Friday, 22 March 2013

FFS Friday- Idiots

There is one major thing which has pissed me off this week.  Every time I think about the stupidity of it I say FFS.

I went to the big ones preschool parent committee meeting on Monday night.  I was the only parent there which actually worked to my advantage as I got a little feedback and got to have a say on some stuff.  I really wanted to be involved last year but every time the meeting was on the HOTH was away with work.  I enjoyed my hour out of the house even though it was chaos before and after I left.  Anyway back to the annoying stuff.  The first fundraiser of the year was a puzzle a thon and the money raised from that is going towards making the preschool outdoor area even better than it already is.  The plans the teachers have come up with are pretty cool and easy enough.  They can get most of the materials cheaply through parents who have connections but they also have to pay for labour as any kind of working bee is not allowed any more thanks to do gooders and insurance and policies.  I deadset blew up when I got home.  Don't these dick heads who make these ridiculous rules realise how freaking stupid this is.  Out of 100 or so kids at the school there would be so many qualified tradies and handymen that could give up a few hours of their time meaning the money saved could go towards buying other things.  Someones time and experience can be just as or more valuable than money.  Not only that but last time the preschool had a working bee the kids "helped" too.  My 2 would love to "help"!!  How stupid that a "community preschool" cannot actually involve the "community"  How am I supposed to teach my children about volunteering and pitching in if it is not allowed anymore.  Rant over.  One giant FFS.  Not to the preschool but to the idiots in charge.

Now to the weeks other news.

7 minutes after I pressed publish on last weeks ffs post here is a scene of destruction in the kitchen.  FFS

Gtftb has not gone well this week.  FFS

The baby out did himself on Monday by not going to bed until 1040pm.  FFS

I welcomed pregnancy heartburn back into my life this week.  FFS

I also had a flu shot and my arm is still swollen and sore.  FFS

I also have highish blood pressure although the doc took it just after the big one had his 4 year old needles.  FFS

While it is all about me, its my birthday on Monday.  I will be spending the day getting a cake baked and an Easter pass the parcel done for a certain someone who turns 4 on Tuesday.  FFS

I will also be taking the kids to swimming, washing, cleaning, cooking dinner and all the other fun chores too.  FFS

On Tuesday I will be making a cake to take to preschool on Wednesday and making dinner for family on Tuesday night.  FFS

Yes he is taking one cake and no cupcakes and I hope he spits all over it blowing out the candles!!  FFS

I would like to take a moment and thank Betty Crocker for being so awesome.  FFS

Lastly the HOTH came home this week with the plans for this years Christmas day.  No wonder my blood pressure is high.  Its March ffs I do not give a crap about Christmas yet.  FFS

At least this year I can get into the Christmas spirit with actual spirits.  FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G for this weeks whinge.  Oh and happy chocolate holiday/Easter FFS Fridayers.  We are off on a short holiday to the sunshine state to stay with my parents for 4 days so I will be back in 2 weeks with probably an epic FFs Friday!! 


  1. Christmas? Christmas? WTF??? That's a whole FFS right there that is!!

    Happy birthday for Monday and enjoy your trip away! Sounds like you need it! xx

  2. I was all ready to say Happy Birthday and then I read the rest. Sorry! But I'll still say Happy Birthday!

  3. Bahaha, hope he spits all over the cake blowing out the candles - gold!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow lovely, hope it's as peaceful and easy a day as it can possibly be with such a packed schedule! xx


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