Friday, 3 May 2013

FFS Friday- Just another week.

Another week another list of stuff to say FFS about.  FFS

Not all bad though, we have so far managed to avoid our weekly doctors visit but replaced that with a vet visit instead.  FFS

Damn dog and arthritis.  FFS

He needs half a tablet at night and weekly injections.  Why can they not make the tablets half size rather than me having to try and chop an already small tablet.  FFS

Worse part is less than 24 hours after the first injection he was up and running around like the moron he is.  Bloody hypochondriac.  FFS

On Wednesday my phone, which had crapped itself last Friday, really threw me a curve ball and got half the charger stuck in it meaning it was not going to ever work once the battery died.  FFS

Off to the shops we go yesterday which thanks to preschool being back from holidays meant I only had one terror to deal with.  I had 2 options of shops to go to and I chose badly.  I walked out with less than half the stuff on my list thanks to closed shops and others being renovated.  FFS

Meaning we are having a family trip to the shops I should have gone to on Sunday.  FFS

I cannot imagine that this will end well.  FFS

However on the bright side there was only 1 mini 2 year old tantrum.  This was over one of those $2 ride things again.  If  I win lotto I will buy every one of these god forsaken machines and run them over with a truck.  FFS

It didn't help that the shops we went to have a high ratio of these insanity causing machines.  FFS

On the bright side my new phone is so cute and clever.  I figure I should know how to use it in about a year.  FFS

I have had 2 lots of vomit to deal with in the last week.  FFS

One which resulted in the whole lounge being stripped and washed.  FFS

At least when the 2 year old spewed on Wednesday he did it on the floor.  FFS

Which then got eaten by a dog while we were in the shower washing vomit out of hair.  FFS

That I think is it for me this week.  Except that today I am off out to buy a bloody big boy bed for the 2 year old.  FFS

This will also not end well either with many stories to come over the next few weeks.  FFS

Linking up for the weekly whine with Dear Baby G!!

Thanks to everyone who commented on last weeks debacle.  The grand total of booze lost was 2 1/2 bottles of Bourbon, 1 bottle of red and a few whites.  Luckily the cheap hooch I discovered I liked and had stocked up on before getting up the duff survived.  FFS


  1. Remind me why we have children again? I'm sure it'd be easier just to open our wallets and let passing strangers take a handful of dosh....and we'd be allowed to sleep in our own beds without unwelcome company!!
    Re: $2 ride machines. I struck gold there. I've never once allowed O to realise that if I put money in them they move. She's perfectly content to sit and enjoy them for 5 minutes, then I make a big deal out of taking a photo on my phone just in time to distract her from the coin slot!
    Hope your weekend brings some super positivity xo

    1. Ha you are so right Tara!! My youngest knows how they work frm his brother and although most of the time he is happpy to just sit some days he has to make it work!!
      Have a great weekend too!!

  2. I'm still too traumatised from your previous FFS!? Friday to comment on this one. Also, slightly nauseous from the dog eating child vomit thing. It is, however, a genius means of cleaning the floors - I may have to invest in a dog.

    1. I would not have a child without a dog!! Not only do they clean up they provide hours of fun and distraction!! I knew you would be traumatised I didi warn you!!

  3. Ooh a new phone, I love new shiny things. I am ignoring the big bed, I'm still in denial that Miss A is gaining momentum towards one in the very near future and it will suck......a lot x


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