Friday, 13 June 2014

Things I Know #11- Where have all the bandaids gone??

If you read yesterdays post you will be pleased to know I forgot a few other minor swear inducing things.

Like when I smashed the bottle I cut my finger picking up a piece of glass.

Which bled and bled and bled.  Then bled some more.

I could not find one band aid in the house anywhere.  Hence the title of today!!

I can't blame the dogs for missing bandaids but can blame hem for a loaf of bread and I am sure a bottle of canola oil that have disappeared lately.

Sunday night we were watching 60 minutes with the story on The Eagles.  Bugger it we said, lets go and see them next year.  Not at the prices they want to charge.  The cheapest tickets are behind the stage.

I popped into to the big shops yesterday to get a warm doona for the 3 year old and a couple of other bits and pieces.  I was also on the hunt for some bigger onsies for the baby who won't stop growing.  Why oh why is the majority of baby clothes white or light coloured.  I managed to get a couple of things that were darker colours but seriously light colours on small children is not a match made in heaven!!

Still on yesterdays post I should clarify that 1 or 2 nights a week the kids do get baked beans or chicken nuggets for dinner and much to their disgust they don't get that every night!!

On a more positive note we are off to see Disney on Ice this weekend.  I have always wanted to see it and am just a little excited!!  The boys don/t know yet!!

I love my top 40 music and really miss how rage usde to have the top 50 countdown on Saturday mornings.  Lucky for me there is the tube to catch up on all the music.  This film clip is however slightly disturbing!!  Who strips off to there undies when doing the groceries??!!

 Thats it oh and happy Friday the 13th too!!


  1. I know Croatia are giving Brazil a hard time, and I am thankful I slept in because I was sick, thinking I'd just watch the second half, when in actual fact the game didn't start til 6!

  2. Canola oil? Did they drink it?? Ewww!

  3. Seriously, a bottle of oil. Bloody dogs! It is really starting to shit me that Brett cannot walk in the back door without letting ours inside! lol
    I wonder if there will ever be a time when someone isn't half naked in a music video!

  4. Band aids are a necessary evil, dogs and canola oil wouldn't have been a pretty sight they would have been flooding from both ends x


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