Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful that what happened on Friday afternoon turned out to be absolutely fine.

Friday was never going to be a good day.  It snowballed into one of "those" days very quickly.  Starting with a 2 year old, a full bottle of water and my bed and ending with a trip to hospital.

About ten to six I popped the kids chicken nuggets into the oven and stuck my head out the back door to tell them dinner wouldn't be too far away.  They were playing happily with their duplo in the doorway to the shed so I went in and started making my bed.  The big one came in at 6 as he heard The Simpsons start.  Not long after I hears the baby crying so I yelled out to the big one to go and see what was wrong.  Being that time of the afternoon the littlest things cause tears so I was sure it was just something minor.  About 30 seconds later the baby starts screaming so I race outside as the big one is coming in to tell me the baby has pink sprinkles in his eyes. 

There he was covered in pink cleaning crystals.  Pink Stain Remover 400g Jar

To make matters worse he was rubbing them in his eyes. 

Luckily my head and instincts took over and I raced him inside and threw him in the shower having to pin him down while making sure the water got everywhere especially his face.  Poor little thing was screaming but I rinsed him off got him out and rang Poisons information 131126.  The lady was very helpful and told me to put him back in the shower, get in with him and have the water slowly go down his face then take him to the hospital to be checked.

We got back in the shower then set out for the hospital.  Thankfully there was not much traffic and it did not take long to get there.  43 minutes from the time I parked the car to the time I went to pay for the parking we had been assessed by a triage nurse, assessed again in the children's section of the emergency ward and been seen by 2 doctors.  Who all said that he was perfectly ok and that his eyes looked fine.  For this I am eternally grateful and thankful.

This is not my first experience with the poisons hotline.  About 2 years ago I rang them when the big one, who was not quite 2, decided to clean the toilet with a bottle of bleach while I was feeding his newborn brother.  Luckily he was wearing long pants and tshirt and did not get any on his skin.

So today I am thankful for the public health care system which everyone seems to bag out but I have had nothing but good experiences with.  I am thankful for the nurses and doctors.  I am thankful for the outcome which could not have been better.  I am thankful for the fact my head and not my heart took control when it first happened.  I am thankful that as I type this the gorgeous baby who finally fell asleep after 11pm on the lounge last night and then kept me up kicking me and headbutting me in his sleep until I put him in his bed is sitting here eating his breakfast this morning sticking a toy plane up his nose.

Moral of the story is no more playing in Daddy's shed unless he is there. 

Linking up for my first Thankful Thursday in ages and also the first time over at Six by the bay.  Funny how it takes a near disaster to really make you see the thankful side of life.

Tell me guys what are you thankful for today? 

Ps FFS Friday will be an absolute corker this week.  Tune in to find out the rest of the weekend!!


  1. Can't wait to see your FFS Friday !!!! So glad that it all turned out fine in the end - there's always something exciting happening when little ones are around !!
    Have a great Thursday !
    #TT visitor

    1. Never a dull moment here!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Oh Ann! That would have been so scary! Glad to hear all turned out well

    1. Thanks. It was scary but it only sunk in after we got home an the kids went to bed.

  3. I am so glad that he is ok! I have had to call the posion information line twice too, both times when staying at my mums house (not child friendly) so scary!

  4. wow, your heart must've been racing. It's good to know the poisons info line is helpful. If only we could bubble wrap kids, as it seems impossible to keep them away from danger. My shed always makes me nervous as it is home to the most noxious stuff in the home. Glad it all ended well x

  5. Hate this sort of thing when it happens. My children are now older so I am past this - well so I thought - the Beagle decided to eat the ant bait last week. It appears the vet is more costly than the emergency department for kids.

  6. So glad your little one was ok! Definately a good thing to be thankful for! Good quick thinking by you! What a scare..thank goodness for a good outcome. Min xo

  7. It's amazing what they get up to isn't it! Glad to hear it turned out well!

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  8. The start of your evening sounds very similar to mine! It's amazing how quickly and easily things can go wrong. My littlest has just stated crawling and pulling herself up onto things - and your post has just made me remember to go out and buy catches for all the kitchen cupboard doors again. Thanks and I'm glad everything turned out well for you. x

  9. The poor thing that must've been scary for you both but glad he's ok now. Saying hi from Blogs & PR :D

  10. Very scary , the poisons info line is life and sanity saving.
    I am glad he was okay.
    My kids got the bleach in a spray bottle and spilt it all over carpet/bed and clothes - needed new carpet anyway.

  11. Oh man, how horrible for you!!! Yep, it takes big things to show us what matters doesnt it! So glad it all ended up OK. Thanks for linking up, hope to see you again xxxxx


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