Thursday, 26 June 2014

Things I suck at

The topic this week over at The Lounge is Things I suck at.  Good lord where do I start!!

I put the call out on Facey again and got some more great responses!!

  • Rae said Baking
  • Ness said Blogging, cooking, housework, being organised. Life, really. Sigh..
  • Renée said  I am the world's worst housewife
  • People Don't Eat Enough Fudge Would you like a list? Oh hang on - I REALLY suck at writing lists ... and following them .... and knowing where they are .
I pretty much suck at all of these too!!  I can bake/cook some alright things I just cannot present them.  Dinner at our house tastes good but is slop on a plate!!  I cannot even line a cake tin properly so my cakes look shite before they even make it in the oven!!

Other notable things I suck at include

  • reverse parking my car.  I don't think I have reverse parked since I got my licence!!
  • remembering things.  Unless I put a reminder in my phone I forget 99% of all I need to do.
  • not getting distracted.
This week though I suck at understanding the schools curriculum.  (Do you like what I did there Robomum!!)  For example I don;t get why kids are learning things like crossing the road safely or keeping medicines out of reach.  To me these are things they should be taught at home.  As a teacher do you have to 

Because I also suck at writing a decent blog post that is it for me today!!  Well that and I suck at having kids who like sleep.  I have a sneaking suspicion there are more teeth on the way for Speedy and apparently there was a weird noises outside which was why there was a baby, a 3 year old and myself trying to sleep on the lounge most of the night meaning my brain is fried today!!  

Linking up this sucky post with Robomum who is hosting The Lounge this week.

Ps be sure to pop by tomorrow for a special #tik!!


  1. Ah, baking. I may suck at baking but I am excellent at 'totally nailed it' photos...

  2. I'd be lost without my phone reminders too but I can make a pretty decent cake.

  3. Yep, phone reminders all the way here too! My Punky usually sucks at sleeping but tonight she fell asleep while I was putting Zee to bed after I said she could lie in bed and play games on my old phone. Now if my flipping food that I ordered for dinner would just arrive I'd be set. I'm starving! Did you get to dinner?

  4. I hear you... Fo some reason I can reverse into a spot but I cannot reverse park to save my life. Or is what I am describing parallel parking? I don't know... But parking is my major driving downfall. In the future, I will not be handling the driving lessons in my household.
    Cheers for linking! X

  5. I absolutely suck at reverse parking the car. I don't think I've done it successfully since I got my licence either! I'd rather park ages away from where I have to be and walk back twenty minutes than go through the stress of doing that :)

  6. If I said I didn't suck at anything would that mean that I sucked at honesty or looking at myself realistically? Not that I don't such at anything - I suck at doing laundry, caring about doing laundry, creating new and interesting meals, caring about what my clients really want ...

  7. I'm glad it's not just me with the reverse parking. I haven't attempted it since getting my license either. Ahem. I'm so forgetful and distracted too. Let's all embrace our suckiness (it's a word, right?) and organise a support group! We can all forget when and where it's on. Done.

  8. I don't think I have reverse parked either. I am a gun at getting in forwards though so I don't have to reverse park!

  9. I absolutely suck at the presentation of baking too! I think I have managed to nail icing once, and it was for cupcakes we were just eating at home *facepalm*. One of my friends is awesome at it though and is going to make Dyllan a batman cake for a little BBQ we are having when the visit.


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