Monday, 13 May 2013

Open Slather/ Things I know- The test!!

Ok I have exactly 20 minutes to write a Monday post so here goes some speed blogging!!

Things I know- The test!!
  • I had the test.  Thanks x 1million for all the positive vibes!!
  • 2 hours went by in a flash thanks to reading and having a phone to play on!!
  • I had to pull out the phone as I could feel myself falling asleep when I was reading thanks to not being able to have a coffee!!
  • Especially after finally getting a seat on the only lounge in the waiting room!!
  • Our town has roughly 5000 people in it.  I reckon about 4500 where at the blood place on Saturday morning.
  • Lucky I got there early.
  • Dragon lady was doing the blood collection.  By then end of the test she was actually chatting to me however I hated her as she made a coffee and toast while I was sitting there starving.  That was just plain cruel.
  • She also chipped me for not having made an appointment.
  • At least she is good at taking blood, that comes in handy when you have to have blood taken before, during and after the test.
  • Tomorrow afternoon is results time.  I am totally getting my carbs and sugar in now just in case these become banned in the next few weeks!!
  • I had an awesome Mothers day (hope all the mums out there did too!!) I got exactly what I wanted, a lovely card, a lottery pack and some handmade stuff from the kids!!  Although I actually made one of the pressies at playgroup!!
  • We are having a slightly tight ass present year as I am getting Bon Jovi tickets and ............  while I was looking up BJ I found out that  Monster Mutt DalmatianMonster Jam are heading out to Australia in October and as the HOTH and kids are in love with them we are all going!!  We are going to do the whole experience and get a pit pass.  Times like this cement the fact I live in a house of boys.

Express blogging over!!

Have a fantastic day guys,

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  1. I'm impressed with your express blogging capabilities! Glad you had an awesome Mother's Day, I did too, though it was HUGE - also Mr 19's and my Dad's birthdays!

  2. All that in 30 minutes! good job. I remember almost falling asleep at my test too. What do they expect when they keep taking blood and not being able to eat! Enjoy your hot chips, pasties, pies, donuts, mars bars! I think I had one in my handbag and ate it after my test!!

  3. I did some reading and dozing when I had my test which had to be a 3hr one !!! Here's to the right answer tomorrow.
    Have the best day !

  4. Urgh how rude to make food in front of someone who is fasting??? Hope those results came back all clear xx

  5. LMAO! I love this post Ann! I'm going to have to try my some express blogging, although it'd be kinda scary... when under pressure nothing comes to mind to blog! Hahahaha!

    Hope the test results came back good!

    I'm going to BJ too by the looks of it! My bestie works for a company selling package - bus + tickets - and is grabbing us some hopefully! I can't wait to see his butt in real life! lol I have no shame! lol

    Thanks for linking up to TIK - Pssst I leave it open all week so peeps don't need to stress about missing linking on Fridays if they're busy :D

    Hope your Thursday is being awesome to you!

    MC x

    P.S. Sorry about the late reply! I am over my limit at home so have been having trouble having pages load for the past four days. Think I need to get my kids their own internet so they stop using up all mine!


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