Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Another dodgy #ibot post #prettylittlepackage

Following on from last weeks post I have seen this floating around for a while.  Now I just need to get the kids to actually be willing participants instead of whinging and whining so much I just do it myself!!  I have a plan though.........

RIP Rik.  Thank you for the laughs, especially this song which makes me cry laughing every time I see it!!

I love doing the groceries and hearing songs I love and haven't heard in ages!!  I may or may not have been sprung singing along to Lullaby!!

prettylittlepackage #prettylittlepackage round 2 is open for registrations!!  I loved doing this last time and I am looking forward to this time!!  Head over to Where The Styled Things Are. for all the information!!

Linking up another faily dodgy #ibot with Essentailly Jess.


  1. Might have to pop this up on the fridge. One of my kids in particular works wonders for me - my 12 year old Son. He has cleverly worked out that chores pay in video game points and is always by my side asking what I would like him to do!

  2. I'm not sure about getting an older child to supervise the younger ones. My Dad had to do this with his younger siblings and it's resulted in a life-long resentment that he was bossy.

  3. I've been thinking about what chores to get my nearly four year old to do. I still make her bed but I need to teach her how to make it on her own. I totally think she's ready!

  4. I'm going to print this out! My 6yo always wants to help and then the boys might follow her example!! Thanks for sharing x

  5. Something handy we've brought in recently is getting Miss 7 to read her school reader to Mr 14. It saves me a lot of time in that I can clean up after dinner on karate nights and she doesn't distract with chats as much with her brother as she does me! #teamIBOT


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