Friday, 1 March 2013

FFS Friday- Mother of the year NOT.

It has been a long week here.  FFS

Yesterdays post will give you some kind of indication.  Basically last weeks FFS started at around 415pm on Friday when the HOTH rang and said he had to go to an emergency call out and would not be home for hours.  They never get call outs anymore but when they do its usually a long weekend or a Friday or Saturday arvo.  FFS

Then the baby got the pink cleaner in his eyes.  Then I rang the HOTH to tell him we were taking a fun trip to the emergency department and he tells me he has another call out to go on.  Then my phone chose that time to chew threw batteries meaning it was down to nothing in the middle of an emergency.  FFS

By the time we got to the hospital the baby was fine and him and his brother made mince meat of the childrens section of the er.  FFS

That is probably why we were seen and got rid of so quickly.  FFS

The fact he was fine nade me look like one of those mothers who pops into emergency for something to do on a Friday night.  FFS

Saturday it rained all day.  I mean all day.  FFS

I had decided on Friday to have a nice dinner on Saturday night with the HOTH.  I hit the shops on Saturday, in the rain, did battle for a parking spot, got the stuff we needed, came home and started getting my yummy key lime pie ready.  I make my biscuit crumbs in the blender.  The blender did not want to do this and overheated causing it to nearly catch on fire.  FFS

Saturday night there was no dessert, the bbq almost didn't light as it was so wet and I ate my dinner being kicked in the back by a 3 year old who would not go to bed.  FFS

Sunday we woke up to find a massive tree branch had blown onto the washing line.  FFS

Then we paid a visit to the HOTH's dad who had just had a hip replacement and was recovering in hospital.  How many times do you think 2 children can jump all over a man in massive amounts of pain.  FFS

Sunday night the decision was made to not let the kids have a day sleep on Monday to see if that made any difference come bed time.  Monday was a long day but it worked, 2 kids in bed at 730pm.  FFS for the long day but no FFS for the early bed time.

Same again on Tuesday.  2 successful days of operation gtftb for 2 kids.  No FFS

Wednesday the baby could not hack not having a sleep and crashed out on the lounge at 250pm right before it was time to do the preschool pick up.  I put him in the pram and figured he would wake up soon.  He slept for nearly 2 hours then partied on the lounge until 11pm.  FFS 

Thursday was very exciting as the new crap shop opened up.  The baby and I ditched the big one at preschool and headed over to have a look.  The baby screamed the entire time we were in there.  I caved about 1pm and put him to bed, woke him up at 3pm, he was still up at 1030 last night.  FFS

He wasn't too keen on watching the midwives and talked the whole way through it.  FFS

Which brings me to my last parenting fail this week involving jelly bean who has not even been born yet.  FFS

While cleaning on Tuesday I found the hospital paper work for the ante natal clinic.  Tuns out at 18 weeks I had completely neglected to book myself in at the hospital.  FFS

I phoned them and was told I needed to actually go to the hospital to book in then I could have an appointment at the clinic.  I could do none of this on the phone.  FFS

It also meant a trip to the doctor to get some more paperwork.  Which although we, being me and 2 feral children, had to wait over half an hour in a packed waiting room the gp I saw was bloody awesome but she only works Tuesdays and Fridays.  FFS

She found my parenting fails to be hilarious and thought my children were awesome.  Although she did do a quick check up as I had not had one in 2 months (whoops) and surprisingly my blood pressure was fine even though I had been sat in the waiting room, then she did a quick measure of the bump and announced it was measuring a week ahead.  FFS

Wednesday the baby and I headed off to the hospital.  I have never been to this hospital before but we are having the baby there as if I get gestational diabetes again I will not be shifted to another hospital.  That broke my heart last time at 28 weeks to find out I had to change.  FFS

Back to the new hospital.  We got there just after 9am and I had a rough idea where the parking station was but it was full and it turns out that is the only one.  Lucky I got a park on the street miles away from the entrance.  FFS

Turns out they are building a new hospital with more parking and it will be ready in 4 years.  FFS

After nearly an hour of stuffing around I got the first available appointment which is in April.  FFS

Thats it this week.  Any more weeks like this and I will lose it.  FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G who I am sure has had a worse week than me!!

Feel free to have a whinge it is FFS Friday after all!!


  1. Oh good lord, what a week Ann! Hope it gets better, you need to look after yourself and that little jelly bean. Hugs.

  2. Good vodka gods you've been busy!

    I've only just started watching The Midwives and I'm addicted! I would consider sedating my children and sending them to bed in order to watch it uninterrupted. Or donning earphones and maxing the volume out.

    I think kids can sense when you're super excited about something, and know just how to whine in that way that invades your happy place in every possible way. I love a good crap shop. Our local $2 shop recently closed. Oh well, we still have Crazy Clarke's and Red Dot...only, Red Dot just bought Crazy Clarke's, which no doubt means they'll merge. And I prefer Crazy Clarke's. FFS!?

  3. I really find all the paperwork and appointment stuff tiring in the hospitals. Good luck with it all lovely xxx

  4. You deserve some rest this weekend! Glad the baby's OK. And it's good that you went. Who cares what you looked like? Peace of mind is worth it!


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