Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday- summer wedding random shots

Botanical gardens

The Toaster, home to Rusty Crowe and a few other celebs

Me trying to be the paparazzi

Photos for the kids!!

Some lovely expensive boats!!

A few weeks ago the HOTH and I went to a wedding in the Botanical Gardens.  It had poured with rain all morning but by some miracle stopped a couple of hours before the wedding started and held off until the reception ended.  It was such a nice afternoon/evening.

Sticking with my fave things theme, how could I not take photos of cranes and boats for the kids!! 

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  1. Photos of cranes and boats :)
    Would have been a lovely place for a Wedding. Hope your shoes didnt sink too much

  2. LOLlling at you taking photos of boats and cranes for your kids :-)

  3. Beautiful back drop for a wedding!

  4. what great shots.. I would so be taking snaps of celebrity places too!!!

  5. Lovely shots , I look out for interesting things like cranes for my boys too.

  6. These are lovely Ann, you're such a paparazzi!

  7. I kind of miss living in Sydney and travelling on the ferry most days!

  8. Love how you're out and still thinking of the kids! Laughing at the paparazzi stalking. Beautiful spot for a wedding :)

  9. Lovely photos, gorgeous gardens :-)

  10. I think your photos are great. I recall when my teenager was young he loved cranes and we would spend hours trying to track them down. I recall wishing at that time there were more books on cranes for kids.


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