Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thankful for swear words and winter

Some days/weeks/years stuff happens and the only appropriate response is to say ffs or another favourite of mine you have to be shitting me.

Take for example some of the things that have occurred in the last week or so

  • The wheel fell off the pram as I was putting it in the car on Thursday, I forgot about it and when I went to get it out on Friday and couldn't fix it then had to carry a weighty baby around at school pick up.
  • Then I forgot about it again and when I went to get it out to walk to soccer on Saturday (we were running late) and the HOTH could not fix it as it was missing a vital part which could be anywhere and we had to use our cheap crappy stroller which is not good for doing any kind of walking.
  • As I was taking all the recycling out to the bin I dropped a bottle in the hallway.  I kid you not there was glass from one end of the house to the other.
  • Which brings me to winter- I love it.  I love being able to cook hot meals like last night.  A basic chicken tonight (honey mustard yum), roast sweet potato and some other veggies.  Do you think my bloody kids would eat it??  One went to bed at 6pm rather than eat it and the other one mushed it into a big mess on his plate.  
  • There are so many yummy winter foods that I would love to make but cannot be arsed as the kids won't touch it.
  • Other things that have really made me roll my eyes and swear like a trouper this week include minding a dog for some family who were going away.  That stinking dog kept escaping and as we live on a busy street nearly got hit by a gazillion cars.  I even had to drive around in my pjs trying to get that dog to come back.  We had every possible escape route blocked off and in the end he just dug more holes.  Plus our dogs barked at it for no reason, the first night all effing night long.
  • The baby is making me swear like a sailor too.  Now I know no one in their right mind would say what I am about to but seriously for the love of all that is holy MOVE KID.  Start crawling asap.  You will love it, and you will stop yelling at me all day because you are frustrated.  You will be able to follow your brothers around and get into more toys.  Just give it a go!!  (i reserve the right to swear about a crawling baby getting into everything at a later date!!)
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  1. Make the yummy winter foods and microwave baked beans for kids that don't want to eat it. Why should you miss out cos they have no taste! :)

  2. LOL at you wanting baby to crawl - I can only see this turning out badly once he is crawling !!!!!
    I'm with Lydia - make it for you and give them beans on toast.
    Me xox
    PS - I do hope Speedy is soon speedy !!!!!

  3. How true... Sometimes no other expression accurately sums up a situation.

  4. lol. Life with children can be so frustrating! Seriously rather go to bed at 6pm then eat dinner!!! I'm so glad that you could see the good at swearing at the situation. Hopefully it is making it all a little bit easier. I've read research recently that swearing is very healthy as it allows the anger out, rather than focusing it inward. I trust that next week will get better. Thanks for joining in #thankfulthursday xS

  5. My kids finally got casseroles and mixed slow cooker foods at last TG! But for them, and for fussy visiting children the rules here are.....if'n you don't like what's put on your plate give it to the dog. And then make yourself a vegemite or peanut butter sandwich and don't leave the butter out. :)

  6. You are having a very busy time, a working stroller is a necessity, the positives is that you won't have that dog forever, my kids hated casseroles, now the 26 year old has discovered casseroles stating 'like why weren't they invented earlier (I bit my tongue) like it is the best food ever'!

  7. I remember when Dyllan was just on the verge of walking (he was a 12kg porker) and saying to Paul that I wished he would just walk already so that I didn't have to keep carrying his giant baby arse around!

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge.

  8. I would eat your delicious chicken and roast veg. All you have to do is adopt me. I swear I'll help with the food prep and keep my room tidy.


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