Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Music, family and 4.

Yesterday I shared how not only was it my birthday but it had been my Nan's as well.  She passed away 2 years ago from dementia related illness.  She really was an awesome Nan. 

Just like me she loved her music.  I am sure yesterday she sent me a little Happy Birthday in the form of 2 songs on the radio.  I know the sceptics will say if you listen to an old peoples radio station the chances are fairly high of hearing these songs however I choose to believe it was Nan saying hi!!  (In my defence Sydney radio is shite especially in the mornings and my cds are awol from the car so Smooth 95.3 it is as it has the least amount of talking and ads!!)

The first song "Unforgettable" came on 15 minutes into our drive to swimming lessons.  It had been a battle to get the kids into the car as apparently the big one does not want to go anymore and he kicked up a massive stink and was still screaming when the song came on,  He immediately stopped crying.  I however started.  I cannot listen to that song anymore without a few tears.

The second song "What a wonderful world" came on on the way home.  Another one of her favourites.

Lastly "Yellow submarine"  Nan absolutely hated this song with a passion.  If you wanted to annoy her you would start singing it!!  She should never have told anyone how much she hated it!!  Especially a smart ass like me!!  Sorry Nan, how could I not put this one in!!

I love this photo.  Nan holding the big one's hand on Mothers day 2009 when he was about 7 weeks old.
Another reason apart from pregnant hormones I am emotional is that the baby whose hand is in that picture is 4 years old today.  He is one awesome kid and as much as he drives me up the wall and around the bend he makes me laugh and smile and burst with pride. 

A very quick Essentially Jess ibot from me today!! 

Please tell me I am not the only person in the world who tears up when they hear certain songs!!


  1. Oh dear Ann! Firstly, Happy (belated) birthday to you and Happy Birthday to your little one! What a heart warming post this is. You're not the only one who tears up to certain songs and even if you were, who cares, it's all good!! Heck, I almost teared up reading about you talking about your beloved nan....

  2. A very happy birthday!! To both of you! I cry to songs all the time - but I think that is a good thing - don't you?
    Josefa from #teamIBOT xx

  3. Happy belated birthday for yesterday !!! No - you definitely aren't the only one who cries when she hears some songs - I do it often !
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  4. Happy birthday for both of you!!
    I find songs have a huge amount of power. There's some I just can't listen to.

  5. Happy Birthday! yes i cry at songs all the time. ones from funerals, weddings, memories .. sad words ... happy words
    i'm not pregnant - i'm just a sook :) x

  6. Ann, i know this is very belated, but I hope you had a gorgeous birthday xx


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