Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Rainbows and Mother's Day

We saw this rainbow a couple of weeks ago.

This rainbow is similar to one I saw a year ago when we went to say goodbye to our house before it was knocked down.  I am sure it was a sign that the old house was ok with being replaced.  The end of the rainbow was directly over our house that day.
What else did
i need for Mothers day?  This was a present made at preschool.  On the back was the beautiful quote.


Thanks a million for all the positive vibes last week.  I got the results yesterday and it was positive for gestational diabetes.  I had a sooky lala day yesterday but have woken up with a more positive attitude!!

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  1. Oh Ann, I'm sorry about your diagnosis, take good care of yourself. :(
    I love all the handmade goodies we get for Mother's Day. xx

  2. Love those rainbow pics, they are gorgeous!

    Mate, I feel your pain on the GD. I have it again too. I must say its definitely easier second time round though coz I know what I can and can't eat and don't have to stress as much. Plus I was lucky to be only borderline this time so I'm finding that my BSL's are much easier to control as a result, thank God! Fingers crossed it stays that way! I hope its not too much of a pain in the arse for you.

  3. Oh bummer you have GD but don't feel bad for having a sookie, sometimes it helps to get it out. And I love the rainbows, I just wish they still had pots of gold at the end of them! x

  4. The rainbow pictures are beautiful..

    boo to the GD!! :( it sucks! But positive attitude is what you need to have xx

  5. Precious Mummy's Day pressie! Sorry to hear the blood test results were negative by being positive ... :-(

  6. Lovely rainbow! Just think of GD as a little bump in the road to seeing your gorgeous bub xx

  7. OH you'll be right love! Could be a lot worse, pick up the sooky butt and move on :) I got a lovely picture of me for mothers day from preschool .. me doing food shopping (of all the things i do!!)


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