Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All about the Jovi!!

Photo: So much Bon Jovi greatness today! They've released their new album and Dainty Group have announced they're touring in Dec!

Make sure you're signed up to the waitlist so we can update you with all the venue and sale dates as soon as we know - http://bit.ly/YfnlNz

I may have jumped up and down and done a happy dance on Friday at lunch time when this popped up in my facebook newsfeed.  Plans are underway and in motion for Mumma (and Daddy) to have a night off and put a big tick off a bucket list item!!  I have my outfit chosen already!!

Ideally we would go all out and have a massive night with food, booze and a night in a hotel however reality is I will more than likely be the designated driver and our night will end early as there will be a 5 month old baby waiting at home for us.  Which is more than ok as there is always next time!!

Also ideally they will be playing a small regional centre just outside of Sydney and change the dates from December to November or January as getting a baby sitter in December will be harder than finding a needle in a hay stack!! 

However I will be happy no matter what happens!!  Unless tickets go on sale on a Monday morning which is the only time I cannot be sitting ready at the computer.  Then  will not be happy!!

One more thing I would love is if this ultra cool pram was available to buy again.  Yes it is a Bon Jovi (Rock Star Baby) pram!!
Main product photo of Rock Star Baby Infinity Pram & Stroller - Red
I knew I should have brought one four years ago when I first saw it!!  They have been unavailable for years!!

Be prepared for months of me banging on about Bon Jovi!!  I have begun a daily stalk to make sure I am first in line for all the info.  I need dates now to be extra prepared!!

I love how the boys love Bon Jovi too.  We have the latest greatest hits cd in the car and they always ask for me to play it.  Their fave song is Bad Medicine.  I was definitely born in the wrong decade and country!!  This would have been awesome to be at!!

I love this song but have avoided playing it while pregnant as the other 2 have taken this song literally!!  I really need to find nice peaceful music maybe then I might get a kid who likes to sleep!!

This last one is one of my faves!!

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Any other insane Bon Jovi fans out there??  Or am I the only crazy stalker type!!


  1. Oooooo.... how exciting!!!! You will have an awesome time for sure!!!!

  2. I last saw Bon Jovi back in the early 90's and they were awesome. Might have to drag out my short shorts (ha!) and chambray shirt and go re-live my youth with them at their next concert!

  3. I am not that big a fan, but have seen them live, and they were AMAZING. I love JBJ's attitude about life and what it throws him and he keeps producing pretty cool music. Good luck for the ticket shopping - make sure you are registered with all the pre-sales like Visa and Ticketek :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  4. I love Bon Jovi, but not insanely. They would be amazing in concert!

  5. TOO FUNNY! A rock star and a stroller! What a brilliant combination. Have a GREAT time, Ann! It's going to be awesome.

  6. I would love to see them live too! One of teenage fantasies was being whisked away in a Bon Jovi tour bus lol. A girl can dream :)


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