Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yep a totally self indulgent post today as it is my birthday!!  Age is only a number or you are only as old as you feel so today I am 102!! 

I was born on my Nan's birthday, not only was it her 50th birthday but it was also Mothers day as well.  Is there a better present than me!!  Sadly Nan passed away 2 years ago not long before our birthdays.

 Growing up we never celebrated birthdays on the actual day unless it happened to fall on a weekend so I had a nice day yesterday and did bugger all housework instead having a kick ass day with the HOTH and the boys.  We went to our local zoo in the morning and had a very relaxing afternoon topped off with take away chicken burgers and a walk to the duck pond.  My idea of a perfect day!!  Photos on Wednesday as I have not popped them on the computer yet!!

I am a complete typical Aries!!  I also share my birthday with Elton John, Aretha Franklin and Sarah Jessica Parker.  These ones I knew about but  a quick google search shows it is also a happy birthday to Marcia Cross, Gloria Steinem and Danica Patrick.  I am indeed in very good company.  It also makes sense that I am a handbag loving, fantastic singing, drama queen!!

4 years ago my birthday stopped being my birthday and became the day before the big one was born!!  So today I will be wrapping presents and getting ready for tomorrow!!

I will be taking myself off shopping to buy some new winter pjs and maternity bras, excitement plus!!   Being a grown up I know the difference between a want and a need and really I don't need anything.  A far cry from the epic list a nearly 4 year old has come up with!! 

Enjoy your Easter Open Slatherers.  I am off on a little holiday to visit my parents.  I am taking a few books and plan on doing nothing except read and hopefully get to go on a "date" with the HOTH to the movies thanks to having built in babysitters!!  Catch you all in a couple of Mondays time!!

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    1. Happy birthday!! A day at the zoo sounds perfect. Have a fantastic time away, suck those baby sitters for all they are worth! lol. Enjoy your easter weekend :)
      (I deleted the first one because it was full of spelling mistakes and I accidently pressed publish, darn touchy keypad :P)

  2. Happy Birthday Ann!!! Have a fantasic day even though you did bugger all yesterday make sure you do bugger all today too.

  3. Have a lovely day Ann! Must've been special sharing it with your Nan!

  4. Wishing you a very happy birthday Ann. Enjoy the new PJ's - hope you get to lounge around in them.

  5. Happy birthday to you :-) and enjoy your time off! PS you are in good company with your fellow-birthday sharers - I think Nicholas Cage is the only other one born on my b'day!

  6. Wishing you a great birthday Ann, and can I say you're totally rocking 102! Enjoy those nights to yourself. Happy Easter! Emily

  7. Sorry, I've come over a bit late, but do hope your birthday was a good one! Sounds like it was. And hope you had a cakie! xo

  8. Ah shit I missed this, I'm so sorry Hun, happy belated birthday my love xxx Kick back and do eff all you deserve it xxxx


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