Monday, 3 June 2013

Baby Name Quick Question

A quick one for this chaotic Monday/week I have going on.  I have a nasty feeling I am "nesting" as I have the overwhelming urge to have the house in order asap.  Or it could just be temporary insanity??!!

Anyway, the "I must confess" topic over at My Home Truths this week is all about baby names.  Funnily enough it is a hot topic at our place!!  For the record we have a girls name all picked out and have done since before the 4 year old was born and we are currently debating a middle name.  We also have a boys name although the HOTH is not overly fussed on it and changes his mind on an almost daily basis.  The other kids naming process is a story for another day!!

My question is this- Should the first name "go" with the last name?  We are currently "discussing" this as a topic and I say it should.  The HOTH does not think it matters as he does not believe you ever say your full name very much which I feel is only true for Madonna or Cher.  I am constantly using everyones full/first and last names eg for making medical appointments.  I know that kids use their full names at school especially if there is more than one of the same name in the class. 

This is an issue as there are heaps of names we like but do not "go" with the HOTH's last name.  There lies the discussion and dilemma!!

So over to you guys, should the first and last name "go" or does it not matter??!!

Getting good at this express blogging thing (but still not coping with no spell check!!) and linking up with My Home Truths for I must Confess and also One Mother Hen for Open Slather.


  1. Yeah, I think they probably should 'go' together a bit. For example my last name is Connor which I became when I got married, but if my first name was, say, Donna, I may have thought twice about it! lol

    Good luck with deciding. xo

  2. First and last names should definitely go together. More people need to put more thinking into it. Like the parents of the poor sod stuck with the name Wayne Kerr.

  3. It's nice to have a name that just rolls of the tongue, but not a necessity. I would have to disagree with hubby, there are plenty of opportunity for your name to be used, in newspapers(photos), online(facebook) and plenty at school(rollcall). But as long as it is not something ridiculous and likely for ridicule like Shaun Lamb and true story I kid you not Richard(dick for short) Knobbs then I don't think it matters.

  4. Yeah sorry Mr HOTH i think it they should "go" together too.

    I agree with Alicia and you cant have the same name for first and last. i dated a boy called Dave Davies ...

  5. I think that they should 'go' together because I think we are often referred to by our full name and we (or at least I do) say it a lot. Also I think the length of the names should be considered and it was something I forgot to mention in my post.... One of my nephews has 7 letters in his first name and 10 letters in his last name, so with a space that's 18 characters so when I was geeting him made something with his full name it only just fit!
    Good Luck!

  6. I think they should go together too - the very reason we could not have Jack (dog name) or Rafe or Rufus (porn names) with our last name of Russell! Good luck with the name selection and thanks for linking up this week!

  7. I think they should go together too! Imagine if we had a boy and called him Justin. Nice name but Justin Case ummm too funny!

    1. PMSL - that is a classic !!!!

  8. I agree that they should go together, or rather, that they shouldn't not go together. I hope you have some luck deciding!

  9. Good luck with that - I think that they should 'go' together - for sure !!!! Can you imagine standing at the kitchen door screaming for you child (by their full name because you have already called 5 times and they still aren't home !!!) and their names don't go together ??????????
    Have the best day !


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