Friday, 8 March 2013

FFS Friday- same old

I have done my best work to avoid anything this week to say ffs about.  For the most part its been quiet of course not everything has gone so smoothly.  FFS

Monday it took us 50 minutes to drive 20klms meaning I had to turn the car around and miss swimming lessons as we were still ages away from the pool.  FFS

I even left early as I knew there was going to be traffic thanks to the HOTH who rang me to tell me he had to turn around and go the long way to work.  FFS

Seriously people if you cannot drive in wet weather then stay off the road.  FFS

We saw a 5 car pile up which made the kids happy as there were fire trucks and ambulances and police cars, they came home and spent the day playing car crashes with their toys.  Sickos.  FFS

Still with the green snot and the not going to bed for my delightful 2 year old.  Its getting old kid, enough is enough.  FFS

Past 11pm last night before he fell asleep.  FFS

His brother has been a champ about going to bed.  No FFS there!!

At least he did not talk through The Midwives this week.  FFS

Someone needs to ban me from watching these birthing shows.  Last night I was a blubbering mess.  Pregnancy and these shows do not mix.  FFS

Not only that but if I have 3 days of contractions and am not anywhere close to labour I will spit chips.  FFS

I have heard stories of the third one popping out quickly, that better be true.  FFS

I think that is it for the week.  A very quiet one!! 

FFS Friday is one of my favourite things.  Thanks to Dear Baby G for hosting the fabulous whine fest!!


  1. Ah, I have to stop watching that show too. I watched it with hubby a few weeks ago and he asked me if I really wanted to be watching something like that whilst I'm pregnant. He had a good point.

  2. I watched these shows when I was close to my due date. Needless to say, they freaked me out! And some (premature births etc) made me cry shitloads. Hormones. You are right, pregnancy and these shows do not mix lol.

  3. I still love watching anything to do with birth, I hope that never changes. I love those midwives to bits.

  4. Oh my god, every time I watch those shows I thank my lucky stars they weren't around when I was pregnant. I know what you mean about driving in the rain, people seem to become extra crazy or something. Weird.

    Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    P.S When is baby due?

  5. 3rd times the charm I'm sure bub is going to arrive any day. Good luck xx

  6. I can't watch anything like that. couldnt before, couldnt whilst pregnant and still cant. i'm trying to forget it all and my kids were delivered by a stork.
    my last one in the end i threw up and she fell out if that makes you feel better :)

  7. I am hoping for you that the third one is a piece of cake.

  8. Three days of contractions?? I ban you from watching those shows!! Agreed about those who should stay off the road and OUT OF MY WAY (and yours, too)!


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