Thursday, 5 June 2014

Money Money Money Money

I love money but I couldn't think of a thing to write about for todays link up with The Lounge so I put the call out on facey and put all the ideas together!!

Kirsten from Kirsten and co. came up with ABBA and Monopoly.  I just love the cat Monopoly ad!!

Renee from Nee Say asked What would you do if you found $100000 under your floor boards??

The boring reality is I would put it all on the mortgage.  But in my dreams I would buy a 7 seater car ( I love the colour of the one in the picture!!)  and I would put in a pool.  Probably not as cool as the guitar as we don't have a big enough yard!!  Or as elaborate as the entire house/waterpark Celine Dion had!!  Just a simple pool with solar heating!!  Anything leftover would be used to buy a new handbag, just because I have always wanted my own Louis!!

Lastly was an awesome piece of useless information from another commenter- 90 percent of $20 notes in the USA have traces of cocaine on them ...   Interesting!!

Linking up with Robomum who is the host of The Lounge this week.


  1. I think I'd use that kind of money to help my kids pay off their HECS debts. It'd be so nice if they could start their lives debt-free.

  2. That beach house is hilarious - that they need the pool!! I believe that cocaine statistic also applies here...

  3. $100K would pay for a gardener, a house cleaner and a pool boy for a year. Wait a minute we don't have a pool....

  4. Love this! Very clever take on the subject x

  5. What a great post - put together from nothing, with such love ;) I think if someone dropped a pile of money on me I'd do the obvious thing - set my kids up for their future. I'd love to blow just a bit though on a l o n g holiday. Cheers for linking!

  6. Love the $20 mineral trace, you learn something new every day x

  7. What would I do .... You know I really have no idea (other than pay off debts, set up trusts for kids etc) - buy new floorboards maybe ;-)


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