the clocks back yet I know what ti,e it should be.  5 20am on a Sunday is not an acceptable time to get up kids.
  • One positive on Mondays was when it rained at the 130pm which used to be the old school pick up time!!  Good try Mother Nature!!  
  • But seriously how much more can it rain??  
  • The dogs stolen food tally has increased dramatically the last few weeks.  This weeks effort includes- a box of cat food, 1 kg of plain flour, 1 bad of coconut, i bag of oats *we made ANZAC bickies this week!!), 1 box of le snack things and a box of baby muesli bars.  They must have their own set of keys as I lock the house up tighter than Fort Knox so they can'/t bust their way in.
  • Not that much bad stuff this week.  I have been head down bum up getting things done and haven't been annoyed too much lately!!
The Good Things

  • Although ask me next week how I feel about it!!
  • We are not allowed to finish off quietly with the Easter hat parade today, although I am secretly excited about it as I have never seen an Easter Hat parade!!
Apologies on the lateness of #TIK thanks to daylight savings ending I fell asleep before finishing it off!!
A big thanks to everyone who linked up last week.  There sure was spme interesting thongs last week.

So now is the chance to tell me what you know.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Forever Young

The prompt this week over at The Lounge is special words.

I could not go past this song written by the amazing Bob Dylan (although I was sure it was an old Irish song)!!  I heard it a while back when the cover by Audra Mae was used in Sons Of Anarchy (Kurt Sutter finds the best songs to use to tell some of the stories!!) and remembered why I loved it so much.

I even brought the book which is such a beautiful one to pass down to the kids.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Shameless Promotion of #TIK

I have exactly 20 minutes before operation school pick up commences.  Clearly #ibot was not going to happen today, well not how I had planned anyway!!  Thanks end of daylight savings and kids who get up at 6am which used to be 7am so it is not their fault!!

I am just stopping by to remind or let you know that Things I Know (#tik) will be happening here every Friday!!  I want to know what you know.  Feel free to link up here whatever you know.  Too easy!!  6am every Friday morning the magic happens!!

I am going to spend tonight reading and commenting as I have been a massive slacker lately!!  There just is not enough hours in the day or days in the week sometimes!!  If you saw yesterdays post about the best laid plans well I have rescheduled my blogging time to this Sunday.  Fingers crossed!!

Song of the week is this one chosen by the 3 year old.  He loves the marching song!!

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Monday, 7 April 2014


Firstly a MEGA THANKS to everyone who linked up for the very first #tik here on Friday.  Blown away is what I am.  I hope to see you all back again this week for #tik round 2!!

What a weekend we had here.  I am a little cranky as I had a whole weeks worth of blog posts planned and ready to draft (I know I don't know who I am either being so organised!!), to the point I had even scheduled in time on Sunday to do this.  It never happened, best laid plans and all that!!

Then I saw Em's post about a new link up and I found this humorous picture so all was not lost!!

So I hope you find this as funny as I did!!

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Things I Know #1 Welcome to your new home #TIK!!

Welcome to Things I Know #TIK at its brand new home!!

When Miss Cinders announced a couple of weeks ago that she needed to give TIK a new home I put my hand up.  I never thought in a million years it would come and live here but voila here it is!!  Part of my strict terms and conditions of taking on TIK to Miss C was that she not give up blogging completely but be able to blog whenever she has the time and not be tied down!!

All I really know this week is it better not rain before Becks and his other team members make their soccer debut on Saturday morning!!  Go the under 6 emus!!  They have worked their little soccer boots off training for the big day and they are pumped for their first game.  Although the storm that just passed through here may have closed the soccer fields.

I promise to know more next week!!  Eg next Friday I will be positively beaming as it is the last day of term 1!!  I very much know I am excited already for 3 whole weeks of holidays!!

Now for the fun stuff.

I want to know what you know.  Anything goes, a recipe, joke, song.  Link up a post or leave a comment here or on facebook, instagram a picture etc with #tik hashtag!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!  Oh and don't forget the clocks change this weekend, they go back an hour for all the people who have daylight savings!!  Lucky for me most of the digital things we own change themselves and I never bothered changing the car clock last time they changed so I should be right and hopefully not get too confused for the next week!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday/Thankful Thursday- Exciting News!!

#projectcalmdownmum and other assorted instagram pics!!

rzt aprilRandom Acts Of Zen I will finish this in April!!

 Em from Have A Laugh On Me started #projectcalmdownmum which I love!!

Also Toni from Finding Myself Young has been doing #fmy52weeksofmemories 

Now for some exciting news..........

Things I Know has a new home.  Right here!!!!!!!!

 The fabulous Miss Cinders has passed the torch on to me.  So starting this Friday head on over and link up the things you know!!  There are many ways to join in the fun of Things I Know and I will share them with you on Friday!!

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