Friday, 24 May 2013

Things I Know - 24/5/13 umm how is it the end of May already!!

I figure my exciting news from last week deserves a post of its own.


There is approximately 194 days until the big day!!  Not that I am counting!!

I know that I will be very happy if they play this set list!!

Also more importantly there is at the most 68 days until baby jellybean makes an appearance.  The one positive from having gestational diabetes is that I will more than likely be induced before the due date.

I know I have a busy weekend ahead with the room shuffle or put up the 2 year olds bed, move the cot into the babies room, sort out the boys bedroom and do a little Martha decorating magic.  Also cleaning out the babies room which has become a slight dumping ground. 

At least once this is all done there should be a little less to do and more time for relaxing!!  Thats the plan anyway!!

I also know I have some research to do on low gi winter recipes.  Last time I had gd it was summer so the menu was easy. 

Other stuff I know is that I am loving the cooler rainy weather this last few days, even if it means we are stuck inside!!

Have a fab weekend guys!!  Anyone have a low gi healthy recipe or know of a website etc they care to share??!!

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  1. I am INSANELY jealous! I loves Bon Jovi LOTS!!! I was going to go, but have decided it's just too busy that time of year to even try going :( You're going to have a blast!

    I have no idea of low GI recipes, hope the GD doesn't get too bad.

    And are you sure you're not in full blown nesting mode? I'm tired just reading what you're going to be up to over the weekend! lol

    Have a fantastic weekend Ann!

    MC x

    P.S. You ARE completely totally counting! lol

  2. I had one of those weekends recently when we put together a bed and flatpacks for my 3yo's room. I was exhausted afterwards - hoping you get enough rest and don't overdo things!

  3. YOu're gonna LOVE seeing Bon Jovi! They were the very first live concert I ever saw in London many moons ago. Fantastic and I still remember it well. Sounds like you have lots of jobs planned for the weekend - I hope there will be a cup of tea and a rest somewhere in-between all of them xxx

  4. We must be due about the same time as I only have 63 days to go! Have you checked out There are a few good recipes on there (the slow cooked lamb shanks are good) and there are also heaps of diabetes-friendly recipes on - Another good place to look for good recipes is Diabetic Living magazine. My step-Mum got me a subscription to it just after I had Punky as I was trying to continue the GD diet I'd been given while pregnant and its really come in handy this time as I now have a collection of recipes that we've been using. They also have some really great sweet treats to make in each issue too which aren't too bad.

    Tonight we are having slow-cooked Osso Bucco following Julie Goodwin's recipe (just google it you should find it) and I'm giving myself just over a carb's worth of mashed potato to go with it. Can't wait for it to be ready!

  5. We went to Bon Jovi the last time they were here (a year or two ago) and I just loved them - I am sure that you will have a great time !
    Good luck with the low GI recipes. I have found google to be my bestest friend when it comes to paleo recipes -I am sure you will find the same with low GI.
    Have the best week and take care !

  6. Bon Jovi - nice one!

    I will be singing along from home, as I must be the only person on the planet who didn't know tickets had gone on sale already.


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