Friday, 10 May 2013

FFS Friday and The Lounge- Fashion Fails

It has been a case of same old around here this week.  FFS

Another week another trip to the doctors and the vet.  FFS

In fact I have not really had a lot to say FFS about at all.  I would never say that out loud though as it is common knowledge bragging about not having anything to say FFS about results in double the following week!!

GTFTB (go the fuck to bed) is going quite well in fact roughly 5 nights out of 7 both kids are in bed at bedtime.

Our family shopping trip resulted in minimal swearing and name calling.

The shopping trip did however give me one thing to whinge about and this is where The Lounge comes in.  The Lounge is over at .Slapdash Mama this week and the topic is Fashion Fails.

For the next 12ish weeks I will be a walking fashion fail as there is a severe lack of cheap maternity clothes available.  FFS

I have a beachball poking out the front of me which is growing at a rapid rate and I am fast running out of clothes that fit.  FFS

So for the next few weeks I am going to be walking around in some interesting outfits.  It won't be pretty.  FFS

I may just become a recluse for the next few weeks.  FFS

Unless wearing pjs out in public becomes socially acceptable.  FFS

I wish I was as classy as the lovely Kate.  FFS

kate middletonpic from here

A quick google of pregnancy fashion fails resulted in about a million images of KK (Kim Kardashian) and it kind of made me feel slightly better about my outfits.  Seriously Kim you have a gazillion dollars and you are walking around looking like you stole some curtains from a nursing home.  FFS

MetPunk24pic from here

I have one other thing to add.  For the last few weeks I have been excited about Bon Jovi hitting Australian shores in December however I distinctly remember asking nicely if tickets could NOT go on sale at 9am on a Monday.  Take a guess at what time next week the first presale tickets go on sale.  FFS

One last thing FFS Fridayers and Loungers is that I am asking for some positive vibes to be thrown my way for a negative gestational diabetes test on Saturday.  Pretty please.  A positive test will result in weeks of constant whinging, just saying!!  I will get the results on Tuesday so brace yourselves for an epic whinge on Friday should I have it again.  FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G for the regular Friday whine and also with Slapdash Mama for some Lounging fun.

Happy Mothers Day too guys, I hope you get all the slippers and pyjamas you could possibly need.


  1. Good lord, Kim Kardashian looks ridiculous.

    I hope you find some decent maternity threads and good luck with the diabetes test.

    Happy Mothers Day to you!xo

  2. I love Kate Middleton's style; she always look so classy and elegant. I totally believe in the FFS curse that bites us in the arse just when we think there's nothing to FFS about haha! xx

  3. How stunning is Kate M? Seriously, she's one classy pregnant bird. As for Kim K...that's hardcore commitment to Nanna's curtains. I have no doubt that you look 1000 times better than she does!! Good luck for your diabetes test x

  4. Kim looks SO CRAZY! What the actual GOODNESS! I mean, I endorse wearing what you want but I STILL HAVE OPINIONS! And my opinion of her outfit is LOW! HAHA! I hear you on the maternity clothing issue, by the time I was done with my last pregnancy I dead set wanted to burn all my mat clothes. Thank you so much for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  5. I agree Ann maternity fashion can be just one BIG fail once you get to a certain point. By 36 weeks I was ready to wrap myself in a quilt and just not leave the house! I also had GD with my last - I was lucky to avoid insulin but was still a pain in the neck. Wishing you ALL the luck for your diagnosis - Rach the Lounge Lizard xx

  6. Nursing home curtains - you nailed it! I've been trying to work out where KK got her pregnancy fashion from. Pilfering someone's phrase - money can't buy class. Vibing re: gestational diabetes

  7. Oh, Ann, I was laughing so at your descriptions of maternity fashion. Sorry to have so much fun at your expense (and KK's)! Also, thinking of you and your tests! Much love!

  8. KK is evidence that millions of dollars cannot buy style. I hope she doesn't go to visit the queen in that dress..I have a feeling it will clash with the furniture.


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