Tuesday 14 May 2013

Singing in the supermarket

I have become one of "those" people who sings while walking around the supermarket!!  I blame pregnancy and 2 kids in a trolley who would not stop fighting for this rapid decline into insanity!!  The first 4 songs were some quality supermarket songs and the last is Avril's new song which has become song of the week!!  Last is classic Avril proving I will never grow up and will always be a teeny bopper!!

How could I also not add that scene from Top Gun!!  Excuse the subtitles, apparently Top Gun is big in non english speaking countries!!  In fact I could not find a non subtitled clip!!
Anyone else want to fess up to being a supermarket singer or an in their 30's teeny bopper??!!  I can't be the only person who thinks Top Gun is one of the best movies ever!!

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  1. Thank you! Every now and them I show my students random stuff that they would not ordinarily be exposed to. I'd forgotten that Loving Feeling is one of my favourite songs! Guess what they'll be seeing today?!

  2. I love that Lovin Feeling in Top Gun - I don't know that I am such a big fan of the movie though !!!!
    Sorry - I definitely don't sing in the supermarket - that may be because I have a shocking singing voice and really only sing in the car - I don't have to be alone because I don't mind subjecting my family to my awful singing but I wouldn't subject anyone else to having to listen to it !!!!
    K thinks she can sing - she can't !!!! I was talking to her about what songs I wanted played at my funeral and she offered to sing - I asked her not to - rather play the song via whatever other means possible !!!
    Have the best day!
    PS - sorry for the irreverent way we talk about death / funerals - it's just what we do !

  3. I do sing in the supermarket! just quietly though, so only people in the vicinity in the next aisle could hear me. I have been known to do a mean trolley dance as I am cruising along too ;)

  4. I saw the sign and it opened up my mind I saw the sign - LOVE LOVE LOVE this! How funny about the top gun one xx

  5. Love American Pie! Such an awesome song!
    The other day my nine year old was trying to explain skater Boy to me. I had to laugh and explain I was rocking that song before she was even born! That made me feel old!!

  6. Supermarkets are wily. They know exactly which kind of song and what era, to keep you in the aisles longer, humming away and buying more stuff! Touche. I've heard some real almost-forgotten flashbacks lately. #teamIBOT

  7. Well I'll admit to being an in their 40s teeny bopper, Ann :)
    American Pie is my all time favourite song, it was on the first ever album I bought.....real vinyl! xx

  8. Oh dear - another positive to online shopping ;)

  9. The Sign! Oh yeah! Another one I love to sing along to is "Lover, lover, lover, you don't treat me no good no more!" :-)


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