Friday, 15 March 2013

FFS Friday- Not much going on.

2 weeks in a row of not much happening thats considered FFS worthy.  No FFS

Although another week another head injury or 2 for the baby.  The first, a split lip, happened when he and his brother were fighting over a stupid broken plastic lawn mower.  The second happened when he fell/slipped/could have been pushed off our little kids play gym.  FFS

Lucky the kid has a skull made of steel.  FFS

You know how bad luck runs in 3's well Wednesday it was a run of 4, all within an hour.  FFS

First up the baby busted his head (its not that bad just a few scratches I am a drama queen).  FFS

Second we all walked to the shops to get some stuff for dinner (the HOTH was home as he spent the week doing night work) came home and we had forgotten to shut the back door so the dogs had been in leaving muddy paw prints all over my FRESHLY washed and looking beautiful floors.  FFS 

Third thing I dropped a ceramic mixing bowl getting it out of the cupboard, it landed on my foot ouch, but more importantly making me vacuum again.  FFS

Forth thing I went to get the eggs out and out of 8 eggs left in the carton 4 of them were broken.  I have no idea how all the eggs got smashed.  FFS

On the gtftb side of things 5 nights out of 7 this week there have been 2 children in bed before 8pm.  NO FFS.

The HOTH and I even got to watch a DVD on Saturday night.

I think thats it for this week.  So nice to have not much to report!!  Linking up with Dear Baby G for this weeks whinge.

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  1. GTFTB is going well, awesome stuff! We also managed a DVD on Saturday night, once the kids went to bed. Managed it in as much as we turned it on and were both drooling on ourselves on the lounge within the first 15 minutes...


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