Saturday, 4 May 2013

Things I know- 4/5/2013

Things I know in a dodgy point form as I have limited computer time this morning as the kids will be up soon and I only just discovered this little linky!!
  • This time next week I will be cranky and dying for a coffee but unable to have one thanks to having to go for a 2 hour glucose test.
  • I will have to remember not to eat the kids leftover breakfast.
  • I am overly excited at the prospect of 2 child free hours with a book.
  • I just hope the nice lady is collecting the blood and not the dragon who has been there for all of my blood tests so far this pregnancy.
  • I know that having gestational diabetes last time really sucked and took the shine off the last 12 weeks.
  • I know that there is different information on the topic varying from different hospitals to different states and it is bloody confusing.
  • I absolutely do not want to go through it again, it was time consuming, stressful and annoying.  None of which I have time for this time around.
  • Lastly on the topic of gestational diabetes- I desperately need your positive vibes this week guys so I can get negative test results.  Please please pretty please!!
  • I also know that SATURDAY 14TH DECEMBER is BON JOVI DAY!! 
  • Lastly I know the kids are up and being Saturday Buzz Lightyear has been put on to buy me an hour and a half more peace!!
Thanks to Miss Cinders for hosting!!

What do you know??!!  Do tell!!


  1. Oh fingers crossed for you and best of luck for that test result!

    1. Thanks Mandy I need all the help I can get!!

  2. Sending the best vibes I got Hun x

  3. Will JBJ be coming around the same time as your bub? Good luck with that! :)

    1. Baby will be about 5 months old, last time they were here i was 8 months pregnant so missed out

    2. Thank for stopping by!

  4. We saw the ad for BJ last night - we so enjoyed their last concert, seriously considering going to this one as well.
    Good luck for the glucose test - I had to do a three hour one about 6 weeks ago - luckily I don't start my day off with coffee so I was OK - just hungry by the time it was finished !!!! I did enjoy my time reading except for the 30 mins of feral children that I had to sit through at one point.
    Have the best week !

    1. I have never been which is why i am so excitef! A 3 hour test would be tortute, luckily i get to leave my 2 ferals at home!

  5. Sorry I'm a slack host! Time hasn't been on my side!

    YAY for JBJ! Ohhh I'm hoping to go this time! I've missed seeing him every other time he's come to Aus!

    Ugh the glucose test is horrible. I've only had to do it once, and it was the worst. Fingers crossed you get the all clear with it this time around.

    I found with everything pregnancy related there was so much contradictory information out there. So I would listen to the people I trusted and the things that did actually make sense. The rest I just nodded and smiled :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous week, and don't stress too much about the test.

    MC x

    1. I have missed out too thats why i am so determined to go this year! I smile and nod at most things! I am not stressing too much. What will be will be! Thanks for stopping by!


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