Friday, 24 May 2013

FFS Friday- sickness and washing machines

Friday again.  FFS

I totally missed last weeks FFS Friday.  FFS

I was too busy looking after sick kids and waiting in doctors waiting rooms to honour you with a whinge.  FFS

After a full week of illness we are all back to normal (fingers crossed).  About time too.  FFS

Not before a couple of long nights and a vomitting child.  FFS

One time all over me.  FFS

I am expecting a call from the doctor and chemist asking where we are as I have not been to either place this week.  FFS

Our chemist was just renovated and I single handedly paid for it.  FFS

In other news the washing machine finally blew up in dramatic fashion last week.  FFS

Quite literally with smoke billowing out.  FFS

Lastly it would seem I hae gestaional diabetes again.  FFS

I am dreaming of the day I can eat carbs and sugar again.  FFS

Oh and I have a public apology to make to Mums Take Five.  After inviting myself to her Biggest Morning Tea I completely forgot about it and missed it.  FFS

I didn't even rsvp , so rude.  FFS

Apologies times a million.  FFS

Something which has not really sunk in this week is the fact I am the pround owner of a copule of kickass BON JOVI TICKETS.  Not FFS

Although that was not without a drama thanks to being held up at the doctors and missing the start of the presale by 5 minutes.  FFS

Thats it for me.  Linking up with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday.

Lastly my spell check has disappeared so excuse any errors!!  FFS


  1. Sick kids SUUUUCK!!!
    I'm so sorry you have GD again, it's not fair at all :(
    Buuuut yay for Bon Jovi!!

  2. Glad all the sickness is over - long may it stay away !!!!
    Woohooo about the BJ tickets - I wanted to get them but was too slow and the only ones I could get were $200 each and we decided that we would have to use our powers of recollection from the last time they were here !!!
    Sorry about the GD - seems like all my crossing of fingers, legs and eyes didn't help.
    Have the best week-end - hopefully it will be a good one !

  3. Eck, gestational diabetes. That deserves a whinge post all of its own. I don't know how to cope without spell check, you did a pretty awesome job without it!

  4. Oh no:( what a week! HB would be super jealous of your BJ tickets :)


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