Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Music Music and more music

Music is totally one of my favourite things.  I heard Madonna yesterday while sitting in shocking traffic and instantly I was happy and transported back to the 80's dancing around at a disco!!  I may have been caught by many drivers dancing and singing in the car!!

I love Pink and this new song is no exception!!

I am a self confessed Gleek (sort of!!)  I love the music but am kind of a bit old for the story lines!! 

Linking up with Jess for ibot.  Which is also one of my favourite things, sadly there are not enough hours in the day to enjoy it properly!!

Anyone else out there want to admit their love of Glee or dancing at a disco to Madonna??!!


  1. I'm team Glee, although less so these days. Stick with the oldies as they move on, or stick with the school and focus on the newbies. Not both! It's too much!

  2. I could never get into Glee. I would record it, and when I watched it back, fast forward through all the songs! Tragic.. I know!


  3. I struggle with Glee, I thought I would have loved it cause I am all about the musical but I just couldn't connect with and of the characters. I know what you mean about Madonna tunes being a great pick me up as well

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

  4. Amazing how music can take you back decades. I'm not always a Pink fan, but I love the latest song. I don't watch a lot of Glee- but enjoy those music group type performances - my sister keeps reminding me to watch Pitch Perfect, so that's on my bucket list x

  5. Not a Gleel fan but LOVE dancing to Madonna, I have done since I was 12 - so for decades :)

  6. I got into Glee for a while, and then just gave up. I do love the music from it though :)

  7. I haven't really watched Glee but I do love the music they are redoing with it, they do a great job. I like some Pink but I do love her new song.


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