Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday- random faves



Showing the world pictures of their new brother or sister!!  A few weeks late putting this one up!!
Still on my favourite things!!  Who doesn't love when your child draws something other than scribbles?  I love finding pictures on the camera when its left within children's reach!!  Lastly 3 of my favourite things, 2 gorgeous boys and a jelly bean!!

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for another fave thing of mine Wordless Wednesday!!


  1. My youngest drew some stick figures yesterday and my heart just about burst out of my chest with pride! It is wonderful.

  2. Me I love watching that progress

  3. Lovely the photo of your boys with their new sibling :)

  4. Aaaw, cute. That last photo will look great compared with one of the new addition actually sitting up between them on the couch. It is a bit exciting when there scribbles actually start looking like something, like faces. Izzy takes some interesting photos too, mostly selfies when she has the phone! We have the same dog!

  5. That's a lovely drawing of you Mummy! Definitely two gorgeous boys xx

  6. Defintely artists of some kind in the making whether it is drawing or photography!

  7. I LOVE when people show children's artwork for Wordless Wednesday! But then I got to the, that's just awesome!! Yay!


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