Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lego- designed by a man possesed by the devil.

Janet from redlandcityliving.com wrote this post a couple of weeks about things that were obviously designed by a man and I had a quiet chuckle as the weekend before the HOTH and I had spent about half an hour putting together this lego set and I had said quite a few times during the process that lego is evil and designed by a childless man!!  Obviously this video shows just how simple it was to put together, NOT!!

I will admit I did buy this even though it said for ages 5+ but the box was massive and there was no way of knowing just how teeny tiny the pieces actually were.  Lego there really needs to be a disclaimer!!  It is now safely in the cupboard for the next few years and a new replacement set brought!!  Poor thing is banned from playing with it as he will lose some vital piece and the whole thing will be useless.

The creators of this video are sheer geniuses it is hilarious!!  Apparently there is a video for every set of this particular lego.

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Ps still no spell check so any mistakes are the result of pregnancy brain!!  Wow I just discovered another benefit to being fat as a house/31 weeks pregnant!!  But seriously does anyone know where spell check has gone??


  1. Lego is the bane of my existence. My Mr 9 and 4 are both obsessed with it.

    The sets are so expensive, annoying to put together and, as you say, if they play with it,it breaks and you never find the pieces again. I'm over it. Definitely designed by childless man!

  2. Ah lego. I try to make my kids play with something else if i can. They just throw the pieces all over the room and we all end up stepping on them.

  3. We stil have a HUGE bucket of Lego even though K is 21 because I refuse to give it away just in case we landed up with a gandchild (so not on the cards but you never know !!!) - at least that is one less thing we would have to buy !!!!
    I hated stepping on it - A and K knew when they were finished playing if any pieces were left out and I stood on it, life could get very unpleasant for a little while !!!!
    Have the best day !

  4. Haha my boys will never leave me any internet if i dare show them, they will love it.
    We have so much Lego and I'm always shouting for them to pick it up.

  5. we have masses of lego on the floor.... all the time. actually its everywhere there is a pile of some masterpiece on my kitchen table right now and i am sure i picked some off someones bed when i said goodnight.

  6. Mate, even with spellcheck I am useless and still miss some so don't worry about it!

    As for Lego, I remember when I was a kid and my sister A and I were not allowed to play with it in the evenings after the three little ones had gone to bed because there we just so many little pieces. My dad and A could build for hours but I never had enough patience to follow the instructions so I always just ended up going back to Duplo with the littlies!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  7. Thank gawd Izzy is into dolls and girly stuff. Jake had lego, little bits left everywhere. I actually didn't mind putting it together with him though, as long as we had the instruction books. I get annoyed picking up the big duplo blocks all the time!

    Is there a setting for spell check, maybe its off or something. Mines working ok, I think :)

  8. Wow 31 weeks already Ann!
    My boys have just started loving Lego, I hope they get in to it, I was one of 3 girls and we ADORED playing with it! Em xx

  9. Ha ha!! That video was awesome! Will have to show BJ.
    I'm a big fan of lego, though we've really only had the 'girl' one which Boatman thinks is easier.


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