Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Don't Stop Treasure Trove #ibot

We can all blame Sarah from PEOPLE DON'T EAT ENOUGH FUDGE for the lack of a decent #ibot post today.  You see she awarded the world a Liebster and I was going to claim it today as I had nothing else planned but then she deleted her post meaning I now have nothing except random shite for today.

Firstly The Wiggles.  You are a pack of money hungry grubs.  I looked at booking tickets to see them in December.  Charging children 12 months and up for a ticket is just plain wrong and I will not be a part of it.  As if an 18 month old will sit in its own seat for an entire show.  That is just plain greedy, do you not get enough money from merchandise that now you have to charge for not even toddlers.  Bite me.

Next drivers of the world.  Stop driving slowly in the fast lane.  Also turn on your lights if it is cloudy or raining or foggy.  Actually just stay off the road if I am driving!!  Also it would suck to be the mum who got done speeding in the school zone this morning.  Pulled over as the world drove by.

Song of the week has been stuck in my head   I do love my teeny bopper music!!

Disney on Ice was awesome.  The kids loved it.  Plus they did not charge for under 2's.  Take a note wiggles.

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  1. Slow drivers in the fast lane are the scum of the earth! Hahaha.
    I was going to take my 3 to Disney on Ice but wasn't sure if I could get all 3 of them to sit still long enough. Glad you liked it :)

  2. I really want to take the kids to Disney on Ice!!! You should still have the done the Liebster! Go on, I'll read it :) x

  3. My girls would love disney on ice! A seat for the kids at an AFL match is only $4.50, bargain! If only everything else was that cheap!
    Annoying drivers always manage to know exactly when you don't need to put up with them, and they are there. Grr.

  4. Ha ha, I would take responsibility if only I did responsible ;-) - the post will be up in time for you to use it for next week PROMISE!! My daughter saw five seconds of summer the other week as they were the support act for 1D - she loved them!

  5. Slow drivers drive me insane! Always when we are late for school we get stuck behind a tractor and/or cows crossing! #teamIBOT

  6. My sister wants to take my nephew to see The Wiggles but she has the same view as you. Pretty ridiculous price for a concert he won't even remember anyway

  7. Most of the kids concerts now charge for 12 months and over. I know that Peppa Pig and Playschool did too. I noticed a couple of people at Peppa Pig with babies, and that was their only child and I thought what was the point. One gripe I do have with kids concerts though is adults who have no common courtesy. I had to ask the woman in front of me 3 times to please sit up properly as Dyllan couldn't see...seriously the chairs are staggered for a reason, not so you can lay all over the place, she was blocking the view of the girl sitting next to us as well.


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