Friday, 6 June 2014

Things I Know #10- Thankful Thursday

I was going to whinge about the last week but I decided not too.  I have decided instead to be thankful so that I can link up for the last time with Rhianna before she passes the #thankfulthursday torch to Sarah from Creating Contentment.

So this week I know I am Thankful for-

  • The fact this week is over!!  It has been one of those weeks but it is Friday and a long weekend to boot!!  Although I have said for ages this long weekend should be moved to July to even out the spaces!!
  • Facebook has not only been a source of inspiration but a place of a kind word, a laugh and a little support this week.  Plus some new likers so thanks facebook followers!!
  • You tube.  I have been blasting music all week.  Thanks to the tube suggesting songs I night like I have heard some awesome ones this week!!

  • Hand holding- A few times this week both big boys have held my hand when we were walking.  I will remember these times for when they are too big to hold hands!!
  • I am also thankful an epic parenting fail turned out ok.  I forgot it was mufti day today.  I had a sinking feeling in my gut all day after we got to school and saw all the kids out of uniform but kindy kid came home and didn't really care.  Apparently it was on the schools blog plus in the note sent home 2 weeks ago.  Whoops!!
  • Another tooth popped through which explains the early morning/late nights Speedy and I have enjoyed!!
  • Lastly I am thankful for Rhianna from A Parenting Life.  She is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime with her family and I hope she has an amazing time.  If you make it to Sydney let me know as I would love to meet you!!  Rhianna has been an amazing supporter of mine and I just love her fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.  
There you have it, a whole #thankfulthursday post with no real complaining as "gratitude is an attitude"


  1. The boys might get too big to hold hands with their Mum but I can guarantee that they'll never get too big for a hug. And it's pretty damned awesome to get hugs from your grown-up babies.

  2. Woohoo, Friday! Bring on the weekend baby!

  3. You have to appreciate the little things - they do make life better. Glad you could see them and be thankful for them this week Ann!


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