Friday, 31 May 2013

Ffs Friday/Things I know- Hindsight

I am combining FFS Fiday and Things I know this week as I don't know a lot but most of it has given me the shits this week.

Why, why, why did I buy the 2 year old a bed?  I should have brought another cot.  FFS

He has until Sunday then I am cracking down again.  FFS

Because he won't gtftb his brother has decided he won't either.  FFS

It is very lucky for them that they are so cute.  FFS

Jelly bean will be in the cot until he/she is at least 18.  I am not making the same mistake 3 times.  FFS

2 weeks without a doctors visit, about bloody time.  FFS

I will be spending my friday morning at a "group" gestational diabetes thing.  I tried to get out of it and couldn't.  FFS

I hate groups and meetings.  There is always one in every group, doesn't matter what it is, that has to have tea breaks and asks annoying stupid questions.  If this is you then stop please.  FFS

I will have sore eyes from rolling them constantly during the course of this meeting.  FFS

I just hope I don't go to sleep.  FFS

My big cleaning, organising, decorating plans from last week have gone out the window.  FFS

Lets hope this weekend is more productive.  FFS

The one highlight this week is that we are having some family fun on Saturday night.  We are heading into the big smoke to look at the VIVID Festival lights.  No FFS

Although it clearly states on the website to plan yor trip which is damn near impossible when all the info is not included.  FFS


Where have you disappeared too??  FFS

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  1. Thanks so much for heling me put my life in perspective !!! I know it isn't funny to whoever is going through it but it is so good to be way past the cot/bed stage - good luck !
    Have the best time at VIVID Festival Lights (off to google what they are !!!)

  2. Just googled them - oh man, I wish I could get down there to see them - they look really cool !!!!
    Have the BESTEST time.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time on Saturday and I hope the whole cot bed thing works out. I was only thinking the other night I should start to think of a new bed for my little one, perhaps I wont worry so much after all. What a shame we are not actually allowed to chain them in there hey?
    Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

  4. Ugh, why on earth do you have to go to a group gestational diabetes thing? That sounds like my idea of hell! I hope it is over quickly and painlessly.

  5. Oh I know what you mean about the cot. I refused to take down ours until I was more than sure it would work out. If they're still 18 and in the cot, so be it I reckon!

    Boo to the GD thing, I would probably walk out lol

    BUT! Have fun on Saturday!

    MC x

  6. That opening paragraph is gold! Love it!

    May the eye rolling be as painless and synchronised as possible.

  7. I'm not sure why we see fit to move children from enclosed spaces to beds! Good sleeper to get up every 10 minutes is what happened here!

  8. Eye rolling counts as exersise. Got to be at least 30 calories lost through e good eye roll :) xx

  9. Lol dont worry the 2 year old will get there. Mine has just turned 2 this month and we graduated her a few weeks ago. I was ready to tear my hair out but we got there. I had to spend time sitting in the corner of her room each night for alittle while though lol


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